3 Great Ideas to Keep your Retail Customers Close

Getting to know your customers is supposed to be one of the primary jobs that needs to be done for any business. Try to stalk customers, watch, listen and ask customers what motivates them for choosing a specific store. There are certain things that retailers should do to entice the customers and improve their stores.

To help you with that, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind so that you can win over the hearts of your customers and keep them close over the years. Just read on to know.

  • In-store Displays Play a Crucial Role in Attracting Customers – What you see is what you get and that is why customers like the idea of in-store display. Today’s world happens to be an information-rich society where customers can pursue the ideas for what you sell in magazines, in the social media sites, as well as numerous television channels.

In store lifestyles displays do a major trick. Put on display a covered couch, a quilt draped over a chair, set up the bathroom on the sales floor and so on. Lifestyle displays assist the customers to interact with the products and can visualise well about whether a particular product can match up with their home décor or not.

Apart from that, you can also spice up the various choices of impulse offered at the cash wraps. You should change the Speed Bump display which comprises of the first products that shoppers see as they enter the store, at least once a week. To encourage the add-on sales, you should add clip-trips whenever you think that it makes sense.


  • Try to Know about Regional Merchandising – There is a lot that you should know about regional merchandising. If your store is in New Delhi, then obviously, your customer’s taste is going to differ from the one that is located in West Bengal. Try to look at the customers while they are shopping. Try to take note of the colours and the textures. Read the area magazines and watch the local TV shows. You should also spend more time with the interior decorators, realtors, customers and designers. You can set up an advisory board with each group’s members and they can help you to improve your service and products according to the customer’s preferences of that area.


  • Check Out the Store as a Customer and Compare it to Your Competition - Disneyland was a success because Walt Disney knew that if he was able to build something that appealed to his core customers – the kids, then nothing could stop him. That is why you should take a close look at your store and how your customers perceive your store.

Watch how they enter the store and take a look at what they see first. Try to figure out what stops them in their track and succeeds in capturing their attention. Shop every nook and corner like a typical customer. Make sure that you get a fun experience while being in the store.

With similar criteria you should head out to the store of your competitor. Note each and everything that you sense there. With some at the time of returning to the store stop at the door and take a hard look around. Decide what you need to change and make the changes immediately.

Get on all of your competitor’s mailing list. Sign up for their newsletters, email blasts and visit them on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. You will get to know about their programs faster and take actions quicker.

The above are some of the ways through which you can keep your retail customers close. These are suggested by the successful retails like Store 99 in India that have sustained the test of time in the industry and have a clear idea about what works for the customers and what does not.


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