Everything You Should Know About Extended Stay Hotels

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Extended stay hotels are getting popular among tourists and temporary rentals due to its wider array of benefits. This article will educate you about the extended stay hotels and different facts related to it. Get a brief of each part related to the concept of Extended Stay Hotels.

You may have heard this term ‘Extended Stay Hotels’ or ‘Weekly Hotels’ and have wondered what it actually means! This article will share all information related to extended stay hotels to ensure you understand this concept easily. Before we start, one thing you must know this is one of the most popular accommodation options for tourist and increasing the popularity due to the host of features it offers. Now, let’s delve the details to understand the concept of ‘extended stay hotels’ better.

What is extended stay?

Before getting into the details of what is an extended stay hotel, it is necessary to understand what extended stay is! Whenever someone travels to another city, state or country other than the city he lives in and needs to stay there for 7 days (a week) or more, then this type of stay is known as extended stay. 

Who goes for an extended stay?

There are 3 categories of people who generally go for an extended stay.

  • Professionals who are on a business trip or travel to another country or city due to some work assignment go for the extended stay. These professionals can be the corporate employees, a team of the company participating in an expo or event, construction workers, so on and so forth.
  • People who are looking for temporary living option for an extended time due to the transition they are facing such as military people, people going through phase of retirement or divorce; or people who are waiting to get possession of the new house or the renovation work to be finished for their own apartment.
  • People who are on a longer vacation with family or friends, or on a solo trip in another country or city stay for longer than a week at the same place to explore the city at fullest.


What is an extended stay hotel?

An extended stay hotel is similar to any traditional hotel, gives accommodation to its guest, but the important difference is that, this hotel offers more spacious rooms which are quite similar to a furnished apartment. Furthermore, an extended stay hotel gives rooms on a weekly or monthly basis and charges the customer with special weekly rates rather than per night or daily rates. This is the reason, the extended stay hotels are also known as ‘Weekly Hotels’.

Alternative accommodation options for an extended stay:

There are a few alternative options of accommodation for an extended stay other than the weekly hotels.

  • Leased furnished apartment
  • Leased unfurnished apartment
  • Regular hotel accommodation

Why are extended stay hotels better than any other accommodation option for an extended stay?

The weekly hotel stay is more viable accommodation option than its alternative due to multiple reasons. The 7 key reasons for the same are listed below:

  • Hassle free accommodation

If you go for a leased apartment, you need to deal with many formalities and a legal lease agreement. Unlike this, weekly motels give a room to its guest with almost no formality similar to any normal hotel room accommodation.

  • Quick accommodation

As there are many formalities and paperwork to be done, the rental apartment takes a considerable amount of time to get the possession for accommodation. On the contrary, one can get an immediate accommodation in the weekly suite he rents.

  • Flexibility of location

The rental apartments are located in a few specific parts of the city and you have a very limited choice. Also, once you rent an apartment, you have to pay rent for 30 days minimum. On the contrary, the weekly hotels are situated all over the city and one can choose the weekly hotel based on the location preference which can be in the center of the city so one can enjoy his vacations without spending a lot of time in commute; or it can be near to workplace so it takes minimum to reach the office or work site.

  • Spacious living

The regular hotel room comes with a small room furnished with a bed, a few life and recreation essentials along with the attached toilet. If someone is going to stay for a longer time, this can be suffocating to stay in such an arrangement. On the contrary, the extended stay hotel rooms are often spacious similar to an apartment. It consists of a living room, bedroom, in-room kitchen, toilet and some more furniture. The in-room kitchen is furnished with all required utensils and amenities so one may cook food on his own.  It gives a feeling of a home away from home.

  • Additional amenities

The weekly hotels offer a range of amenities to make life smooth for an extended stay guest. This includes the essential things required daily such as grab and go breakfast, laundry and dry cleaning, room service, etc. Also, this includes, access to a range of recreational and professional areas such as pool, fitness center, pet care, business center, meeting room, etc. These amenities are not available with any other accommodation options.

  • Arrangement for pets

Often people travel with their pet when they are going for an extended stay. It is obvious when they are going to stay out for weeks, they can’t leave their pet friends at home. The traditional hotels don’t allow pets and in a rental apartment, one needs to leave pets alone at home when they are out for work or other things. On the contrary, the weekly hotels offer pet care and pet-friendly accommodations. So your best friends are taken care while you are not around.


  • Budget Living

The extended stay hotels are cheaper than the traditional hotel rooms for living for a longer time. Yes, it can be more expensive than an unfurnished apartment, but if you are living for an extended period, unfurnished apartment is not enough, you need to get furniture. Also, you need to make an arrangement for vacuuming, cleaning and dusting, and other things for your apartment living. This will leave you exhausted doing so many things alone or looking for domestic help. Also, this would cost same as a weekly hotels stay, not saving any money and spending energy on chores.


These are the top benefits of extended stay hotels for a longer stay and these amazing benefits are increasing the popularity of extended stay hotels.

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