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Laknavaram  Lake is a beautiful destination for adventure sports and activities.  The place has various spots for tourist attractions like Warangal fort, thousand pillar temple, Pakhallake, Eturnagaram wildlife sanctuary, Kakatiya rock and musical garden, Badrakali temple, Ramappa lake and the famous Malluru Lakshmi Narsimha temple.

 People from far and wide travel to Laknavaram Lake for its pristine beauty and enclosure of 13 islands connected with a bridge. We planned our camping outing to Laknavaram Lake with the help of Freakouts travel team.  On reaching the Laknavaram Lake, we were mesmerized with the scenic beauty.  The place is located in Warangal, and we took a bus from Hyderabad to reach the destination. On reaching there, they guide was already ready at the site with our tents made and arrangement for other basic needs like water, food, woods for bonfire, and our boat! We changed and went for the boat ride, clicking pictures of the serene water surrounded with lush green forests and captivating hillocks. The place left us enchanted as we moved ahead to the suspended bridge. Walking on the suspended bridge was thrilling and exciting. We could watch the cluttering water splashes and twisty roads vanishing in the forests. The place has fresh air and enthralling scenic beauty. The place has some finely constructed architectural details and promising scenic beauty. Streaming Motor boats are also available for the tourists.

Monsoon made the site more beautiful. The place wasn’t much crowded considering it’s a famous weekend getaway destination. We were astonished to know the history of the Laknavaram Lake draws back to the Kakatiya region. The beautiful lake flourishing through the hills is captivating. The sunrays falling on the fresh water makes the reflection even more mystic and pristine. 

The unparalleled beauty of the Laknavaram Lake is added on with fun games and adventure activities introduced to us.  Kayaking, boating, trekking are some activities we tried here at Laknavaram Lake that was an awesome memory in life.  It was really thoughtful of Freakouts team to introduce team building activities like treasure games and fun team building games to add more involvement in the place.

We watched the sunset peacefully into the far horizon of the water and our excitement for the first camping experience reached zenith! We lit the bonfire and danced and partied with some music and barbecued snacks.  The night sky was clear and we took pictures from our moonlight featured camera. Everything just turned dark and beautiful and we could hear the water crackling and the bonfire flickering in the peace of the Laknavaram Lake.

Every facility was well organized by Freakouts adventure, and we had a blissful vacation. We felt the contentment in our eyes and joy on our faces. I can’t express how gloomy we were to leave the place and walk back to city life... there was some mystic magic to the place which kept our souls captivated in the dense forest arena.Ten to one... the place was paradise on earth

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 For more details kindly reach me at:adventures@freakouts.com or http://www.freakouts.com/campsite-laknavaram-lake or Call +919640505070


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