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Neck braces which are commonly called cervical collar or neck support are one of the most important developments in the medical to either heal neck injuries or prevent them. Recently, there has been an increased demand for this product as people have come to realize just how important they are. With increased demands comes increase in the availability of choices. There are a wide variety of neck braces in the market today. They may seek to deliver the same effects medically but their designs are quite different. It is important to note that the differences in design is what determines how effective one type of neck brace will be over another and that will determine preferences when you buy.

First it is good to know the importance of neck braces, when and how they should be used.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most common reasons why people use neck braces. That’s partly because it has become a very common problem in the society. Neck pains generally result from acute strains and stress exerted on the neck. This is very common with people engaged in office work or other activities that the demand an improper work poster, putting the weight and stress of the head on the spinal column behind the neck.

Cervical Radiculopathy

This is a condition caused by traumatic issues like tumors which can result in damages to the nerves around the neck. Formally medical practitioners made use of surgical processes to curb this problem. But in recent times, using neck braces have proven to be a rapid therapy to address the situation. Many doctors do not only recommend neck brace for pain but also for cervical radiculopathy.

After Neck Surgery 

Usually when a neck surgery is carried out, the patient’s neck has to remain quite fixed to aid and hasten the healing process. Neck braces have become very common for such patients as it not only aids healing but reduces pain during the healing period.

After an Accident 

Further complications may result after a person is involved in an accident that sprains or breaks the neck. Neck braces are a measure to avoid these further complications and keep the patient getting better instead of worse.


It is neck injury that results from sudden forward pressure on the neck that strains soft tissues in the neck. It is usually treated with the use of neck braces or cervical collar. 

You may have to figure out which neck brace to use depending on what problem you are trying to avoid or treat. But there are also features to look out for when buying a neck brace


-      Comfort

Because neck braces are designed and made to foster neck injury recovery, they usually have to be worn for extended periods. Sometimes users have to travel with them, work or even sleep with them. Imagine buying and using a brace which you have to do all these activities with only to realize that it is not at all comfortable on you. It could worsen the neck injury instead of fostering healing. That is why potential users, in buying one of these items have to choose wisely. There are so many neck braces out there, several of them with a beautiful look and design, and with exaggerated information especially on online markets. You could do a little research to ensure that the one you are about to buy is exactly what will be very comfortable or better still get precise recommendations from your health care provider.

-      Size

Sizes are usually associated with the issue of comfort, but users have to realize that just the right size of neck braces should be worn. There are several adjustable neck braces as far as size is concerned. Usually this is to promote sales given they could fit a large range of users. You also have to check the size specification to make sure that yours falls within the range. Usually the word UNIVERSAL is blown way out of proportion.

-      Material

The material your brace is made of is another call for concern. And this too has a lot to do with comfort, note that if a brace is not comfortable to wear, you can as well throw it away. A patient suffering from post-accident pains or nerve issues already has enough discomfort and the product is supposed to reduce it, not worsen the situation. Get a neck brace made of soft material like cotton or foam. If the caging is plastic, be sure that the inner lining material is soft enough. The issue of material also has to do with durability. Neck braces are usually used for long periods of time. They should be made of materials that will last a while before they have to be changed. They are sometimes too expensive to be used for just a short period of time before they begin to wear apart.

-      Breathability

If you have used a neck brace before, you will probably understand why it is important that the brace design allows breathability. Because braces are usually worn very firm, they tend to cause sweating around the neck. The feeling of sweat on the skin may make it very uncomfortable and inconvenient. User may be tempted to remove the brace frequently to wipe off sweat. That too is not good for the healing process. Consequently, it is good to make sure that the brace you are buying is as breathable as possible to avoid the inconveniences.

-      Ease of cleaning

Braces are quite expensive and few people have the money to buy them often. If you get one which is not easy to wash, or which is not washable, chances are you will not be able to use them for long. Some braces are made primarily of plastic. These ones along with others which have soft easy to wash and dry material should be considered.

So here are some recommendations for you to consider as you search for one which will suit you perfectly


Neck Brace Reviews: OTC Cervical Collar

 OTC Cervical Collar

OTC is actually the name of the company that produces this neck brace. The most distinct feature of this neck brace is its size. It is really small and portable, but also very effective when it comes to preventing or treating neck injuries. OTC Company is noted for their outstanding products and designs which include amongst other things, belts and support items.

Due to its poly-foam makeup, this neck brace or support is designed to fit and take the shape of ones’ neck so that your neck remains immoveable in a comfortable position. That is why users confirm it is an efficient neck brace for pain.

Sometimes neck braces may be too compact, not allowing adequate air floor to the skin of the neck. This could give patient an uncomfortable choky feeling. This one however is porous to avoid heat and rashes or irritations on the skin around the neck.

OTC Cervical Collar

Those who are allergic to things like this can be assured OTC cervical collar would not pose any allergy issues. It is hypoallergenic thus safe for you.

There are six different sizes which OTC cervical collar comes in. These variation in sizes is made to ensure that people get exactly what will fit their neck perfectly and comfortable to foster the healing process. The company bears in mind that the firmness with which a brace holds one’s neck determines to a large extent how effective treatment will be. Out of the six sizes, five are adjustable but limited to two range changes while the sixth one can be used universally. The size of the sixth one is 13.5 inches to 19.5 inches for the neck’s circumference. You should consider space between the base of mandible and notch to decide which of them will best fit you.

Users love the distinct features of OTC basically because of the comfort and variety it presents.

It is important to know that it can be used as a neck brace for sleeping. You do not have to worry about the possibility of sleeping with it and how good it can suit that purpose.

The price of this neck brace is $25.51.


Comes in different sizes to suit you;

It is extremely comfortable to use;

Can be used to treat slight injuries which may have resulted from normal everyday activities or more serious ones gotten during sports;

Has holes for air to pass through;

Small enough to look good with different dressing styles; and

Comfortable to sleep with.


It is a little too expensive

Neck Brace Review: Caldera Releaf Neck Rest 


Caldera Releaf Neck Rest

Shoulder and neck pains are usually a result of long distance travelling, sitting in uncomfortable positions or long hours. If you fall within any of these categories, you can be sure you have the perfect neck brace to remedy your problem. Just like its name, it is a great source of relief from stress on the neck or from pains caused by accidents. This neck rest fits the neck circumference of 12 inches to 15 inches and has a length of 4 inches from chin to the bottom of neck. That is for the regular size. There is also a large size which measures a circumference of 15.25 inches to 17.25 inches. 

The size and build is designed to tension from the neck to the shoulder regions. It gives a soft comfortable fit which keeps the neck from movement that could worsen neck pain. Thus, you can use it while you are at work on a computer or travelling long distances. One other beautiful feature about this neck brace is the adjustability of its unique contour fit which gives you the opportunity to make changes that best suit you. What’s more, this neck rest is very flexible and light weight so that it does not worsen injuries or make users feel like they are carrying a burden around.

Some people are fun of their neck braces and usually fancy the idea of traveling with for precautionary motives. If you are one of such people, you can be sure that this brace would not require you to consider paying extra for luggage weight or getting a larger travel bag than the one you already have. It is very compact, can fit into small spaces.

The practicality of using this neck brace is simple. All you have to do is fit it around your neck and fit the strap. Its smooth material makes it easy to clean.

The best neck braces are distinguished mainly by their comfort ability and this is one of them. Reading through neck brace reviews, the attitude of users towards this neck brace is characterized by gratitude to the company for producing something that actually works for them. Several users in reviews say it is the best neck support amongst all they have bought and used in the past, reason why it is rated 4 out of 5 stars on It is an awesome neck brace for pain. It can also be used as a neck brace for sleeping and other activities.

This beautiful neck brace is sold at $19.99 though cost may increase if it has to be shipped.


Easy to put on;

Confortable design;

Great travel companion;

Has a stylish design that does not distort dressing; and

Its multipurpose.


It is a little expensive; and

Color variety limited.

Reviews of Neck Braces: VIVE Cervical Collar


VIVE Cervical Collar

Vive neck brace looks very much like the already talked about OTC Cervical cover, but their features are quite distinct, making each of them unique. It is one of the best neck braces for injury and functions well in relieving pains around the neck. This neck brace is made from soft foam to enhance comfort. After an accident the last thing you need is something uncomfortable around the hurting area. This neck brace does a great job at vertebral realignment and stabilization to foster the patient or user’s recovery process.

It is so confortable that one can actually wear it throughout the day and engage in activities which otherwise may hardly be possible. Perhaps you have just undergone an operation around your neck, or you were involved in an accident that injured your neck. Vive cervical collar does a great job at preventing or healing headaches and severe pains which usually follow such accidents. 

Caldera is very simple to put on and take off. All the user has to do is wrap it around the neck and then fasten so that it holds firmly. With its velcro strap, it is possible to make adjustments that actually meet your specific size. It is appropriate for 15 inches to 20.5 inches neck circumferences. So users within this range do not need to worry about fitness issues.

You also do not have to worry about what happens with your money if you realize that this neck brace does not fit you properly. That’s because it is sold with an unconditional 60 days warranty. So be at rest, whatever the case, it is going to be a sure win-win situation.

The material with which this product is made (latex free foam) is very breathable, making it one of the best neck braces. It is therefore a perfect neck brace for sleeping. With this brace, there is adequate air circulation to ensure that the neck remains dry and cool. It is designed with customer comfort in mind, that is why you will find it so tender with soft foam than fits and holds the chin and jaw in place with maximum comfort.

This neck support has 4.3 out of 5 stars on neck brace reviews, showing how much users love and recommend it to others. Most of them recounted in details how helpful the brace has been on different occasions and how likely they are to use it again whenever they are faced with a similar situation in the future. 

Vive neck brace it is a multipurpose neck support. It can be used as a neck brace for sleeping, driving, working, or travelling. It is a great neck brace for pain. It comes in just two colors, white and black. However, it is perfectly hand washable.

The price of this neck support is $14.99.


It is a multipurpose neck support brace;

Allows breathability;

Very comfortable to use;

Easy to put on and take off;

Hand wash, easy to clean; and

Variety of sizes to fit different necks.


This neck support brace has a tendency of hurting the skin if worn too tight; and

It comes in just two colors.

Reviews of Neck Brace: EverRelief Inflatable Cervical Collar

EverRelief Inflatable Cervical Collar 


The most outstanding feature of this neck support made by Ever Relief is the fact that it can be inflated. Very few neck braces have this unique feature. This makes it a wonderful support for the neck and jawbone elevation so that the user’s neck remains stable throughout the period of use.

Some people wear neck braces because of problems associated with the vertebral column. For this group of persons it is perfect for aligning the spinal cord while minimizing tension placed on the nerves. It is an awesome neck brace for pain. Whether you are having pains on your whole back, or your shoulders, or you just want to relief spasms, Ever Relief inflatable cervical collar is the neck brace you should try wearing.

Unlike some other neck braces, this one does not require any assembly to set up before using. It is easy to use, all you need to do is inflate it to the size that best fits your neck and reduces pains. If you have any doubts as to inflation and use, there are clearly distinguished instructions to guide you. This neck support is small and portable. Thus it can easily fit into your travel bag.

The possibility of adding or reducing air in this neck brace allow you to determine how stretched you neck will be and what effect that should have in your healing process. Before sent out to buyers, this neck support has been thoroughly tested and found worthy of quality standards and customer satisfaction. This is one of the most reliable of neck supports for sleeping.

When the device is worn on your neck, all you have to do is pump in air, inflating it until it fits well to your neck. To store it, deflate it, leaving little air in it as recommended by the manufacturer. Never resort to pressing or compressing the neck brace in a bid to deflate it.

This neck brace serves well in dealing with

Stretched nerves;

Head, shoulder or neck pains;

Compressed or herniated discs;

Cervical curve issues and restoration of natural posture; and

Neck spasms.


Users in reviews of neck braces confirm that this neck support proves more effective than physical therapy. The relief sometimes is not immediate but you can be sure that the pains and stress you feel are going to subside sooner than later.

Some customers and users love it especially for the fact that you can inflate or deflate it to suit you better and give allowance instead of removing it all together. Others who have tried other ways of relieving neck pains commented in neck brace reviews that this is the first thing they have laid hands on that actually works for them. Some specifically say they prefer the four layered design.

The cost of this neck brace is $49.99.


Its flexible in terms of inflation and deflation;


Small enough to travel with when deflated; and

Comes in a variety of colours.


May not fit every user; and

User may have to resort to manual for some instructions.

Neck Brace Reviews: Stifneck Adjustable Collar by Laerdal

This adjustable colar by Laerdal, uses plastic and foam padding to make up a confortable and firm neck support. The entire design and look may not be very fanciful but it is effective in playing its role. After all no one uses or wears a neck brace around for fancy. This neck brace or collar is the perfect choice for every adult, male or female. Its collar is designed to be adjustable so that you make it your size and wear it as comfortable as you dim necessary.

It has special adjustment tracks by its sides that allow user to easily reduce or increase the chin to lower neck length. The designed locks ensure that sizes chosen by user stay in place. This also makes it easy to check patients pulse without necessarily removing brace. From the look of its outer hard design, patients may not think it is comfortable enough to wear. The role of the rubber caging is just to make it firm and stable and ensure that it is a suitable neck brace for pain. The inside is soft and comfortable. However, it could be uncomfortable for some users if worn for an extended period of time.

The ease with which this brace can be used is enhanced by the fact that manufacturer decided to print directions for use on the collar. So the user does not necessarily need to go through a users’ manual.

From neck brace reviews a good number of customers are disgruntled with the design of this brace. Several users testify that it did not deliver the results for which it was bought. The primary idea of a neck brace – which is to reduce movements around the neck while resting and keeping it comfortable – seem not to apply. However, for several other users, it is a delight. Many who rate this neck brace positively do so because they are satisfied with the price, weight and design. It is cheap and easy to use. However reviews for this product stand at 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

This neck brace is sold at $11.53, relatively cheap compared to a host of others.


Easy to wear and adjust for comfort;

Relatively cheaper; and

Plastic caging good for firm fit.



Uncomfortable to wear for a long time;

Is not a good neck brace for sleeping; and

Does not suit packing in tight bags.

Reviews of Neck Brace: Neck Brace by DDJ Adjustable Cervical Collar

Neck Brace by DDJ Adjustable Cervical Collar

DDJ is an adjustable brace made from premium materials to ensure that users are very comfortable while wearing it. It has upper and lower brackets which are separated by natural silicon made poles which play the role of an adjustable mechanism.

This unique neck brace is very comfortable and breathable. Users who are concerned about fashion and how well a neck brace can blend with dressing will find this a good choice to consider. It is an awesome choice to help you secure and keep the mandibles, collar bones, neck and cervical curvature immobilized for faster recovery and easing pain.

It is comfortable to wear. Comfort is an important issue when it comes to brace design considerations. The upper and lower parts of this brace are made from natural silicone which is not only environmentally friendly but also soft and comfortable when worn properly. It is an easy to clean neck brace and could last for a good number of years before you have to think about buying a new one. The nylon brackets are adjustable so that user can wear it with a more accurate fit and comfort. This brace is a good choice for those who travel long distances frequently or work long hours while sitting at a desk since sitting with this brace is confortable.

At the back part of the brace is a leather buckle with high quality rivets. The buckle, which has been subjected to various tests has proven to be strong enough to last as long as the brace itself will if not outlive it.

It measures 18 inches by 3.2 inches by 0.8 inches and weighs 6.6 ounces.

Customer reviews of neck braces affirm that this is one of the best neck braces comfortable to wear continuously for long periods though some few users disagree to this. Many recommend this brace for its velcro adjustability and comfortable design. Many with relatives or friends who have worn this brace say it is a great neck brace for pain. It does well to reduce stress on the neck by keeping it comfortably immobilized.

However, there are several other users who complain about some features of this brace. Some of them say it is not convenient for people with sturdy neck. It makes breathing and swallowing a little difficult.

Price: This product sells at $18.99


It is easy to wear and clean;

Easily adjustable to fit different sizes for adults;

Comfortable; and

Can be worn for long periods.


Not suitable for users with sturdy necks


Reviews of Neck Braces: NINE MAX Foam Cervical Collar Neck Support Brace by NINE MAX


NINE MAX Foam Cervical Collar Neck Support Brace by NINE MAX

This is a great cotton designed neck brace with an awesome look and feel. It is simple; round and thick with cotton coated material to enhance comfort and fit. This brace is good at enhancing tissue and nerve recovery. It is also designed to fit tightly, reducing head movements so that patients could recover faster from neck problems like hernia and spondylosis.

The material it is made from is moisture absorbent and cozy when worn inside. For those who live in extremely cold areas, you may want to consider buying this neck brace since it reserves heat and keeps the neck warm. What is more, it can be used as a neck brace for sleeping, travelling, and working. This neck brace is available in several different beautiful colors including black. The regular size of this brace measures 18 inches in length, 4 inches in width and 0.4 inches in height. That is equivalent to 42 centimeters by 10 centimeters by 2 centimeters and it weighs just 0.8 ounces.

This neck support is soft and very comfortable and several customers consider it one of the best neck braces. However its soft and rigid nature which suits others comfortably is not good for other users who testify that this product does not adequately hold their neck and jawbones in place. Some customers appreciate the fact that it is an awesome choice for long distance drivers and travellers who have to keep their necks steady to either prevent neck pain or keep it from getting a lot worse.

Customers, in neck brace reviews also caution potential buyers to take note that the size in picture might be smaller or larger than it actually looks. Be sure to check the measurements to avoid the trouble of reordering or exchanging the product.

Price: Nine Max foam cervical collar is sold at $13.99.


It is easy to wear;

Extremely soft and comfortable;

Easily adjustable;

It has a beautiful look and design that suits and blends with dressing styles; and

Easy to wash.


May be too soft for people who want something more rigid; and

It is not as firm as other braces.

Reviews of Neck Braces: NMT Neck Brace


NMT Neck brace is an outstandingly designed neck support that firmly fits around user’s neck like a tie, comfortably taking the slender shape of the neck and flushing down to the shoulders. Its edges are firmly sown to be long lasting. This neck support brace has one adjustable size which could be used universally for most people. This product is also FDA registered which means you can be sure of the quality.

This neck support brace is made from 100 percent latex which is also chemical free. Thus, you do not have to worry about skin irritations. What’s more, it features natural health magnets that enhance blood circulation around the affected area, fostering healing and recovery. The natural health magnet is also great and effective for relieving pain.

NMT neck support brace is able to detect individual levels of sensitivity so that the Natural Health Magnets can effectively generate warmth internally for the body. Several people have testified to using it on their legs, and around their wrist to detoxify and target injured cells.

It is washable and lightweight, so you can comfortably wear it to work, travel with it and use it as a neck brace for sleeping. It is a breathable neck support thus great for people who may be worried about skin burns or rashes which could result from sweat or heat. NMT neck support is highly recommended for people suffering from stiff necks, arthritis stress or headaches. It is thus proclaimed a natural cervical therapy. However interested potential buyers should note that this product, like every other magnetic product is not good for people who have pace makers or any sort of electronic implant, those with automatic defibrillator, or pregnant women. Manufacturers also do not allow sales for people younger than 18 years old.  

It is interesting to note that this product has some of the most controversial reviews. Several users rate it five stars, highly recommending it for its therapeutic and comfortable design and functions.These group of users say it fits perfectly well and not only relieves pains or keep the neck stable, it enhances blood circulation around the area where it is worn or placed. The magnets tend to create a kind of warmth that reviewers say has been the reason for pain relief and why they consider it one of the best neck braces. On the other hand, a good number of users were quick to damn this neck brace for several reasons; bad smell, that does not allow user to wear it close to the nose (and of course the neck is not far from the nostrils), burns to size issues.

The price for this outstanding neck brace is $21.80


Has an awesome design that comfortably fits around the neck;

Its washable;

Therapeutic properties; and

Comfortable and light weight.


Too many restrictions.

Reviews of Neck Brace: Procare Vista Cervical Collar

Procare vaster is another rigid plastic neck brace that could prove very helpful for people who seek to relief themselves of neck pains or accidents of any sort that affect the neck. It is made from plastic with an inner lining of foam and cotton pads to enhance and ensure comfort and fitness when worn. This uniquely designed brace has an easy to control aperture for the tracheal. A central dial is used to make size changes so that people of different neck sizes can use this brace effectively.  Its support features are phenomenal.

Procare Vaster has up to six adjustable buttons designed in velcro strap so that it is available for a wide variety of sizes for users. So if you are considering buying something like this, you can be sure that you will find one that fits you. Because of its rigid design, it is best for people who have suffered and are recovering from serious injuries such as fractures or on post-operative rehabilitation. Usually, rigid neck support braces are worn for longer periods. This particular tool is both an awesome support for the neck and universal as far as size is concerned.

The rigid design of this plastic neck brace adequately limits movements of the head and neck from left to right or front to back in order to ensure that patients recover in the shortest possible time and have a pleasant experience wearing it.

Finally this product is sold with a 30-day warranty or return policy. That’s good enough to assure user of the quality and confidence the manufacturer puts in this product.

This brace is sold at $45.99


Multi size, ensured by its central dial and adjustable buttons;

Plastic caging gives it a rigid structure necessary for quick recovery;


Can be worn for long period; and

Easy to clean.



It is not a very convinient neck brace for sleeping.

Reviews of Neck Brace: Ergonomic Cervical Collar and Neck Support Brace


Ergonomic Cervical Collar and Neck Support Brace

This tender neck support brace made by TOROS-Group is designed for super comfort. Its liner is 100% cotton to ensure that user does not feel uneasy while wearing it. It supports the head and neck firmly but softly so that movement is minimized and healing fostered. The height is good enough to ensure that the head does not put unnecessary pressure on the neck. When this brace is worn, the head rests comfortably on the brace, relieving the neck of some weight and stress.

In addition, the thickness of the brace gives warmth around the neck, enhancing blood circulation and fostering recovery of damaged tissues. It also increases movement of the cervical area so that neck muscle tone reduce. When one has a neck injury, it is possible for things to get worse when muscles around the neck are tensioned. This neck brace is designed to prevent that from happening.

There are different sizes for this neck brace. Even children can find one that suits them. It features extra small (12.5 inches or 6 centimeters neck height) for children, small(3 inches or 8 centimeter neck height) for children, medium (4inches or 10 centimeters neck height) for adults and large sizes ($.5inches or 12 centimeters neck height) for adults.

Many customers who have bought this brace are very satisfied with their purchase. Several of them admit that the brace was very comfortable to wear and actually went a long way to ease the pains they felt around the neck. The most regular complain users give in reviews of neck brace is related to size, but that sometimes i  is the fault of the buyers who did not understand the measurement before ordering.

This brace is sold for $20



Easy to wear;

Variety of sizes.


Size speculations may not be very accurate unless you actually wear it.







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