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High-tech Dispatch Operating System has changed the transportation company in every aspect. Top limousine service companies are now managing and running their business with the help of top fleet management tools in order to provide their customers the best of this industry. However, there are some companies still away from the benefits of such tremendous software. For them, here is a list of several things they need to take care.


Untroubled and Effortless Dispatching:

During ancient times, a dispatcher hired to allocate jobs to each and every chauffeur after analyzing the type of jobs. It undoubtedly killed an enormous amount of time, money, and energy. Now with the help of limo software allotting of various jobs to the respective chauffeurs has become easier.  

The whole job process completed within a few minutes without creating any hassle for the traveler.


Tracking Facility:

Limousine companies facilitate a platform that allows easy reservation, dispatching and tracking operations.

Dispatchers use a sleek online portal to monitor drivers and clients on a real-time map and even use automatic dispatching to assign rides to the nearest available chauffeurs.


User-friendly mobile applications

  • Booking acceptance via mobile application

  • Notifications on booking confirmation and cancellation

  • Pickup and drop locations streamlined to passenger convenience

  • Access to all particulars of the rides undertaken for passengers and drivers


Business Governance:

For any business to be successful, one needs a perfectionist that advice and looks after the team. He ensures that all business processes are working efficiently and in the correct direction. In return for his services, the company requires to pay him impressive salary packages and allowances.

It not only allocates the current job to the chauffeur but also allows the rider to book his car for future travels. Once, the reservation made then regular pushup notifications provided to the passenger about his future traveling schedule.

Hence, these advanced tools will watch out for your traveling business schedule 24*7 so that you don't waste a minute of your important day on irrelevant transportation issues.



Limousine is one such name in the traveling field that has served almost every country in the world for each and every occasion. The high-class facility required by a car can only be fulfilled through a limousine and this has been seen and qualified since more than 7 decades. But as the traveling industry is growing day by day and requires professionalism in it, various software and apps are being developed to serve this genre to the fullest accordingly. The four basic limo features that are included in the software and apps are:


  • Drag and Drop Technology

Sending jobs off to the chauffeur describing the purpose along with it has been simplified by Limo Dispatching Tool. When a pick-up has been confirmed by the rider, the same can be conveyed to the driver by simply using the drag and drop method on the software. The relevant information about the ride is automatically shared with the chauffeur in-charge.  


  • SMS Messaging from the Main System

The Limousine Management Software takes care of the prior reservations, assigning the uniformed chauffeur and services according to the need of the client, sharing information about the rides and payments through emails and instant messages etc. The information regarding a ride, right from tracking to payment can be managed by the help of limo software.


  • Group Management Capability

Today, we live in a digital age where everything can be managed with the help of a button. Same is the case in the traveling field. Now, from tracking a ride to organizing, scheduling to appointing can be done with the help of Limo Operating System. The rider has to name and mention his requirements and rest is done smoothly by its travel providers. They take care of everything that makes the travel comfortable and enjoyable for any rider; individual or groups. This kind of an ease can be provided by using limo software as it helps in time management and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of any company using this software.


  •  Accounting and Reporting Tool

Complex stuff makes simple things look too difficult and this creates a wide gap between the customer and the seller. This software does not only make simple things simpler but also makes the complex information easily understandable to users; customers, travelers and employees. Step by step guidelines is provided to remove any hindrance while using the software regarding billing and maintaining financial books.

 Thus, keep your mobile and desktop updated with this software to experience the new way of digital traveling at your fingertips



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