7 Super Tips for Fall Camping in Your Diesel RV

With fall camping in full swing, many RV-ers are enthusiastic to hit the roads in their diesel RV. When it comes to a long road trip and exploring the great outdoors, some motor home enthusiasts choose summer due to the pleasant weather. However, if you do not like too much crowd, fall would be the best choice. There are other reasons as well for RV camping during fall because of the spectacular scenery, colorful foliage, crisp air, cooler climate, and fun activities before winter sets in. Some parts of the US witness their first snowfall this season, and all of these indicate that you need some special preparation. So if you are contemplating to camp and explore the American countryside this season, and looking for some advice on how to prepare for the trip, here are 10 tips to make your job easy:

1. Check the Tire Pressure

In some parts of the country, the fall temperature dips below the freezing point making the roads slippery. For enjoying a safe journey in these regions, perfectly inflated tires, an up and running motor home and fully functional trailer brakes are necessary. Before you check the pressure, know how much the rig weighs when all the accessories and passengers are within it. Measure the load on every tire and inflate accordingly. The cold pressure rating is mentioned in the manufacturers’ inflation table on the tire manufacturer’s website.

2. Protect the Water System

If you are planning to camp in a place where the temperature dips below the freezing point, your RV’s water system needs a little protection. Freezing of water causes significant damage to the water system of your motor home. However, experiencing it is common during the autumn camping. Learn to how to disconnect the water lines and drain the water to avoid damage. If some parts of the water lines are exposed, cover them up with heat tapes to reduce the chances of freezing.

3. Protect the Heating System

If you have done only summer camping till date, the RV heating system has not received much of your attention. However, for making the RV cold weatherproof, start inspecting its furnace. First, go through the manual, check whether any repair work is required or not. Check whether the heating system is working or not and learn to use it before you hit the roads.

4. Pick the Right Fall Destination

Fall is the perfect time to camp in Florida if you are not visiting a place that is 7000 feet above sea level. At this time of the year, the sun seems less brutal, the RV parks and beaches have a thinner crowd. Besides, you can explore many campsites during fall in the Sunshine State. The Florida Caverns State Park Campground, for instance, is known for unique underground features. Visit this park with your family and friends to appreciate the stunning rock formations in the caves. Pitch your tent here if you want to spend some in a serene ambiance in a diversely wooded area. The trees, bushes, and thick foliage will give you the privacy you need if you are camping with your spouse or partner. The deciduous hardwood trees add a splash of color throughout the park.

Alternatively, you can explore the Hillsborough River State Park, which offers passionate RV campers the right dose of natural beauty, adventure activities, and outdoor fun. The river features the best rapids. You can rent kayaks and canoes from the site for some river adventure. And if you have a penchant for fishing, you can catch bream, bass, and catfish. However, swimming is not allowed in the river. The other camping activities include paddling and hiking.

5. Look for a Quality Tent

When you are camping during the fall season, remember to invest in a first-rate three-season tent. Look for one that comes with a full rain fly to keep moisture at bay. Carry a tent footprint or tarp to put below the tent to avoid water seeping into the tent. Play safe by carrying one extra tarp to place above the top of the rain fly.

6. Take Wildlife Safety Seriously

Did you know that wild animals often mate during this season? Therefore, respect their privacy. A few animals get aggressive when winter approaches. Stay away from beehives to avoid stings. Keep the campground clean and free of trash to avoid the attention of bears and other wild animals. Do not leave food items in your tent. We suggest that you have your food inside your motor home.   

7. Know What to Pack

Emergency kit: Incidents like minor cuts, allergies or bee stings are quite common during camping. Do not forget to have an emergency kit in your RV. An emergency kit should include adhesive bandages, gauze rolls or gauze pads, antiseptic ointments, rinse solutions, anti-diarrhea medicines and anti-sunburn sprays, and prescription medicines. Also, add the items such as super glue and duct tape as well   to the kit.

Warm clothes: If you are going to a camping ground located in an elevated area, carry adequate warm clothes, gloves, scarves, extra shoes, socks, and blankets. Surely, you do not want to get frozen at night during the camping days. Invest in a quality sleeping bag with temperature labeled 0-30 Fahrenheit. If you tend to catch a cold easily, make sure that you carry two sleeping bags. Mummy sleeping bags are another excellent option for a chilly weather because they hug your body and give a warmer feel. Moreover, these bags come with a hood that offers extra protection against the cold, nippy air.

Firewood: You can buy firewood in the many camping locations you visit. However, do not expect to get it during this season. Carry the wood with you in adequate quantity. Also, include some fire starting material to avoid difficulties.

No doubt camping is awesome, but it becomes more fun when you are prepared in advance. Fall is the ideal time to hit the roads in your diesel RV if you want to explore the hiking trails, visit orchards, cozy up around the campfire recounting anecdotes, and gazing at the stars. What else do you need for an RV camping trip during fall?

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