Simple ways to disable the Google Voice as well as Google App  From the Android

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Google is the top brand name that is being used by a millions of users worldwide, it is kind of dominating the IT world. It is the company that is dealing in the number of products as well as the services like it is dealing in the  production of the various hardware devices as well as other softwares in order to support those devices so just in case you are the person who is the user of the google devices as well as the softwares  then you will come to know that it is the company that  has highly talented people in its various teams and hence provides the users with the top class services. 

 Now if you wish then you can use the number of services that this company offers like the google browser is dominating the world since the time it has been introduced in the market. Various other services are also being provided by this google company such as the  gmail  service or the google map service, google play services, youtube these are basically the service without  which it is quite not possible to sustain in todays world.  

So simply become aware of the various services provided by this company and hence enjoy the top class service. When you start using the various services then you will come to know that  it is really important that you  know all the important thing about that service then only you will  be able to use that service properly. Just in case you start using any of the google service  or the google map but you find that  it is taking a lot of storage then you  can think of deleting  that google app from your device.  Now you need to know the simple steps to do so. The basic steps to delete the  google app from your device are as follows:-

How do I disable a Google app- Get Simple Procedure

·        Here  you have to first  of all sign in to the google admin console.

·        Followed by going to the dashboard of your device.

·        Then you have to simply click on the apps of the device.

·        After that you have to simply click on the type of the service or the app that you wish to delete from your device.

·        After that you have to scroll  down to the bottom followed by clicking on the uninstall link.

·        So these are the simple  steps that you need to follow in order to remove the app from the device.

And just in case you feel that you are not able to do as written above then you need  not have to panic about the situation since you can simply call the techies from  the Google company o department  to know all the steps that you can follow to solve your issues. What you need to do is visit the  support  site of the google  company followed by tapping on the product or the service  in which you want to seek the help. Once  you tap on it then you have to click on the type of the issue  that you are facing. By doing so you will get all the frequently asked questions  related to that service. Once you read them then you can use the information given in them to  resolve the issue that you may be facing while trying to delete the app. If you are unable to fix any kind of errors with account then you can also take help from Goole chat app, here a person can directly communicate with company experts.

Now just in  case you want  to remove the google voice from your device then you  just need to go through the steps or procedure that are mentioned below:-

         How do I get Google Voice off my Android – Simple and quick procedure

·        Here you first of all have to go to the  device  and then you have to simply open the google voice.

·        Once you do so then  you need to go to the top left corner and then click on the menu settings.

·        After that you have to go to each number and then turn off the google voice.

·        On to the left click on the phone numbers followed by clicking on the delete button.

·        Once you reach this level then you have to click on the delete button again to delete other number as well.

·        In order to confirm click on the proceed button and you are done.

Now just in case you feel any form of glitches  in this process then feel free to contact the professionals from the company or Google technical support without hesitation because they are sitting there  just to help the users like you. So without wasting your time any where else simply try to get in touch  with  the  person who can provide you all the relevant information and that too in shorter span of time. So feel free to contact them as they are expert to provide online and effective solutions for every issues with account.


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