How To Uplift Your Salon Business And Be At The Top Of Your Game

By Swarnendu


I want to be my own boss- a dream that millions of startupreneurs live for. That is also a reason why following their dream and establishing something of their own is a life goal. You too have it. Don’t you? You’ve got your salon business set up after so many hurdles. Your dream of being your own boss.  But the growing competition is not letting you reach your goal! You are struggling to get more customers and repeated ROI but, failing.


Considering the salon and spa business, the competition is increased. You can easily find a salon at every nook and corner in your neighborhood. And everyone is in a tough competition to attract more customers. If you are not finding enough space to grow, this post is for you. Let’s find out the major roadblocks that you are facing.


Here comes the challenge- how to be ahead of this competition. Well, to answer your query, understanding all your salon business challenges is important.


So what are the hurdles?


A. You fail to retain customers- means less repeated deals


Repeated customers = repeated deals!


And this equation is your salon business sustainability. If you are failing to maintain good ties with your customers, they won’t visit your salon again. You might need to find the loopholes that are making you lose these clients.


B. You have failed to manage your staff’s productivity


Managing salon business may look easy as pie but from its outer work smoothness and luxury. But talking about the internal management, you are facing mismanagement in handling appointments, or assigning a task to the concerned staff etc. If you have more than one branch of your salon to maintain, you’re in a complete mess.


Do you feel the same?


C. You are in trouble to schedule and maintain your appointments


The case is worst when it’s the peak hour! And the hassle adds up when you book an appointment on call.


Imagine the rush when several people are calling at a time and you are unable to schedule them. Can you think of the time wasted here? You could have chosen a better way to spend the right amount of time at right place.


D. You still not gaining the recognition you deserve


Well, this happens when you have an intense competition around. You are not setting up your business to be unique. Brand awareness is what you need but you lack it here.

These are just a few troubles that you might face in your salon business. But do you know, people now are more willing to spend. Visiting a salon is their necessity now and a standard of living. So, there is always a hope to get your business going and take most advantage of these “necessities”. How?


On demand salon apps can reduce your hassles. You will get a complete backend to have a control over your management. For instance, you get a customer app, owner app(for you) and a web admin.  if you are allotting a customer to some specific staff, just a few clicks on the ‘owner app’ will initiate a notification to your staff. They can follow the instructions right away. Well, that was just an example. There are many more benefits if you go for salon app development.


Let’s find out how technology, can help you get over these hurdles.


1. You will actually reduce the ‘wait time’ for your customers


I feel your pain.


You have gone through different levels of tantrum while dealing with your customers. They have called you and tried to book an appointment- may be on the fourth attempt!


But when your customers have the access to your salon app, they can get their booking done at ‘their convenience’. So with a professional salon app development, you are making your users choose for your beauty treatment, select their favorite stylist and everything else at one go. To make the process even more seamless, you must talk with your development team to have an intuitive navigation. And your job is done! Tada!


2. Showcase your services in a library display display


Getting queer request in salon business is quite common. Some beauties will ask you for a beautiful haircut resembling their favorite celebrity. And they may have the strangest nail paint trend. So how do you handle these requests?


To handle these difficult yet obvious request, you can put a library style display for your services. Right after the navigation, add a section of a variety of services you offer. Add a section to customize service for customers. This will spoil your customers with choices and you will get repeated customers.


3. Appointment booking, management, tracking, and payment- manage on your app


Don’t you fret when you have to manage your customers, manage bills, payments and track record at one place?


Worry no more. Apps can be your best bet. On demand salon app development model is made to alleviate your pressure. You don’t need to list down entry dates, payment and appointment booking manually. In short,


  • It lets you track customer billing data
  • You can get into a complete cashless management
  • You can let clients schedule appointment right away on their app


What’s your take?


It’s clear that if you want to be ahead of the competition, you must uplift your business process. Make sure you go on a whiteboard session with an expert. Ask them to provide you a complete package of salon app development with an


  • iOS and Android app



  • Powerful analytics



  • Website



So, if you seriously want to scale your business, you must choose a trusted salon app developer for your business.


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