3 Crucial Traits for best Live Chat Agent

By Jhon


In this era of the internet world, it has become feasible for practically anyone to open a business online, but operating online has its own attendant difficulties.


One of the most prevalent difficulty is how to manage a customer service, phone support or Email support are not that efficient as it sometimes quite irritating for the customer, so as an outcome in recent years best customer service providing facility is Live Chat.


Live chat is an instant messaging service for the customer, which enables the customer to ask questions while retaining their anonymity. These services are provided by the organizations called Live Chat Service Providers.  These organizations consist of Live Chat Agents who are professionally trained in customer service and they are keenly involved in solving the questions asked by their customers.

Live chat service is essential because:

1. It increases sale 
A study has displayed that live chat can amplify the conversion rates by at least 20% and that the typical Return on Investment rates from paid live chat software for the sale teams is close to 300%. It also ensures that customer who is using live chat service is more likely going to buy the product or use a particular service for which he is using chat service.


It is the role of the Live Chat Service Provider to make sure that agents are properly working and are professionally trained for that particular website.




2. Reduces expense


Phone support is through which how companies have traditionally been available to their customers but it is very expensive, both in the terms of person-per-hour and toll charges.


But Live chat service is much cheap than phone service and also helps in chat concurrency.




3.Fast problem solving 


Live chat agents who are providing live chat service should be properly trained for solving the customer problem as fast as they can because live chat service ensures you to provide fast and more efficient help rather than phone support.


Providing the best live chat service directly depends on the personality of your Live Chat Agents. It is the responsibility of the live chat service providers to assign live chat agents job to a deserving person who can be able to engage the particular customer and helping them regarding their concern by providing an actual solution according to the client's company.

live chat agents skills can be improved through training and mentoring, it takes tremendous effort and motivation to change natural behavior. That'why following attributes should be the part of the live chat agents.

1.) High Emotional Intelligence

Basically, Emotional intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, In the field of live chat service it is an important point and every live chat agent should able to understand the mood and emotion of the customer as it will help the agent to provide solution accordingly.
If the chat agent can understand the customer emotionally then he can handle him easily and if the customer gets happy with the service this can directly result in a lead for the live chat service provider as well as the client. 

2.) Positive Attitude

Genuinely positive-minded people generally tend to look on the bright side of things. In terms of customer service, it means that they are more likely to be friendly and more engaged with customers and put in extra effort to deliver WOW service experiences.
 It is a responsibility of every agent to show and have the positive attitude towards the customer in solving and understanding their concern as it will help the agent to get the solution done easily and efficiently. If the chat agent will not show positive attitude towards the customer this can irritate customers and there could be loss important lead for the live chat service provider as well as particular company and,

As a live chat agent, either you get a positive or negative message from your customer you have to give a reply in a positive manner only. It is important to maintain a certain sense of diplomacy and politeness, especially when you are chatting with your seniors.

Humor is also the thing to take care of Although humor is a strong way to communicate sometimes it can cause misunderstanding between agent and customer. There is difference between humor and sarcasm which is important for the live chat agents to understand so that they can give efficient service to their customer


3) Adaptability and Flexibility

Nowadays every customer has become much demanding than before, they want their multiple requests to be done fast so as per these circumstances it is the responsibility of the live chat agents to become more responsive and able to handle the multiple requests of the customer.

Along with above points ,
The live chat service provider you have selected for your online business should consist of best live chat agents who can handle your customer efficiently, they should reply the customer within a less time duration and should engage them with the proper humor. The replies should not be robotic as it can irritate the customers and further can loss to your important lead.

1. The agent should know client's services and products intensively.
As we know knowledge is a very important part in every field, if knowledge is lacking then service will also be affected so in customer service field one who is providing the service should be properly aware of the matter he is providing. Knowledge about the products and services will not only enhance the support speed but will also assist in building a stronger relationship with the customers.

2. Communicate with proper way.
Sometimes there could be a situation when a particular customer is not happy with the product and he might be in a bad mood, then in this case how the agent will handle a state that will also matter a lot, so agents should handle them with a required humor so that the customer could get proper satisfaction.

3. Reliable Writing
Chat agents should be professionally trained with writing skills because it matters  in the field of live chat service providers

4. Time Management and Proper Engagement.
One must manage the time according to the client. Time is very important for everyone nobody wants their time to be wasted, so agent should be professionally trained to reply within a good time so that client could get properly engaged with the agent.

5. No Robotic Replies
Agents should communicate in a real manner, they should not write in a robotic manner as it could irritate customers.

All above points are important for every live chat agent so that they can become the expert in providing actual help to their customer in a professional manner.  


These 3 qualities are important for every live chat agent in the field of the live chat service and it is must for very live chat agent to adopt these characteristics so their live chat service business can become more successful.

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