Look More Glamorous With These 6 Unique Saree Draping Styles

Saree is known as the eternally fashionable and elegant outfit of India. This 9 yard long outskirt has defined Indian womanhood for so long time. Saree is loved because of its simplicity, flowing nature and the grace it offers. Sarees can be found in various beautiful fabrics, designs and colours, this magnificent wonder is the most liked garment by women from all over the world.


From the last few years, the saree has evolved to match the changing lifestyle and preferences of its wearer. They market of western wear are increasing rapidly, saree still holds its ground firmly. Being the only garment that obfuscate body flaws and brings out the best in any woman, saree is equally esteemed by both wearers and designers. You can wear any type of sarees like Kanchipurm Sarees and Banarasi Silk Sarees etc with these methods.


Here are some saree draping styles that will help you to look glamorous, attractive and classy.


Traditional Nivi Style


This can likewise be known as the exemplary style of draping a saree. The style has the creases tucked in front and one end, the pallu is creased and stretched out finished the left shoulder. Distinctive pullover styles and adornments can be explored different avenues regarding this style.


Dhoti Style

This is totally a present day style of wearing the saree, the Dhoti style can be worn by wearing the saree as a dhoti and the pallu might be tied or creased. You can wear a sleeveless, high neck blouse or a little coat style pullover to pull off this one of a kind look.


Mermaid Style

This style is a very unique style in which you will get a perfect mermaid look. It has a close fitting hip portion with a flared hem at the bottom.


Bengali saree draping style


This is one of the simplest technique to drape a saree though the ultimate look might seem to be contrary! This style can be accomplished by joining two wide pleats and a large key ring with keys to hold down the double wrapped pallu. Handloom sarees or light cotton ones with attractive brocade can easily go with this draping style.


Lehenga saree draping style


When you wear a saree to look like a lehenga, this is called lehenga style saree draping. It can be done with the help of several pleats tucked around the waist to give the appearance of a lehenga.


Mumtaz Style


This style is inspired by the legendary Bollywood movie actress Mumtaz. The technique is the saree is being draped as a wraparound with the lower skirt being arrang in two layers. The pallu goes over the left shoulder and is short in length.


A saree can be draped in different fashionable styles. Some of them have originated as regional preferences and some of them are inspired by famous personalities. These six unique saree draping style will help you to experiment with your look.

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