Self Training to Deliver a Professional or Business Speech

In the society today, people regard success in life as being a professional in a particular activity that a person is trained in. Almost all the noble business activities and administrative posts in the world require their holders to be able to know how to write a speech, how to deliver a speech with the use of proper speech techniques. Such people can be called up at any moment be it in a formal or an informal occasion to make a speech. This might seem a little challenging but not impossible as you are in the right place to pick out and master the different speech techniques that will prepare and teach you how to make a professional and business speech without any previous preparations.

The first example could be when you are invited by a local authority, business manager, director or one’s boss to a banquet. Upon seeing them at the banquet, everyone around will enjoy to hear a word from them in the form of a speech. With previous training and a proper understanding of the fast techniques for a speech that you are given very little or no time to prepare, you will be able to deliver a very successfully speech.

The second example although uncommon can likely happen, if a boss has a formal occasion with his employees and has a prepared speech, if at the moment on his way to the party he is unable to attend the occasion for any reason, his assistant or any other employee can be called to represent his boss. This makes it very important for everyone to learn the art of public speaking.

Back in those days, the ancient Greek judged and found it of great importance that each of their citizens learn and masters how to speak publicly while delivering a proper and entertaining speech. They found this as one of the ways of educating their citizens and preparing them for better and successful futures. The implemented this teaching in their national institutions knowing that their citizens will be able to negotiate the best for their country wherever they find themselves in the world.

How to Deliver a Speech without prior Preparation

Use of simple Language

The fundamental way on how to deliver speech either on TV, radio, or directly to a crowd before you is simply to use common or understandable language in a precise, consistent, and persuasive manner. A speech delivered in difficult to understand words/language is not a speech at all as it makes just no sense to the audience. Your language and the words used should depend on your audience.

 Duration of the speech

Make your speech short and précised. A long speech is usually boring and an cause your audience to move out, sleep, yell, discuss among themselves, look at their watches or manipulate their phones. Depending on the gathering, the crowd and shout time out. Anyone who is called upon to give a speech should always remember that the speech required should worth the time of her audience. But we all know that in an ideal world we have quite much time to prepare for our speech and presentations whereas that is not the case in the real world. Our world is filled with a lot of busyness and expectations that sometimes narrow the time of preparation to no time. So equip yourself in advance.

 Overcome Fear

You do not need to be worried if you find yourself in front of a live crowd and you tremble when you are about to give a speech. With time this feeling will reduce to nothing. However, fear is also important since it will rise up your consciousness of all the people in front of you thereby guiding you to pick out the best words to use in making your speech.

Whenever you are given the opportunity to give a prepared or an unprepared speech, do not hesitate because there is no one in the auditorium that is looking forth for you to fail. Always remember that you are simply afraid of making a mistake and not that you are unable to make a speech. Anyone is able to reach to the point where they can say to themselves that I am in front of people to offer them an unprepared speech yet I am fully relaxed. However, we’ll go through other necessary speech techniques and public speaking tips that will help to prevent you from making mistakes. They will also help you to overcome fear.

All you need to do is to pick out the essentials which are offered in this writing. And your speech will tend to those songs that your audience can’t forget even though they heard them just once.


How to combat public speaking fear

The first and most famous way on how to deliver a speech properly is to start by combating your fear of public speaking and creating an intimacy with your audience. In the whole world, after the fear of death is the fear of public speaking. What a horrible thing! Lack of public speaking tips has played in the disfavor of several professionals. For example a boss that is trying to bring some modifications in his company and is unable because he does not know how to address his employees. The following are tips on how to overcome fear when delivering a professional and business speech without preparation.

  • Proper dressing:Always dress the right way to match your occasion. With proper dressing comes a high degree of confidence. When you are not proud of your dressing, internally you are low. When in front of the audience you will not be thinking of what to say, but of the disgrace your dressing has instilled upon you.
  • When you are called upon a stadium to give an unprepared speech, you have to start by keeping aside the fear of being rejected. Your audience is there not to bring your downfall but to hear and learn something from you. As previously mentioned, no one wants your downfall or failure among your audience. They have all sacrificed their precious time to come and hear from you.
  • Fear will continuously grow in case you do not have some organized pattern to proceed, immediately you are called, instead concentrate your energy on bringing out an organized patter of meeting their expectations than developing fear.
  • Fear often takes place when you have loosed control over your breathing. Pay proper attention to your breath, breath slowly and deeply in order to relax your mind and body. By so doing you won’t have a tense appearance.
  • Another interesting way to overcome fear is to focus on delivering your material properly and not focusing on the audience. This is because focusing on the audience will only raise the level of adrenaline in your body thereby preventing you from delivering the speech under full control of yourself.
  • As it is often said practice makes perfect, any time you have the little opportunity to address the public whether it is in informal occasions take it for an advantage in preparing for future confrontations of bigger challenges.
  • Fear also increases when you spend your time over thinking of the audience reactions. Simply avoid such and concentrate on delivering a short and nice-hearing speech.
  • You can as well join some non-profit associations that are aimed at helping people to surpass their fear of public speaking in the society.

Avoid those hard to pronounce words when delivering an unprepared speech

Our tongues often behave differently, what I may pronounce with ease is what you may find much difficulty in pronouncing. Over the course of our life, we have figured a good number of these words. They could be technical words linked to our professional or business world as well as day-to-day words. For a prepared speech, the author would have obviously repeated such words several times to make them familiar with his tongue whereas this is not the case with an unprepared speech. So if you are to deliver an unprepared speech, make sure you evade such words which can bring you embarrassment and increase your fear. Pick out simple day-to-day words and join them together for your speech. What might seem simple can end up being the most valued.

Make a simple to retain mental draft of your speech

Immediately you are picked out for a professional and business speech which you had not previously prepared, check how much time you have before the speech unfolds. If you still have little time, you can get a pen and a paper to bring out a skeleton of your speech that you will then give it a body on the podium. Should in case you find out that there is no time left for such, immediately bring out the skeleton of your speech mentally. Make it very simple to remember, it just has to do with the major points or titles that you will discuss while in front of the live crowd. To keep your speech interesting and memorable, pick out just few major facts that you’ll pour out more light on.

The first example could be a professor who has been employed at a foreign university and on the graduation day of the university’s scholars, the rector of the school calls out the professor for an unprepared speech. This he might do because of the extra work and effort that he realized that the professor was putting for the success of the scholars. The professor although surprised can bring out an immediate skeleton of his speech as follows.

  • I will first appreciate the hospitality this foreign country has offered to me.
  • I will follow by attesting my happiness for working with the scholars all over the year until their success. At this point he can decide to account for a small story between him and his students during the school year.
  • Then I will conclude with my happiness upon seeing my students succeed, and my desire to continue working hard to give a solid foundation for the lives of more.

Yes an unprepared speech can be as simple as that seen above. It does not need to be too long. Long speeches are boring and it can make the speaker lose concentration. Make it short and consistent so that it can be remembered by your audience.

The second example could be in the case where you find yourself in your best friend’s birthday banquet and he/she calls up on you to give a speech. It is true that you had not prepared for that, but it is not a sufficient excuse to play the run-away dog. Go on and take the microphone with confidence, bring out a little skeleton off hand showing how your speech will look like. It can look like this;

  • I’ll start by welcoming everyone here.
  • I’ll give an account of a few memorable moments I had with my friend I can never forget.
  • I’ll conclude by wishing him a happy birthday and many more years so with can have more stories to tell together.

Just as simple as it looks.

Clear your throat and make your voice clear

Speaking clearly is an excellent public speaking tip to answer the question of how to deliver a speech. This is because your message is only valued when the information you are trying to pass or transmit to the other end has been heard clearly and proper sense made out of it. It is true that there are several public speaking tips but this one should be paid great attention to. Remember that your breathing rate can affect the clarity of your speech negatively or positively. If you breath naturally in a low and deep manner, your voice will regain its normal tone otherwise you might likely go too fast and fumble. At such high speeds your voice won’t be clear and the message not passed at all. Before beginning to speak, clear your voice properly in respect of all those in front of you. Even during the speech, often take some few seconds which should not last up to 60 in order to clear your voice by swallowing enough saliva. A wise speaker will always use this moments of break to rearrange properly his ideas before voicing them out. Not too fast and not too slow because it will be boring. Just find a middle point not too far nor too short where you can disclose your speech.

Pay attention to the start and end of your speech

At the end of several speeches, about 90% of people who took part are able to remember only the beginning and the end. In addition, it is the beginning of your speech that determines whether your audience will pay attention to you or not. For this reason, let your introduction of your speech be captivating. In a company, the manager can declare the success figure of her company or the recommended attitude to be adopted in order to reach the desired company’s success figure. An employee on giving a professional speech can as well start by saying the most fascinating thing about the company. The beginning of the speech or its ending can as well take a famous quotation which is related to the occasion. Say a director who out of unhappiness for the outcome of the company calls up on all the employees to give an unprepared speech. He can start by saying ‘’those who continue doing the same things will keep on having the same results’’. This to say that he is calling on everyone to make a change for the benefit of the company. He might likely continue his speech with some other points as he details his initial saying. But the truth is that a lot of employees will keep repeating the first sentence. Besides, such an introduction draws the attention of the employees who will like to know exactly what is wrong and what has to be done.

How to deliver a speech - Start with a Story

Telling the audience a very short story either directly related to the occasion or similar is one of the best speech techniques for unprepared professional and business speeches. Of preference, this story can be about your successful achievements in the business or what you did with your fellow colleagues. However, this story should not be too long as it will be boring. Make sure that it is one you carefully selected. The story should move your audience and this would obviously be experienced  in laugher or sadness. If such a reaction is observed then you are on the right path, if not then you can quickly adjust. Such can work well in a wedding where you are called up to give an unprepared speech either for the bride or the groom who was your best friend. A fascinating story is best for such events. Speeches with stories will also be appreciated at birthday events and a company banquet.

Story telling in speeches has been used for centuries now, as ancient kings often included their victories in their royal banquet feast as well as national and international feasts. However, the choice of the story matters, that is it should be related to the event.

 How to Write a Speech

Before answering the famous question of how to write a speech, it is worth noting that delivering a speech live with public in front of you by reading from a paper or a slide will disconnect the interpersonal connection existing between you and them. This is not to say that writing a speech is wrong rather it is to encourage personal and offhand speaking. Nevertheless, you can be in possession of a slide or some form of paper work that serves just as a reminder of the main points you had previously planned to discuss in your speech; rather than something that has a detail of every word you have to discuss. You are as well free to bring out something with all the details you want to discuss but make sure you master it offhand.

On answering the question of how to write a speech, it is important to note that your audience is expecting two things from you; path and destination. They want to know the subject at hand and how you have decided to approach it. Whenever you think of how to write a speech, always remember that the most vital information should feature at the beginning of the speech and/or the end. As previously mentioned, your audience is most receptive at the beginning and at the end of the speech. On writing your speech, make sure that it comes in an appealing structure. Remember to make the speech short, consistent, and interesting.

In order to master how to write a speech revise, review and go through your written speech several times in order to delete and/or rephrase all contradictory, and ambiguous, and confusing sentences. You can as well give your speech to the second party for review.

The best way on how to write a speech is to bring it out in the following form;

  • An introduction which is very short and pays respect to the presence of all those who have sacrifice their precious time to hear from you.
  • A body which is short and reveals your mid up on the present situation.
  • And a very short conclusion that includes your gratitude for having your audience attention.

Several people have missed a lot of successful opportunities and openings just because they were unable to openly speak up and persuade their audience of their capacities. Thus equipping yourself with self-confidence and knowing how to deliver a speech even in front of a thousand is very important. The ancient Greeks saw this in advance reason why they took national majors and that is what should eventually be done today.

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