Tips to make it BIG Building a Career Online

By Bless

We have become so connected to the internet these days, it seems we had no life in the days when there was no World Wide Web, or Google, or Facebook, or indeed any such thing. In fact, many people would say in clear terms that the internet is their world. From there you can hold board meetings, chat with an entire family at a time, buy and sell, speak to millions of people without having to meet them physically and the best part – make money working from home. The possibilities are also expanding and being exploited every day.

Just a few decades ago, the vast majority of work-at-home job opportunities were far from profitable. And before the dawn of the Internet, it had become quite difficult to differentiate between the scams and the genuine opportunities. Those were the days when, of course, people hardly even knew much about the internet and could therefore not be as engaged as has become the case today. Now, there are billions of job opportunities online, and an unquestionable possibility of building an outstanding career on the internet. People like Mark Zuckerberg are a living proof of this and believe me, you are a potential proof.

There are online bankers, business men, counsellors, clergy, brokers, and all sorts of online earning jobs and careers being built, and waxing successful over the internet daily. Just think of what career path you intend to walk, and you will see a trail or perhaps a paved lane you can follow to a successful future. You do not need to have the best skills in your profession to make money working from home. Just consider and follow the advices and tips given here.

Make money working from home; The convenience and trouble

The reason why about 80 percent of people go for the option of building a career online is so that they can make money working from home. It is a great opportunity and offers possibilities for people who cannot really leave home to work in an office. Probably you have kids to take care of, or just don’t like the idea of sitting in an office under some form of control. Some people like the concept of freelancing and enjoy the contact and opportunities of working with different people. To make money working from home, you need to be really determined, committed and self-disciplined.

Making use of online earning jobs, though convenient is not always a very good idea. Building a career demands that one works in an atmosphere that breeds seriousness and commitment. The home is really not one of such places. You will have to work at your own pace and that pace may not be good enough to build a career successfully. On the other hand, if you cannot think of a better option, then you can make it big building an online career with the following tips;

Use a work Schedule. Creating one and actually following it will help you ensure that things are done timely and orderly.  

Make a plan for every day. Let each day have a plan of work so that you are not caught in confusion moving from one unfinished task to another. People who work from home, of course usually have two or more clients they work for. If a definite work plan is not made for each day, you may be caught up with deadline pressure on all ends and then finally not meet any. You can barely make it big with online money making jobs without committing to a work schedule. If there is a plan for the day, you will be more likely to meet deadlines and avoid pressure. 

Evaluate your achievement daily or weekly

After setting daily or weekly targets for achievements, it is imperative that on a daily or weekly basis you revisit those plans and judge how far you have gone with them. This may enable you make some changes as you discover where lapses have been and consider why you may not have accomplished set goals. Thus you can start a new week with fresh commitment and focus to making things even better.

Decide how much you want to earn daily, or weekly or monthly

The drive for working on any job is always to some degree financial gain. After all we all need the money. Passion may be the main reason why you are on the particular job you have chosen to do but figuring out how much financial gain you want out of it can actually help you keep focus and be more committed.

Since you are not building this career from an office, you may take a challenge to make sure you earn more than those who work in offices do. That way you are not in any way financially behind and can put off the pressure to consider looking for a formal job because you are not getting enough money from it.

Wisely market your skills

With so many businesses operating mostly, or even completely, online, it’s no wonder that many hire labor and assistants who work online to see that their businesses prosper in an internet world. These workers are usually “independent contractors who (from a remote location, usually their home or office) support multiple clients in a variety of industries by providing administrative, creative, and technical services.”

Now let’s consider that you are one of such workers with a definite career you intend to build over a period of time, you will need to know how to sell your skills and get people who can pay a fair wage, if not the best. It is indeed a little difficult, to be truthful, for one to be paid the same amount they would be paid if they were working offline. However, it is not an impossibility.

There are several people who have become rich or even millionaires by wisely making use of online earning jobs and the opportunities internet jobs offer. First here are some guiding principles you should consider taking to heart.

Start your Own website and build a career form there

It is not the most common initiative, but it is a good one to try out and be one of the millions earning from online money making jobs. The alternative option is to sell your services on some other person’s website. But freelance websites for example take away the additional advantage of getting income form advertisers and limits the level of control and interaction you can have with customers, which of is important for career establishment and growth online.

Another reason why you may want to consider building your own website is that when using some other person’s, you get to pay for each deal. Freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork collect commissions for each deal that successfully goes through on the site, and rightly so. Let’s say just $0.5 is charged for every $5 deal, it may not sound much, but that amount compounded over a year with several successfully closed deals could make you wish you actually got all those deals sealed on your own website.

It’s pretty easy to build and run your own website provided you take advantage of the many free learning opportunities online. However, most people who dream of building a career and making it big online are not equipped to build their own site, or don’t have the time, which of course has given birth to yet another career path.

So many people make a living building websites and blogs for others and you should consider getting one of such people create a website for you. If you are diligent at blogging or running the website, it will prove to be the best choice you made at the foundational stage of your online career.

As with normal career Demands, so it is with an online career

There are still people, in this 21st century who believe that the internet is an easy platform to build a career and earn money as quickly as possible. That’s naïve, and I am sorry if you are one of such people. But the truth is, principles like diligence and hard work still apply when you are building a career online. Unless you plan on failing here.

There are several choices as far as online earning jobs are concerned. You may not be able to find vacancy notices as you walk on the streets, but if you are hooked up to the right platform on the internet, you could get opportunities to work and be paid on almost a daily basis. The temptation and challenge, especially with freelance platforms, is to sell your services cheaper than they are actually worth. Competition is fierce here and there are guys who are willing to do much work for little or no pay. So remember to set your standard but remain flexible, you will need to be.

Commitment is still an important word in the online career world. As we already learnt, there is no free lunch here too. You have to be both passionate and committed to building your career. That means you must be willing to sacrifice time and energy to end up successful.

Take a look before taking a leap

Do not be misled, there is so much junk on the internet these days. It’s a free world and everyone can write whatever they want and post it whenever they want. So definitely you are going to find contradicting ideas on pertinent information you may need with regards to building an online career. That is just the way it is, and will be for as long as we have the internet, so forget about changing it.

What you should do is get someone who has left footprints you admire, check successful websites and try to find out how they run, the way they interact with clients and the quality of services they offer. Better still meet career successes physically and listen to their stories. Those who are willing to talk will give you vital information that may help you avoid a few landmines. Whatever else you need to know, you will have to learn by experience.

Do not let the euphoria of easy online success drive you to dive into the pool before you are sure just how deep it is or how well you can swim.

Take out adequate time for self-development

Building skill and being competent in what you do counts very much in building a carrier online. Good looks and a straight suit will not exactly cut it here. Even the first impression you make on someone will be made because of your competence. Consequently, there is no place for careless work. Competence also is enhanced by commitment and diligence to the career.

It will be much better and easier when you take out time to do some research and findings on available possibilities and the most appropriate ways to exploit them.

Don’t think out of the Box, think like there is NO box   

Knowledge and ideas rule even in the internet world. That is why as already stated, carrying out some studies before beginning your career path is important. The possibilities too are almost limitless and you will find sooner than later that what did not work for some other person could actually be best for you.

While there are several potential scams, some opportunities which will sound too nice to be true could actually be genuine. Consequently, one has to learn to remove limiting thoughts. Don’t get into the rut of thinking; oh this is the internet and that will not work here. It just might. If you must take advantage of online earning Jobs, you must be daring in believing and in thoughtful.


The best online jobs are what you make of them. I think it is more of an ideological concept than a reality that there is a perfect online job. To begin with how will one justify a career or online job as the best? What criteria do we use? Well, of all that exist, the best online jobs do not necessarily need to be those that pull in the most money. They should rather be the ones that bring in the most satisfaction to customers and to self, and which advances the general good of all parties concerned.

So the point is to make an investment in terms of finances and time. Consider the time and energy spent as seeds that will earn a reward. The better the seed, the better the reward.

Making money with the career

There are several online money making jobs you can chose from. But if you already have a career you are passionate about, and intend to take the internet as a platform for making it bigger, then you may want to stick with your idea. The concept of online money making jobs is important to consider unless one is into charity (which these days seem to be even more interested in making money).

Some people are not very much concerned with building a career online. The drive for them is making as much money as possible. So if it is possible you are one of them, you may just want some quick tips or insight on which online jobs are the most enriching.

Wage range variations for online jobs

 There are variations in the pay package and frequency for online jobs. It is important to bear in mind that like normal jobs, you tend to earn more as you commit to working better and longer.

Here are some pay specifications for online jobs and potential earnings.

Possible Online Careers with a good foundation

Travel Agents and Agencies

Almost every travel agency close more than 90% of their deals online. No one queues up anymore to get travel tickets (or no one should) these days. The pressure of competition and fast paced system enhanced by technology has pushed travel agencies to make getting tickets much easier and in the process have presented a great opportunity to earn money working online. So you can actually decide to build a career as an online sales agent for one of these companies. It is commonly reported that travel agents make about $17.88 an hour, but that may not be very true since most times, they have to be paid on commission basis.

Writers and Content creators

As far as websites and blogs are concerned, this is probably by far the most engaging sector presenting some of the best online jobs. The demand for writers has become outstandingly high and the need keeps increasing almost daily. It may be time for you to start considering a writing career. Bloggers and site managers are paying a lot of money for content creators and about 90 percent of that content has to be written.

On freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, the pay could really be discouraging because you have to work and build your way to earning more. Since there is a minimum pay rate of $5, you can be sure to get a deal at that price, but for beginners, the job propositions you get are usually much more demanding than the amount of money you are offered. Building a writing career on platforms like this demand much more sacrifice than many people are willing to make especially of your drive is primarily the money.

You may like to check and get hooked up to private site owner or people running blogs who do not have the time to write. It is more probable you will get a fairer deal that way.  

Social Media managers and marketers

Almost every business has to be on the web in this age in which we are doing almost everything on the internet. Most of them create websites to serve and attend to customers online but reaching those customers is another issue. It is more like actual situations where businesses have to put in efforts to bring the customers to you. It is not enough to create a great shop and make all necessary goods available. Several other businesses are doing that.

Consequently, these businesses need someone who can run and manage their social campaigns.  This gives you the opportunity of another business category you may be interested in. Most people are already spending much time on social media, doing things they are not paid form. You can build a career as a social media manager and have the honor of advertising a business to the next level for an encouraging pay package. Social media managers earn between $10.14 to $28.96 hourly. That is about $31,726 - $74,572 yearly salary.

There are a host of other jobs and career possibilities you can build online and be prosperous at it. Finally, let us consider some of the most popular freelance sites or platforms on which you can begin building a great career today. These sites are a different in some ways but are all built to assist people work their way up to a prosperous career in future. Also, though these sites are mainly for freelancers, you could always get a deal and be connected to a company for a permanent online job or maybe build a definite career working for different people.


This is one of the most popular freelance platforms online today with almost every possible job specification you can think of. Fiverr is a great place to learn how to sell your skills and gives you a great opportunity to build your career online. The minimum wage specification here is $5 but as you develop your gig, you will easily earn more money and be able to determine how much you get per day or hour. One good thing about Fiverr and other online freelance platforms is that you are not tied to any specific pay rate. You can decide, when you have built your gig more to charge contractors on hourly bases or any other basis. Writers for example usually ask to be payed depending on the number of words they write. However, on sites like this, the best online jobs are usually related to things like graphic design, editing and proofreading, or translation.


Freelancer is a relatively new platform on the net but has several online money making jobs available. Here you can apply for freelance jobs and get hired or submit proposals for design contests. There are a great number of clients and job seekers so there is reasonable competition you have to face but if you are determined, you can make it through to a successful height in your career.


This seems to be the most popular freelance job site with above twelve million registered freelancers and five million clients. On a yearly basis there are over three million jobs posted with a potential worth of $1 Billion.


This is more or less a clone of the popular Fiverr and functions quite the same. That is why it is good match for any other freelance site where you can have the opportunity of building your career. Here gig prices range from $4 to $100 and like most other freelance sites takes 20% of every deal. FiverUp also offers some of the best online jobs.

It is 100 percent possible to start building an online career from scratch and make lots of money working from home if you are willing to make the effort. 

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