It does not matter whether you’re considering using slate with copper flashing or you want to use something a little more modest for roofing your house, a new roof for your house  is always a very big investment that will cost you thousands of your hard earned cash. The materials you are going to buy for roofing will generally actually represent a very small portion of your total expenses. Most of your expenses will go to hiring skilled labour to do the roofing for you, thus you must make  good decision when hiring a roofing contractor. This is the best way to protect your high investment for your hard earned cash. You have to hire a skilled and experienced contractor to do the job.

Steps to Finding a Qualified Roofing Contractor.

Check the yellow pages under the  “Roofing Section” if only you can’t get a good recommendation from a friend, family member or neighbor. Gather at least two potential roofing contractor's and make sure that each one of the contractor's has been in the roofing business for at least five years . Roofing contractors that do shoddy low quality do not last that long in business.

Contact your potential contractor to check whether he or she is available.

Do not waste your time on a contractor if he has been booked during the period you would like your work done. If he or she is fully booked, ask for recommendations and references from him. Drop any contractor who does not want to provide reviews and contacts of ast client's.

Do an inspection of a few recent jobs that the contractor has handled. The main places to look at when evaluating the work of a roofing contractor are the spaces between the individual water gaps also known as shingle tabs. Make sure that all the shingles are well trimmed . On the roof ends, the shingles should be neatly trimmed so they can align properly with the edges of the roof. Presence of ragged lines mean shoddy work. If the roofs you examine stand up to the scrutiny, call the references directly.

When a potential roofing contractor roofer comes to your house to look at the job that has been done, make note of how he carries himself and the appearance he portrays. Pride goes beyond the job site. If the contractor is not clean enough to sit at your dinner table, would you really want him to work on your house? . Detail the full range of all of your expectations. Find out the foremans name and the people who will be doing the task. Get all the details in writing.

What to Look for in Quality Roofer

If you are comfortable working with the roofing contractor you see, it’s now time to verify that the contractor has a workers’ compensation coverage and at the very least $1 million dollars of liability insurance. Get the contractor's agent’s proof-of-insurance certificates and name. Get an estimate of all the expenses and what is going to be free.  Roofing is a very short-term job, so break up the payments into. A third of the payment up front for the the materials and pay u the remainder when cleanup and roofing are completely done to your satisfaction.

Insist on a warranty that covers flashing failure,leaks and all other labor related defects. The minimum warranty you should get is for one year but a warranty for two or three years is preferable.


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