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Trying to fit a jog in to your day with two kids around is tough, but a double jogging stroller lets you take your kids with you in a fun way.

They get the thrill of mommy pushing them at a faster pace, and you get to make sure that your physical exercise is taken care of.

Double jogging strollers, also called tandem strollers, are made to fit both of your children, whether they are twins or different ages.

Tandem strollers are great for how they allow you to stay fit while spending quality time with your babies.

Double jogging strollers need to be reliable at higher speeds while still fitting your everyday lifestyle and carting all the essentials needed to care for your children on the go.

For this reason, double jogging strollers tend to have more heavy duty wheels and are built to reduce the shocks felt while going over bumps.

This way you can focus on your jog while your kids (hopefully) sit back and relax in their seats.

Having the best double jogging stroller for your family is a must, and this list takes the pros and cons of various brands in different price ranges to help you find the perfect match.

This list of six best double jogging strollers will help you pick the jogging stroller suitable to your needs and budget, so you can get outside faster!

1 Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller-Expensive, but high quality with high suspension system for comfortable passengers.

Baby Jogger makes a double jogging stroller called the Summit X3 in black with gray and green with gray.

An extra protection package is available for 2 years at $59.99 or for 3 years at $89.99.

The back wheels are 16-inches and the front wheel is 12-inches on a suspension system to make travel smooth and comfortable for your passengers.

Hand-operated brakes on the handlebars stop air-filled tires, and a front wheel lock is also located on the handlebar.

2 Baby Trend Navigator Lite Double Jogger Stroller, Lincoln-Moderately priced, comes with lots of accessories, pneumatic tires for all terrain

Baby Trend provides a Navigator Lite Double Jogger Stroller Lincoln model for jogging parents.

This double seater comes with 2-year protection for $34.98 or a 3-year protection for $41.99 for extra coverage.

The Lincoln model double jogging stroller accepts 2 car seats to adapt to newborns or twins.

A locking front swivel wheel gets around close turns and operates on a remote release system for easy use.

A ratcheting shade canopy covers each seat fully for sun protection, and a large storage bin underneath allows you to cart all of your essentials with you.

Parents have 2 cup holders and a covered compartment on the back fits all the storage needs for them as well.

Three wheeled bicycle tires are pneumatic to be compatible with all types of terrain.

3 BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Double Jogging Stroller-Expensive, high quality, high tech suspension system with polymer filled air tires.

BOB offers a new model 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller for jogging and everyday use.

The front wheel operates on a swivel system for tight turns and has locks to keep it moving forward and increase stability.

Three wheels form a solid base to this jogging stroller, which is equipped with an adjustable suspension system that has 3 inches or travel and 2 stages of weight support to provide the most comfortable ride for your babies.

The tires of this double jogging stroller are air-filled with a high-impact polymer on the tires to make even off-road jogging a relaxing experience for your passengers.

BOB’s double jogging stroller comes in black, red and blue for your choice in style, with a 2-year protection program at $ 59.99 or a 3-year protection program at $89.99 for extra coverage.

4 Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller Carbon-Inexpensive, good for pavement not off-road, does not fit carseat.

Baby Trend’s Double Jogging Stroller model in the Carbon style comes in black with green, with extra protection at $29.99 for 3 years, or $24.98 for 2 years.

This double jogging stroller fits 6-50 lbs children in each seat at no taller than 42 inches.

A five-point buckle harness keeps kids secure, with multiple reclining positions to keep them comfortable too.

Larger rubber pneumatic 16-inch tires make a stable base at the back, with a single 12-inch rubber pneumatic swiveling front tire for easy turns on all terrains.

The front wheel locks in place, and a back foot-brake system makes this double jogging stroller easy to stop.

A large storage basket underneath fits all the children’s essentials, while a covered back compartment holds all the needs of parents.

The handle bar is sturdy comfortable rubber and has two cup-holders for parents. Customers were very happy with this double jogging stroller.

5 Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Centennial Stroller-Inexpensive, smaller in size so great for smaller vehicles, built for all terrains.

The Baby Trend company offers a 2-year protection plan for an extra $24.98 or a 3-year protection plan for an extra $29.99.

The three wheels are a sturdy pneumatic style with a lockable front swivel wheel for sharp turns in all terrains.

Rear brake system activated by a foot keeps the double jogging stroller fully in your control.

A parent tray fits two-cup holders and a covered storage compartment hold all parental essentials, and a storage basket underneath fits any essentials for children.

The ratcheting shade canopy covers both children fully for sun protection and each seat reclines separately for comfort.

A five-point buckle harness keeps kids safely tucked in the double jogging stroller.

6 InStep Flash Fixed Wheel Double Jogger Stroller -Inexpensive, not for off-road, perfect for pavement

Instep makes a Flash Fixed Wheel Double Jogging Stroller in green with grey.

The wheels are all large 16-inch pneumatic tires, with molded rims and a bicycle hand break for easy stopping.

Each seat has a separate retractable canopy for sun protection.

A dual-trigger mechanism makes sure the double jogging stroller stays securely put together, but can fold easily for travel.

Additionally, a parent tray sits at the top between two cup holders. Storage for all the children’s’ essentials fit underneath in the large basket.

This double jogging stroller does not come with a child tray, and there is no way to attach one.

Customers enjoyed the reclining seats for the comfort of the kids, but noted that the fabric was easily tear-able after lots of use.

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