The 5 Best Screwdrivers Needed in the Bricolage

Indispensable for any professional or DIY lovers, the best screwdriver drill is a must-have to put in the home or carry-around toolbox.

You will find out how easy and fast it is to assemble furniture and home furnishings using just one tool.


What is the best screwdriver drill?

Are you an expert in DIY? Or do you sometimes enjoy in some domestic work? Then you can not do without this multifunction tool.

If you already know which one to buy, thanks to selling online you can order it on the web with a few clicks: you will receive it comfortably at home at the lowest price even if it is a model brand (type Parkside, Metabo, Flex ).

If you want to have the clearest ideas, try reading the opinions and tests that hobbyists publish on product pages - you'll get a complete overview of the "field tested" product performance.


1.Black + Decker LITHIUM 1.5AH BDCHD18K Drill Screwdriver

Equipped with a lithium battery, it offers power 18V for drilling in concrete and masonry (thanks to the percussion action), as well as on wood, metal and for making any type of screwdriving.

The accuracy in each application is guaranteed by the 2 mechanical speeds and the 10-point adjustment of the torque. Ideal for working in dark or light-flooded areas thanks to the practical work light.



No thread


2.Bosch PSB Easy Drill screwdriver

Very lightweight (weighs only 1.6 kg) ensures optimum comfort thanks to the Softgrip lining. The patented Constant Electronic feature keeps the number of turns constant even under stress.

For screwing, it offers the same power in right and left the rotation. Acceleration from 0 to max by means of pressure on the switch allows you to accurately measure the speed, for example, for starting smooth surface drilling or screws. Equipment: extra grip, depth rod, plastic case.



Not too loud


3.Kawasaki 603010121 Drill and battery screwdriver

It is a wireless device offering a 3.6V power. Designed with a soft grip, it has a LED light that allows you to work even in the event of reduced lighting.

Its features include the battery charging indicator feature and the possibility of rotation from left to right, 18 hours. Thanks to the QuickStop function, tools can quickly be changed.





4.Trotec PSCS 10-12V 

It is equipped with a two-speed robust transmission for a balanced distribution of the driving force with a maximum torque of 22 Nm.

The direction of rotation to the right or to the left is regulated by a practical switch. The Quickstop function also brakes the engine by releasing the button immediately and thus speeds up working times.

It has a 12V lithium-ion battery with no memory effect and no self-discharge.





5.Einhell TC-CD 12 Li

Thanks to the electronic speed control system and the torque setting, the unit is best suited to the needs of materials and screws.

The self-sealing single-spindle spindle and the automatic locking system allow you to replace the tip without using tools.

The Quick Stop function stops the mandrel movement instantly as soon as the control switch is released. The ergonomic and compact design with anti-slip lining allows for optimum and easy handling of the appliance.





Do you do with screwdriver drill?

This type of drill, equipped with a pistol handle and a trigger, combines the usual function of drilling also to unscrew and screw the screws.

In fact, these tools are mainly designed to screw and unscrew and within certain limits also work as a drill, although with respect to the types they have a lower power.

So if you are looking for a percussion drill to drill the concrete or a trimmer, this type of tool is not for you. For their ease of handling, often in one hand, they are also light, which is why they are incompatible with great power.


What to do before buying the screwdriver drill?

All DIY enthusiasts find it very useful to use the electric drill to unscrew and screw. And, above all, they know how much fatigue and time you save (especially when you have to mount something with your arms raised up) when assembling a mobile, fixing a shelf ...

Before purchasing, it is advisable to carefully evaluate the technical characteristics, the power in terms of wattage, how many volts are offered by the battery, as long as the recharging time is required.


Powering the screwdriver?

Most of these devices are powered by a rechargeable battery, even if there are no screwdrivers with a network cable.

Lack of cable is a valuable asset since it allows you to work comfortably and safely.

You do not even have to worry about being pulled up or down the ladder and pulling the wire out of it. A drill that needs an electric cable to operate also has the disadvantage of being dependent on proximity to an electrical outlet and having less freedom of movement than battery models that are totally cordless.


Lithium batteries of screwdriver drill?

The best rechargeable batteries supplied with a screwdriver and tweezer drill are lithium-ion batteries, which are characterized by being lighter and delivering higher performance.

They are also subject to the "memory effect" and have a much higher performance ratio compared to other batteries. The lack of "memory effect" allows you to always use the tool with the maximum power even if it is partially charged until full power is exhausted.


Other types of screwdriver battery?

Another type of battery supplied with these devices is Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd). This is a fairly popular type especially in the cheapest models because it takes less care and is less susceptible to damage.

But it is the one that has a greater predisposition to the memory effect, which makes it qualitatively less efficient.

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery has intermediate performance between the lithium battery and the NiCd battery. Compared to NiCd, it has higher autonomy and is less dependent on memory effect, but the performance is lower than lithium, which remains the longest.


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