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Today, we gonna talk about steak, but not any steak, we want to tell you more about KOW Steaks and their amazing products based on American Wagyu beef.

We all know that spring is already here and summer isn't that far, so the outside temperatures are now warmer, letting us to dine outside, but not in restaurants.

The Covid pandemic taught  us to dine in our own yard where we are much safer.

The Covid-19 pandemic is still here, so instead of going to a restaurant to dine there, we prefer to do it at home with the family, and maybe with some neighbors and close friends.

Return to outdoor cooking fuels demand for high-quality, locally-sourced proteins

If you want to taste an amazing meat that is considered both a luxury food and also one that melts in your mouth, you have to taste the American Wagyu beef produced by KOW Steaks.

Kow Steaks is a company launched in 2016 by Jon Urbana and his cousin, following a long tradition in their family of farmers and ranchers,

Jon Urbana the Owner of KOW Steaks and his son

The first herd of Wagyu cows, was started by Jon's grandfather in mid 70's, after a visit in Japan.

Nowadays, Jon and his cousin have similar herds of American Wagyu cows that are raised in natural conditions, being free to graze on vast areas of land, where they can find fresh grass and clean water.

Due to this fact, the American Wagyu cows owned by Jon, are producing a meat that has a high-quality protein and is very healthy for the consumer.

KOW Steaks offers a variety of products – from prime cuts to burgers and from sausages bursting with flavor to an incredible bone broth

Once you visit KOW Steaks' website, you can order online every product related to the famous meat provided by the American Wagyu beef. You can order almost everything, from prime cuts to burgers and from sausages bursting with flavor to an incredible bone broth.

What is the difference between the American Wagyu Beef and the Japanese Wagyu Beef?

Yes, I know that the Japanese Wagyu Beef is the first of this kind and there is a great tradition there to raise this breed of cows, but let's not forget that we have now the same breed in the United States as well, so if you have the chance to buy American Wagyu beef instead of the Japanese Wagyu, why wouldn't you do it?

The American Wagyu beef produced by KOW Steaks, comes from healthy animals that were raised in natural conditions (grazing freely on the land), The Japanese Wagyu beef instead, comes from animals that are raised in feedlots, without moving much and by eating grains instead of grass all day long.

You don't want to eat an animal that was raised in feedlots, because that animal can be very fat and sick, so less healthy for human consumption.

The American Wagyu beef produced by KOW Steaks comes animals that are healthy and less fat, so they are not sick.

The marbling is present in the American Wagyu beef as well, because we are talking about the same breed of cows raised in two different manners, one in a healthy and sustainable way (the American Wagyu), while the other in conditions that are healthy for the animal and the final consumer (the Japanese Wagyu).

Consumers are ready to treat themselves and their friends; eschewing “factory food” for more delicious, wholesome choices

Exactly like I told you before, many people have already understood that they better eat a meat that comes from a healthy animal raised in natural conditions like the American Wagyu beef produced by KOW Steaks (which is also more delicious).

You better order quality and very tasty meat produced by KOW Steaks than ordering “factory food”, produced from animals that were raised in feedlots just to become fat (even if they got sick in the process).

They are fed with grains and kept inside (without moving much) just to produce that marbling specific to the breed, but forgetting about the taste, which needs to be amazing, providing a tender meat that melts in your mouth when you eat it.

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