Boost Your Property’s Value with Driveway Improvements

Let’s face it, they shouldn’t, but first impressions count. This is just as true when it comes to your home as it is in any other area of life. If you are hoping to improve the value of your home there are several relatively affordable make-overs that you can easily acquire. One area that you should pay particular attention to is, of course, the exterior of your home. This includes the building itself and any patios or driveways.

Cracks, Crevices and a Sinking Feeling

Driveways tend to be constructed using concrete, paving flags or tarmac. There is nothing wrong with these materials but they’re not always the most attractive ones to use for driveways. Older drives may also be cracked and pot-holed, which may not exactly put potential purchasers off, but it might leave them with a sinking feeling before they’ve even made it through the front door.

Simple, Cost Effective Solutions

A new decorative driveway doesn’t have to cost the earth and modern techniques which utilise bonded resin solutions for installing aggregate surfaces offer home-owners a really rather classy looking alternative. Bonded resin aggregate drives are fairly simple things; the gravel of your choice is simply fixed in place using resin and can even be installed over existing surfaces. This makes them not only quick and easy to create but also very cost effective. 

What a Front!

The bonded Resin Driveway technique is also a fantastic solution to create truly sophisticated looking frontages! Patterns can be created to make your drive or patio truly stand out from the crowd. Until recently this type of surface was more commonly used to front commercial buildings or public spaces, but is now also available for residential use. The fixed nature of the gravel makes it low maintenance and the neat, trim and tidy appearance of a professionally laid surface adds that ‘wow’ factor to any home.

Super Attractive on all Fronts

 Resin Bonded Drive and other external areas are also extremely hard-wearing and low maintenance – another selling point for your home. They can, unlike loose gravel, be easily washed down with a pressure washer.  This keeps them dirt free and can help to inhibit the growth of weeds. For potential buyers, the ease of maintenance and the stunning good looks of this type of surface will make your home stand out from the crowd before they’ve even had chance to look inside. Perfect!

From cracked concrete, pot-holed tarmac and slippery slabs – right through to the craziest of paving –  the exterior of your home can be a maintenance nightmare! Not to mention an aesthetic one! The exterior is also massively important because it is the first impression people get of your home. This can, of course, be particularly important if you are selling it. So how can a Resin Aggregate driveway help to make that first impression? One that charms and seduces people?

Excuse Me – Resin What?

First things first, what exactly is a Resin Aggregate & Resin Bonded Driveway? There is a clue in the name! Resin Aggregate surfaces are composed of gravel or manufactured materials. Using one of two processes they offer a far better-looking solution than traditional gravel surfaces – and one with more staying power. These processes are resin bonded aggregate and resin bound. The former mixes the aggregates with resin to provide a strong mixture which fixes the surface in place and allows water to permeate through it.  The resin bonded process uses a layer of resin topped with aggregate to fix the gravel in place. 

Attractive Solution

One of the main reasons that Resin Bound Drive are so attractive is that, once laid and set, they don’t move around like traditional gravel. This has two main advantages; firstly you can choose the exact mix of gravel to create the colour and texture you require. This means that once in place the colour and texture will remain fixed to create an attractive, durable finish that will look fabulous for years to come. Secondly, the fixed nature allows you to create patterns and images within the surface, adding an extra layer of aesthetic excellence to your exterior.

Which Properties Suit Resin Bound Driveways?

The short answer here is ‘any’. Whether you have a sleek, modern and architectural masterpiece or an ancient stately home; Resin Bound surfaces can add a sophisticated final touch to the exterior of your property. In nearly all cases the finish can be designed to complement existing materials on your site and the surface is normally quick to install; making it highly cost effective. Check out with Driveway Company for more!

In addition, unlike many more traditional external surfaces, Resin Bound driveways are extremely low maintenance. They can be power-washed to remove dirt and grime, which keeps them looking stunning for years and reduces problems with algae build-up and weeds.  

Your Own Distinct Driveway

One of the most unappealing things you will see on any home is an unkept or poor-quality driveway. Maybe you had a bricked drive and most of the bricks are missing or your drive is a gravel mess that keeps washing away with the winter rains. Considering getting a good quality driveway will pay off in the long run. In fact, it can make it more appealing to buyers should you ever decide to add value to your property and sell in the long run.

Walk This Way

Whether you have a front gate that guests use to access your property or you have a walkway down the side, there are a number of things you want to consider. The first is to make it look appealing, adding that personality to your home. But you also want to ensure that the walkway is safe to reduce the risk of falls.

If you currently have a few slabs dotted here and there as a make-shift walkway, then you know how many times you have almost tripped; especially at night when you can't see very clearly! A beautiful walkway will add the personality you are looking for, while providing you with a safer option when guests come to visit.

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