How To Prepare Your Ac For Fall

As nature starts changing its color palette, all the finer things like landscaping your garden or revamping your living room decor come to occupy your mind while things like your outdoor AC unit take a backseat. It is the least likely item to come to your mind while prepping your home for the fall. But it's vital, even if you live in a place like Tampa where the effects of fall may not be as prominent as the northern regions. Come September, and you may not need to keep your AC turned on 24X7. Add a few more weeks, and it will be hard not to miss the chill in the air. And starting this time of the year, you may not need to turn it on at all. This idle state may affect your AC unit’s health badly. To avoid any damage, contact a service agency in your vicinity. With so many AC repairing companies in Tampa, it won't be difficult to find one near you. Make sure that your fall AC servicing contract includes the following elements:

Clean the Air Filter

A clogged air filter does not only cause health and energy wastage issues, but it also stops your AC unit from cooling the space promptly. The condition deteriorates when the AC unit sits idle for months at a stretch. The result? When you switch your AC on after a long gap, it refuses to kick off or release any cool air. To avoid this problem, clean the air filter and switch it off before it goes into hibernation. The cleaning will ensure that when you start your AC a few months later, it will run smoothly and efficiently.

Clean Other Components

Your AC cleaning drive should not end at filters; other parts deserve the same attention. So, wipe down the inner coils, outer casings, switches, and buttons. Complete this task before the temperature drops considerably. This trick will keep the unit free of gunk, and you will face no issues relating to it when you start it again in the summer.

Clean Internal Vents and Grilles

Vacuum all the vents and grilles to remove dust and dirt they gathered over all these months. Along with a clean air filter, these dirt-free vents will improve the indoor air quality of your home. They will also promote unhindered airflow. If you have infants or senior family members, you should not skip this step at any cost.

In addition to what the technician does, you will have to do your bit to prep your unit for the fall.

Clean the Area Around Your Outside Unit

Your outside unit needs some breathing space. Thanks to Florida's hot and humid climate and torrential rains, shrubberies grow pretty quickly. After the monsoon ends, trim weeds and shrubs in the unit's immediate vicinity. If you allow them to grow unchecked, they may clog the openings of your AC. Ideally, you should keep two to three feet clear space around it. This little work can go a long way in protecting your AC.

Protect the Pipes

Although Florida does not get snowfall during the winter, it makes sense to cover the unit’s exposed pipe with a foam cap. This arrangement will prevent it from getting dried up by chilly air. You can use a duct tape to hold the foam in place.

Leave Your AC Uncovered

Don't put a cover on your AC unit for the winter; it may trap moisture inside it, leading to problems in the future. Instead, fix a piece of plywood on top of the unit; it will protect the AC throughout the colder months.

For a Floridian, the AC is the best friend forever. Keep it safe and sound by scheduling preventive maintenance. Hire a reputable AC repairing company in Tampa to do the job properly. Checking on your unit throughout the winter months will extend the life of this vital appliance.

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