Addressing Puberty Manifestations in Teenagers

It is not surprising that what your children become or the way of life that they adopt depends much on your efforts. Parents/guardians can eventually lead their children to success as well as they can also contribute to their failure in life. Yes of course, parents can lead to the failure and misfortune of their children if they fail to properly address and assist them all through their puberty manifestations in their teenage ages.

It is not sufficient for parents to bring forth children on Earth, they are responsible in nurturing them in all areas of life; building a solid foundation. It is this base that determines the success or failure of these children. And one of the most challenging tasks faced by all parents in offering their kids a solid foundation is to guide them through their puberty age. Although challenging, it is not impossible. Herein is a complete guide that will show you how to prepare and review your ways of child upbringing.

Puberty represents that particular time in life when young people become sexually mature. This age raises a lot of anxiety in children and in some cases it leads to severe anxiety disorders. This is a must pass stage in life for all humans. Thus knowing how to help a child with anxiety is very important whether a parent or not. Educational institutions around the world as well as parents often give an attempt to address the difficulties youths encounter at these ages.

Worth nothing is that your children are opened to several different doctrines when they are with friends, school mates, and neighbors. You might be working hard to put your child on the right track but your efforts are being compromised by the different ideas and advice given to them out of home. This makes the process even more challenging than what you initially thought.

This stage in life often leads to anxiety in children and in some extreme cases, it leads to severe anxiety disorders which needs to be addressed properly. Puberty is a process that goes for several years. In some rare cases, it begins in female children from the ages of 6 and 7 but it normally starts at 11 years in females. In male children, it often begins around the ages of 12 although it can begin around the early ages of 9 in rare cases. Whereas female children are physically matured at the age of 14, male are at the age of 16.

Before addressing how to help a child with anxiety or severe anxiety disorders, it is necessary know the signs in female and male children when they begin to experience puberty.

Signs of Puberty

In female children, the first indication is the increase in size and development of their breast. It is followed by the growth of hair in their pubic area and the armpits. Menstruation usually comes last to all the above mentioned points.

In male children, the testicles and the penis significantly increase in size at the beginning. This is later followed by the growth of hair in the pubic area and the armpits. After, the breast tissue gains a little thickness in size. It is at this point that the voice changes, and later followed by facial hair growth as the last stage.

As a parent upon gaining familiarity with all the different stages, you need to monitor your children closely and change your approach as they grow with time. Otherwise the results could be catastrophic as they shall be vulnerable to severe anxiety disorders. Worth noting is that these sequences of female and male reactions to puberty might not be respected in order of appearance as they were previously listed. However such cases are rare.

Some other stages that youths go through during puberty are change in hormones which result in a change in the way they think and feel. At such points, teenagers often develop feelings and thoughts that do not make any sense at all.

Puberty does not only bring strange ways of thinking to the kids, it also causes them to feel uncomfortable after realizing a series of changes that have been made on to their bodies. This can likely lead to anxiety in children.

Children during the ages of 13 to 18 often experience their most difficult moments in life as they face a lot of changes within themselves, and difficulties in school. Thus parents should assist their children go through this strenuous moments of life successfully.

Your child’s energy level variations and mood changes are just normal in their advancement through a successful puberty age range.

Your child will be anxious to establish his/her own personal identity. They will like to build new friendships and have a record of their personal experiences. Several children at this age range often encounter a lot of difficulties in managing their current friendship relationships.

Still during this puberty age range, teenagers might likely begin to explore their sexuality as well as take on dates and enhancement of love relationships. They pay proper attention on their look and are much more conscious of their dressing before living the house something that they neglected throughout the previous years. With this in mind the parent will be able to rightfully direct them.

It is still during this time that children look for more responsibilities like picking out leadership positions wherever they find themselves. Below is our ultimate guide on the different strategies to address puberty manifestations in teenagers.

Strategies to Address Puberty Manifestation in Teenagers

Build an open/friendly relationship and simple communication line with your children

Have you ever thought for once how the world will look like if there was no communication among humans? What a horrible thing. Luckily enough that is not the case. Communication is the key to success in all that human beings do. Without communication we won’t be where we are today. If parents had installed proper communication lines between them and their kids, the number of deaths of both mother and child or child due to teenage abortions would have greatly reduced.

That was just to bring out the importance of communication in properly addressing puberty manifestations in teenagers. In the same sense, when thinking of how to help a child with anxiety, proper communication with the child is absolutely important. It is not just a question of communicating with your children, the communication must be effective. That is, its purpose must be fruitful, it has to be well passed and rightly interpreted. In conditions of doubt, the child should be free to openly ask for clarifications.

Communication is two sided meaning that, the parent speaks while the child carefully listeners and later the parent also gets the child’s own point of view. For this type of intimate discussion to be possible between a parent and the child, there must be an already existing friendly relationship between them.

Gone are the old traditions, although still practiced in some areas where parents make their children to grow up in fear. In such conditions children are always afraid and quiet when seated with their parents. However, we can openly perceive the results of such negligence and unthinkable beliefs in these countries, so many youths get pregnant before marriage, some on trying to abort the pregnancy end up dying. Whereas if their parents had opened up to them and guided them through their puberty age, all these won’t be happening.

Up to date, so many parents still find it out of place to make friendship with their children. It should not be the case. As a parent it is an obligation you bring up your child properly. Your child will only open up to you when he feels that you two are close enough to discuss his intimacy. And it is at this point that you advice the child on what to do and not to do as well as correct him of previous mistakes.

This friendly relationship with your children is not something that you can wait for them to reach puberty before you start trying to build. The process of building a solid friendship relationship with your children begins from birth. Being friendly to your kids however does not mean you won’t discipline them in order to put them on the right track.

Yes we are in a very busy world, but you must always find as much time as you can to spend with your family every week. You can take your kids on week-end vacations or to some other recreational places and outings. Dinning as a family is very important in building parent/kid relationships. Taking on physical activities as well is beneficial in reinforcing the relationship. Even if it means 10 minutes of physical exercises every morning, it’s still ok. Playing with your kids is of added importance as they won’t look at you with fear. All these you do while monitoring the changes taking place in their lives.

Learn much about the adolescent world

Only the right clues can lead one to the right solutions. It is true that every parent has crossed the adolescent age and knows a few things surrounding the period. Nevertheless, as days go by, youths are actively involving themselves in to new activities that can compromise their future especially when they are crossing their puberty ages. Today’s youths are much more exposed to foreign traditions, behaviors, and beliefs that they observe on TV as well as those that they read from books which are constantly being written. Today’s youths have actively involved in drug business. Parents should have an up to date knowledge of the adolescent world.

It is only by knowing the adolescent world, that a parent can better direct and address puberty manifestations in teenagers.

Parents should inform themselves of the behaviors of their neighbors, their ways of life and moral ethics. Parents should also do their best to inform themselves of the different situations that their children are subjected to in schools, and roads. Parents should know the type of people that their children move around with. Having all this information at hand, a parent will easily know how to help a child with anxiety.

Prepare your children for their puberty age

Knowing the child’s age, parents can attest with 95% confidence that by next year or in the next two years, their child will start experiencing puberty. This estimated period can be made easily with respect to the previous given years that female and male children start experiencing puberty. Immediately you feel your child will soon enter the period, it is important to start talking things out so that this won’t turn into a horrible experience for them. Make them know that you are there for them and you are ready to assist them to go through this stage. By so doing, they won’t feel rejected when the time comes but rely on you.

When your child is about a year to the estimated period, talk with them of possible changes they would soon start experiencing. Make them to tell you what they experience as change. They will not be surprised by the changes. In fact, they will be observing themselves daily for the changes. Assure them that you love them the way they are and that you deeply care for them. If you happen to fail in this duty as a parent, some other person can likely prepare your child in the wrong way.

Guiding your children through their ages of puberty

As a parent, during the puberty duration period, children often feel that they are big enough and can take their own decisions. Thus, this is the most critical point in their life which if attention is not paid, they will go astray. Puberty is characterized in youths by the increase and change of hormones on daily basis. These new hormones greatly affect the way they perceive the world and their behaviors. As previously mentioned, you as a parent should be the first to talk to your child about puberty before someone else does in the wrong way.

Always remember that your child is often surrounded with several people with different doctrines ready to teach. This is the age range that a parent is supposed to keep a close eye on the child, spend more time with the child than ever. Discuss with the child about their feelings and emotions. Teach and show them the right way to take. Constantly have a close and intimate discussion with the child. Make the child feel absolutely free to discuss with you on the different worries they are experiencing.

It is from this age that you need to teach your children how to confront life as a whole. Teach the children how to make better decisions after judging them over and over. Teach them the importance of hard work in life when a person is looking forth to succeed. From this period hence forth, take decisions with your child. Assure them that you are always there for them and that if they face any difficulties or come across any worries they are free to discuss it over with you.

Assisting your daughter in waiting for her first period is highly significant and very important. Carefully and openly explain in details to your daughter how to use sanitary items. You can as well discreetly pack some in her school bag. Carefully explain the process to your daughter, and alert her of the pains that can follow it. In this way, she will not only be prepared but she will also feel accepted and loved by you. Let her know that it is very natural and she has nothing to worry about.

You can as well assist your son by discussing with him and explaining to him that it is just normal that both testes gain size while one grows more than the other. You can as well reassure your son of the normality in changes of voice sound and growth of breast tissue. You should also reassure your son that penis size does not impact sexual drive or functioning.

Better understanding and addressing anxiety issues in teenagers

A lot of teenagers often experience simple/normal anxiety disorders whereas others often experience severe anxiety disorders. Minor anxiety in children can be dealt with but in cases of severe anxiety disorders, a professional should be sent for. This is because such issues can influence the way teenagers think, behave, and feel. Anxiety in children is something to be taken normal when it last for very short periods. They should be seen as something good in children.

Normal anxiety in children that should not be worried about is often experienced for a short period of time. Some can simply last for one to few hours as well as a day. Such anxiety disorders do not need the assistance of a professional.

However, severe anxiety disorder issues which require professional medical assistance can be observed when a teenager’s anxious feelings are long lasting, going for months and weeks thus compromising his ability to do everyday things. These could be the ability to learn, and socialize with other youths.

There exist several anxiety symptoms in teens which should be taken serious only when they turn to last for up to a period of two weeks and above. Monitor your child to see if he/she has any of the following anxiety symptoms in teens;

  • The powerful feel and desire to do a particular thing;
  • Your child is always running away from social activities;
  • Your child is very shy;
  • Your child feels constantly restless, highly tense and very agitated.
  • Your child is completely unable to relax;
  • Your child can’t control his feelings;
  • Your child is highly sensible to criticisms; and
  • Is always expecting the worst to happen even when things are going well.

The above anxiety symptoms in teens should be properly addressed if possible with the help of a professional medical doctor in order to avoid long term or future mental disorders.

The following physical symptoms of anxiety in children will to guide on how to help a child with anxiety:

  • Your child goes to the toilet more than usual;
  • Your child has sore or tense muscles;
  • Sweats much;
  • Severe head ache;
  • Nausea; and
  • Difficulties in sleeping, and often wakes up very early in the morning.

Some other vital anxiety symptoms in teens worth noting are forgetfulness and trouble concentrating day-to-day activities.

It is true that you may likely feel discouraged and disturbed in discussing the mental issues of anxiety with your child. These severe anxiety disorders won’t go on their own unless someone confronts them with a professional approach. If you notice that your kid is suffering from anxiety in children, the best remedy is to seek professional assistance at his young age. This if not done might likely lead to some other severe anxiety disorders and mental disturbances as the child grows to old age.

Assisting your child at home is one of the best ways on how to help a child with normal anxiety. You can do this by not directly attacking the child of being shy. Do not intervene to help the child unless it is urgent. Always appreciate your child after they have done something they like to do. Encourage them to carry out the activities they like. Always acknowledge your child’s fear but reassure them that you are there for them and ready to protect, guide and lead them.

Another outstanding way on how to help a child with anxiety is calling up on the attention of the school counselors. You can as well make a call to any of the parenting hotlines.

For the past years, severe anxiety disorders have shown to easily respond to treatment, when noticed and dealt with at young ages. The best approach has been the physiological treatment whereby professionals assist children in surpassing their anxieties. However drugs can likely be administered in rare cases.

However trying to stop anxiety in children is very difficult since the hormones that are being produced in them during this age range will not only change their character, but will make them to perceive that there is nothing wrong with their character. Parents should sacrifice their precious time to assist their kids in realizing their mistakes in this age range.

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