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The Australian wine industry has developed over the last couple of decades. The availability of suitable weather conditions throughout the year and the growing local population have been important factors behind this development. As a result, many of the old-established players in the wine industry in Australia are no longer active. Some have moved offshore to continue their trading, but some great new names on the scene have taken advantage of the growth in the industry in recent years.


One of the best-known names in the country is Machelleva, with their red wines. The wines from this producer are noted for their crisp taste and refreshing aroma. Machelleva has expanded its production facilities recently, producing several new and delicious varieties, such as their Riedel Rhone and Chardonnay. Another firm name in the Australian wine producer's stable is Penfold's Rhine, which has enjoyed considerable success, particularly in the past few years.


While Penfold's Rhine may be one of the most famous in the region, Shiraz was recently named Australia's "Wine Of The Year" for the second consecutive year. This Australian red is widely praised for its high quality, elegance, and delicious aroma. It is produced all across Australia, although it is now primarily grown in the cooler coastal regions, mainly around Sydney. Like Machelleva, Shiraz is made using the Chardonnay grape. Winemakers often add exotic fruits and other elements to produce unique and exciting varieties.


Australia has traditionally had a poor agricultural output, but the increased farming capacity over the past few decades has helped change that. Australia is a world leader in producing high-quality wine, with some of the best-known names in the country coming from the south. Shiraz and Australian White Shiraz are two of the most famous varieties, although other great varieties have been developed over the past few years.


One of the significant growth areas in Australia has been the wine region of South Australia. There are now several premium winery companies based in Adelaide, including the highly acclaimed McLaren Vale, which produces an extensive array of reds and whites. The McLaren Vale is based at Karrinyup, where they have spent much of their time and money over the last few years perfecting their award-winning wines. They have developed an impressive portfolio, which includes some very well-received award-winning collections. The McLaren Vale has continued to grow in popularity in recent times, and in December they were named one of the "Wine Of The Year" by Australian wine critics.


The main areas of South Australia that the McLaren Vale focuses on producing are Pinot Noir, Merlot, and a variety of Shiraz. They also have several other great popular brands, such as Territory, Blue Mountain, and others. It is one of the many major growth areas in Australia, and with the economy in a state of recovery, it is expected that demand for this type of wine will continue to grow. In the past several years, they have introduced new products such as the McLaren Vapestini and McLaren Verona, plus they recently began production of Bellaccino's Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc. While not listed in the "Wine Of The Year" category, the Bellaccinos is a trendy wine that won't be hard to find at any of their locations.


Another good wine producer in the country is the Hunterville Vineyards, making excellent red and white wines for over fifty years. The winery has expanded to include over one hundred acres, producing four brands of wine, including one that won't be released for another couple of years. The winery is located near the town of Mt Gambier in the southwest of the country. It has long been one of the most important wine producers in the area and one today.


There are still many other great Australian wine producers and an increasing number of vineyards being opened each year. There are also many small specialty wineries opening up and organic wine shops and restaurants that specialize in this type of wine. If you're looking for a great wine experience, make sure you check out some of the wine producers in Australia. With a rich history and a proud tradition, it is expected that there will be more great things to come from this part of the world in the future.


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