Best Ways to Stay Healthy

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Healthy living is a big concern for many these days but there are simple changes you can make to your lifestyle to ensure that you stay healthy and why not grow old but strong. You don’t need to hit the gym every week, you may not even have the time or money for that. To make things worse, our schedules are sometimes so tight we can hardly make out time to get some healthy foods to eat and have better nutrition. In the face of all the activities and commitments that make living a healthy lifestyle difficult, the following tips to stay healthy will prove outstandingly important to you.

Many times you meet a person and can hardly believe how old they are when you get to find out because they look much younger than their actual age. Usually it has nothing to do with having a natural good looking body size or weight or knowing exactly what healthy foods to eat. The truth is, we all have a chance to make it right, to understand how to stay healthy and remain stronger than those who fall within the same age group. Healthy living has become a very common concern especially amongst nutritionist and individuals. They have indeed never been more important than in these days. Our schedules have not only made fitness activities more difficult, we are also too busy to even have decent meals. However, the situation seems to be escalating by the day. The following tips are important to consider if you intend to stay healthy and maintain that through your life. They are not some quick tips you can pick up for a month expecting that that will be all for a lifetime. You should consider each as a lifetime commitment.

Watch your Diet

There are many ways to stay healthy but let’s start out with the most common of them. Whenever anyone talks about healthy living, the issue always has to turn to diet and healthy nutrition. Dieting is so related to our health that you cannot possibly live healthy without considering the matter. It is one of those important tips to stay healthy. There is so much information about what should be eaten and what should not. Of course there are some eating habits that are way off the grid, but your diet does not necessarily need to consist of some strict restrictions from things you like. It also appears that many nutritionist and writers on the topic can’t really deliver a rule book or specifications that everyone should follow and that is because they shouldn’t. Many times, a person’s diet may have to be determined by their activities and lifestyle.

In any case some foods are widely recommended over others, no matter how unique your lifestyle may be, and there are others which need to be taken with as much restriction as possible. Healthy nutrition or meal compositions are usually presented using the pyramid table. Of course those at the bottom indicate that they have to be taken the most and those at the top taken least. Since one’s diet is basically made up of protein, carbohydrates, minerals, fat, and vitamins, it is best we consider diet in this light.

Protein is important for energy, is needed more as one ages and necessary for living a healthy lifestyle. It is commonly gotten from animal products but taking a variety of protein rich plants like beans, nuts and other vegetables. It is responsible for body tissue maintenance and repair, building cells and developing organs in our bodies. Protein also enhances the functionality of one’s immune system and speeds up recovery process. Animal sources of protein include meat, poultry, fish which supply amino acids in the body. Plant sources usually come short of one or more amino acids but they are still a great supplement. So don’t depend only on animal sources for protein.

Fats are needed to keep some vital body organs healthy. However, you must realize that there are good and bad fats. Healthy fats can go as far as bettering your physical and emotional health. Omega-3s which happens to be one of the most talked about healthy fat is vital for living a healthy lifestyle. To make things easy, just bear in mind that things like Olive, canola, avocadoes and peanut butter, soybean fall under the good sources of fat while others like cookies, doughnut, packaged snack food and indeed anything which contains hydrogenated vegetable oil fall under the bad sources. You can still have some of the latter once in a while but make sure you limit their consumption.

Carbohydrates are known to be one of the body’s main sources of energy but is still important that you understand what forms are best for consumption and better health results. There are complex unrefined carbohydrate sources like vegetables, fruits and whole grains as opposed to sugars and other refined carbohydrate sources. Consequently, you may want to cut down consumption of white bread, pastries and starches as these have somewhat destructive rather than constructive effects on your health and take more fresh vegetables and fruits which are important healthy foods to eat.

Calcium The functions of calcium are so important that a deficiency of this nutrient will have serious reparations on your health. The most commonly known function of calcium is enabling the growth and strength of your teeth and bones. That means taking your fair share of protein daily can ensure that at the last years of your life, if you live long enough to be above 70 years, you will still be able to walk upright and maybe crack a nut with your teeth because they will still be in place.

There are some other important reasons for which we cannot ignore protein. About every cell in the body uses calcium and that includes the nervous system. It is essential for blood clotting, muscle contraction and stabilizing the heart’s rhythm.

Fiber – there are both soluble and insoluble fibers which serve different purposes and are equally important. The difference between them as their name suggest is simple. Soluble fiber dissolves in water while insoluble fiber does not. Both are present in most fiber rich and healthy foods to eat and are important for the prevention of digestive and intestinal obstructions, heart disease and other such complications. Making sure you are having enough of every food nutrient is of the most important ways to stay healthy and maintain healthy nutrition.


Taking meals properly  

Meals are not supposed to be taken randomly, let alone whenever one feels like eating. Your digestive system is not designed to function irregularly. Living a healthy lifestyle means you should have a definite time for breakfast, lunch and supper. Amongst the different ways to stay healthy, taking balanced meals and at the proper time is extremely important.

Breakfast is the most important meal amongst the three for healthy nutrition. First because it is the day starter and kicks off the digestive system every day. Make it a habit to take breakfast every morning, no matter how busy you are. Taking breakfast is an important measure to reduce or even eliminate the need for snacks with are often high in sugar content and also likely to cause eating disorders. This is because once you take adequate breakfast in the morning, your body has enough energy to feed on through the several energy demanding activities. Your craving to eat more regularly is also dealt with. Recent research strongly associates better brain performance with children who take breakfast. You should also consider having a lot of liquids, preferably water with your meals. Normally breakfast should be taken between 7-9am in the morning.

Lunch is the heaviest of all three major meals for most people. However, the practice of skipping breakfast with the intention of taking heavy lunch is a bit out of place. Another suggestion which may be great for people who do not like much at a time is to spread out meals. This is actually better than taking three heavy meals a day. So you can have five to six different meals a day if you have the time to spare.

Supper should normally be taken between 7 to 8 pm. Eating late at night is a recipe for constipation and other digestive issues and is certainly not amongst the tips to stay healthy. Your food need time to digest and that time as far as supper is concerned should be at least one hour between supper and bed time. Giving your system that time for digestion is important for living a healthy lifestyle.

Importance of drinking enough water

In considering the various ways to stay healthy, people usually do not remember the importance of water to our health and wellbeing. About 60% of an adult human body is made of water. That record should speak for itself but if you still don’t understand why you have to take the water therapy thing serious, lets add some explanations that will make things clearer. The therapeutic effects of water are enormous. It is remedy for a host of diseases including arthritis, epilepsy, Tuberculosis, common cold and a host of others. A person can live five to seven weeks without food but the average human cannot go for more than five days without water. Our brains, muscles, heart, kidneys and about every cell is largely dependent on water to function effectively. Consequently, there is no healthy nutrition without adequate water intake.

Water aids digestion, helps regulate body temperature, protects tissues and joints, elimination of waste and prevents dehydration. There is no playing around with the importance of drinking water. if you make up your mind to take at least six to seven cups of water daily, you can improve your health


You will be surprised to find out that the 30 minutes, workout or simple exercises you have been ignoring are the real remedy for some health issues like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure or even heart attack. Yes! Just exercise. For one thing, exercise had a good handle on your weight and a person who exercises frequently can more easily control their weight.

Forget all the talk about things like slim tea and other magical drugs. For some of life’s issues, the most uncomfortable way is the only way. Many of these drugs come with terrible side effects. In addition to that, you have to keep taking them because once you stop, it will seem all hell was let loose. Whatever weight you may have been struggling to fight off all the while may just come back double in a few weeks.

Exercising also improves your mood. First it is a great way to deal with stress. Not only does exercise stimulate brain chemicals related to the feeling of happiness, it also leaves you feeling more confident and happy about your appearance. Talk about development of muscles and body tissues, exercising is a great way to build your muscle to be stronger and healthier. It enhances the process of delivering nutrients and oxygen to vital body organs and tissues.

Get enough Sleep and rest

There are many people who are yet to consciously understand that their bodies are not robot. Sleep and rest are very vital for the functioning and health of one’s entire body. It is necessary for cell and tissue formations and healing process, proper functioning of the brain, major organs of the body and every cell in it. There is a difference between sleeping and resting but they are closely related. One could rest without necessarily sleeping but the ultimate purpose of sleeping is to rest. It is about the simplest of all tips to stay healthy.

Consequently, it is important to reconsider your sleeping time and make necessary adjustments for healthier body.

Generally, one’s productiveness in every sphere of life is strongly related to the quality of rest or sleep time you get daily. People with sleep deficiency are far less prone to memory loss, lack of focus and concentration, inability to perform task and make mistakes more often than those who sleep and rest adequately.

It is recommended that an adult gets at least 8 hours of sleep every day. The length of time for children is about 10 hours daily. So many people focus on putting in longer working hours and making extra efforts to perform better at their jobs and maybe get a pay raise or promotion. However, if they are wise enough to be more concerned about their health the amount of money they are making, it is easier to get both the pay raise and proper health. Work hard, but let work time be work time and sleep time be sleep time. When you get adequate rest every night, you are sure to turn up the next morning stronger and more vibrant for the day’s activities. Consequently, you are emotionally, physically and mentally fit to perform better. The same principle applies to children and their performance at school.

Take necessary precautions in extreme weather conditions

One of the most important tips to stay healthy is taking necessary measures in extreme weather conditions. In winter for example make sure you keep the house comfortably warm. When stepping out of the home, make sure you dress for the weather. Put on warm clothes. This will keep you from serious issues like leukemia and other low temperature related diseases.

What to avoid

While we discuss those things which should be done to stay healthy, it will be unfair to ignore the things which should not be done. There are certain habits which are bound to sabotage every effort you make at staying healthy if you are not determined to set them aside. 

Watch sugar intake

The demand for sweets and sugary foods is all but under control these days. From breakfast to supper, every meal seems to include some form of refined sugar or the other. While it is ok to have some of these things moderately, some are just not necessary. In any case, it is important to watch your sugar intake if you intend to stay healthy and live long in good health.

One thing about sugar is its ability to trigger the release of dopamine which is the addictive hormones of the human body. That is why people who are fun of sugar sometimes find it near impossible to quite. If you must continue enjoying sweets, at least do yourself a favor and use natural sugars and sweeteners like honey and fruits in replacement for complex sugar intake.

No more smoking or excessive drinking

Smoking is one of those habits that make it very difficult for one to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has a way of incapacitating people and keeping them from doing other simple things that should enhance their health. First smokers hardly exercise because tobacco takes a toll on their respiratory system, reducing lung function and causing breathing difficulties. All of this makes exercising feel like a burden since it adds pressure on the dysfunctional respiratory system to function properly. That means you are not only practicing a bad habit but also being kept from engaging in useful exercise.

Secondly Nicotine is highly addictive. This implies that the smoker’s desire for useful food nutrients are drowned out by the craving to satisfy the deadly addiction. Not only do addicted smokers notexercise, they don’t feed properly, they don’t usually have the appetite to. For many of them eating feels like a burden because it is hardly pleasurable. Consequently, some major body organs like the liver and lungs which are being attacked by destructive components of tobacco do not have enough nutrients to fight off the threats that come their way.

Come to think of it, apart from the pleasure gotten from smoking, there is really no other gain or advantage to it. The life expectancy for smokers is at least ten years shorter than that of non-smokers and ten years is a lot of time to throw away for a habit with no advantage at all.

Avoid risky sexual behaviors

There are so many serious diseases related to risky sexual behavior with the potential of serious health damage and even reducing lifespan by a quarter. You don’t need to engage in multiple sexual relationships to satisfy the craving. Multiple sexual relationships do not only expose you to STIs and STDs, it aggravates the situation once you are infected, posing a serious challenge to your health. The dangers of risky sexual behavior has an even more serious mental and emotional health effect which many people do not realize.

Aside from promiscuity, bisexual and gay relationships are almost always related to other negative behaviors like drugs addiction and alcohol abuse. These just further complicate your health and make things worse, but even when such sexual relationships are not associated with drugs and excessive alcohol consumption there is still high risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Keep stress a mile away

Stress is one issue many people do not consider in their quest to stay healthy but it is just as important to avoid it as it is to eat healthy. From obesity to diabetes, depression and even heart disease, stress acts as instigator and exacerbates these conditions. You will be surprised how many more diseases are related to stress.

Keep away from people or activities that stress you up. It is not just going to disappear on its own. You need to make a commitment to avoid stress related issues. Take some time off to play and amuse yourself. Stay around people who make you happy. When one is stressed, there is a high propensity to seek solitude in food or stay away from people. All these things accumulate to make things difficult for your body to deal with. Remaining stress free is one of the most important ways to stay healthy.

Keep your nutritional life based on those healthy foods to eat like fruits, vegetables and grains which are rich in protein and other vitamins, exercise often, drink a lot of water and avoid negative habits.

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