Renovations or Fixes You Should Consider Before Selling Your RV Online

Your home on wheels has many beautiful memories associated with it. Therefore, handing over the rig to another buyer is the most painful experience for RV owners. However, when looking for a bid is the only option you have, being a little knowledgeable about renovations will pay off a lot instead of asking yourself, “how to sell my RV online?”

Before you put up your RV for sale and start searching for customers, decide what matters the most to them is the look and feel of your dated rig. A buyer will invest in your motor home only when he or she will find that its every little component can make RV-ing enjoyable to an unmatched level. Thus, paying attention to their requirement and upgrading your rig a bit can take you closer to the best deal. Here are some little renovations that to consider before selling your RV:

Install a Fully Functional Fan

When investing in a recreational vehicle, most buyers emphasize on the creature comfort it offers. Thus, equipping your RV with a powerful fan, which moves a huge volume of air and expels kitchen odors and moisture will keep you ahead of the other sellers. Having an automatic thermostat will be another bonus for your buyers, as it will make controlling temperature easier for them when the RV is in storage.

Fix the Ignition Lock

Imagine that you are showing up the rig to a prospective buyer, and suddenly the key stops turning. You might be habituated in jiggling the keys to start the engine, but for your customer, even the smallest issues with the ignition lock can be a big alert sign.

Some RV owners think that simply replacing an old key is enough to fix problems in the ignition lock. Then, did you know that the faulty lock cylinder too could cause similar issues? Fret not. You do not need to disassemble the entire steering column to install a new cylinder. Instead, locate the release pin and press it with a screwdriver. Also, go through the manufacturer’s manual first to avoid mistakes.

Check the Screen Door

A long summer often makes RV screen door ragged stripping the foam. However, you can restore its visual appeal with some DIY job. If you want just to clean the screen door, remove the screws that hold it, take the material out and clean it by scrubbing. In case, you need a replacement, detach the old one by pulling the rubber strip, and install the new material with a doubled-ended screen-rolling tool. Using the convex part, squeeze the screen material into the channel and with the concave end, insert the rubber strip into it. Once the material is placed into the frame correctly, trim the extra screen material with a knife will do the job.

If your existing weather stripping is not thick enough, invest in a new and larger one. Removing existing weather strips is an easy work when you have some scrapper blades and then apply the new strippings around the door. Try completing the entire process at room temperature, as it will help the stripping tapes to stick properly.

Apply a New Coat of Liquid Roof

The roof is one of the most important parts of an RV as it keeps the environmental elements at bay. Thus, strengthening it in every possible way always will reward you as the seller.

In extreme weather conditions, for instance, melting snow or torrential rain, the conventional roofs may not work well. However, applying a liquid roof coating can make a lot of difference. Unlike other roof renovations, using a wet coat does not take much of your time, effort, and money. You only need to spurt the fluid with a sprayer and once done, and it ensures long-lasting protection for your vehicle, protecting your RV from water seeping through the small holes and cracks.

Add an Extra Shelve For Linens and Towels

The linens and towels consume a lot of space, and often we don’t have any option other than storing them in an inaccessible cabinet. Therefore, it is not difficult to pique buyer interest when find special storage for towels in your dated rig.

Managing extra storage in a motor home is not easy. But mounting a small-wired shelf to the unused space above the bathroom can do the trick without increasing the weight much. However, choose the mounting height wisely so that the rack remains easy to reach and do not block the lighting anyway.

Check the Tires, Undercarriage, and Brakes

Surely, you will not want to compromise on the selling price of your RV just because of some faulty tires or worn-out parts. If your tires are not older than 5 to 7 years, properly inflated and have flawless tread and sidewalls, there is no need to replace those. Otherwise, seek help from the tire manufacturers and fix the issues.

Brakes are another important part of the recreational deal and servicing them once can help you to strike a winning deal. Consider replacing the damaged frame, exhaust and suspension parts, and repacking the wheel bearings to make the vehicle more invest worthy to customers.

Do the Plumbing Fixtures

A good plumbing system adds significant value to your RV. Start with checking the water heater system. To do it, open the external access panel and replace the corroded or old wirings. Remove the leaves, cobwebs and insect nests, if any. Often the water tanks collect debris that you should flush out opening the drain. For further sanitization, add half a cup of household bleach when filling the tank. Then pump through all the lines and wait for a day. On the next day, run the tank. After all lines are flushed out, refill, and run it again. If there is an anode rod, check this too and replace based on its condition. Finally, test the heater on a full tank to know whether it is working properly.

No one wants an RV with a dirty waste tank and nor do your potential customers. If your rig has not been used for a long time, its black tank is likely to become messy. In addition to cleaning it with tank cleaner, check the sewer hardware for any crack. Check the faucets and underneath cabinets to ensure that there are no leakage problems. Clean the drains with some baking soda.

Check Loose Doors and Locks
Loosened doors and locks make your RV look older than it is and therefore sour the deal. Before you show the vehicle to any buyer, go around it and tighten the loose hinges and handles of drawers, cupboards, and doors. Pay particular attention to the entrance door, locks and storage bay. A coat of fresh lubricant will make them work fine.

Many RV owners think, “Why should I spend money when I have decided to sell my RV online?” However, now you know that these pre-sale RV renovations require neither a huge investment nor much of your time. Instead, the little fixes will help you seal the deal faster, letting you pocket some cool bucks.

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