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Gun Cabinet Safe:With so many uncertainties around the globe, it is certain to have firearms and guns at home now-a-days. Rather it has become a safety mandate or a precaution to have one. But as we know huge things come with huge responsibilities. We cannot ignore the fact that if on one hand these guns protect us from burglars and malefactors, on the other hand these same weapons could be hazardous to us if not handled properly. Therefore, one needs to follow a proper gun safety for it to serve as a boon and not the bane. Definitely, in a family there can be kids and unattended or concealed weapons if get caught by these children the outcomes would be devastating. Also, since these firearms are costly, theres a risk of these themselves getting misappropriated. Furthermore, it is a legal requirement to maintain the gun safety in several states.

Henceforth, one cannot evade from buying the unwanted but still a safety mandate cabinet gun safe. Its not just a piece of furniture or a cupboard, but a secure, durable and a fireproof gun safe. Now while choosing from so many varieties and buying the right one could be a task, so here are the famous gun cabinets which you may consider before buying: Best Biometric Gun Safe Reviews for Pistols and Handguns While looking out for an ideal safe one considers ease-of-access, reliability and affordability. In terms of access and reliability, Biometric safes offer an ultimate peace of mind as they open only with the impression of your fingerprints. Theres no risk of losing or misplacing of the key, coz you yourself are the one. Following top the list of biometric gun safes:
  • Sentry Safe: A 12-gauge steel construction providing biometric as well as a pin-combination lock. Compact and portable, it features no sound dial. It is not mountable.
  • BARSKA Biometric Safe: A bit heavier in weight, it can store more than one pistols. Programmed to accept 30 fingerprints, it also features a beeper that beeps if it remains unlocked for more than 5 minutes.
  • Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 Biometric Pistol Safe: An ideal choice for pistol owners, it is made of 12-gauge steel and is perfectly designed to be placed under-desk for emergency. With an override key function, it can store 120 individual fingerprints.

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Best Manual Locking Handgun Safes Manual locking systems are operated using digital locking systems where instead of finger recognition, one has to manually enter the key codes. These are a lot cheaper than the biometric ones and are available in plenty. Some of them are:
  • GunVault NV100 NanoVault with Key Lock, Fits Sub-Compact Pistols: Made of 20 gauge steel, it has soft foam in the interior. It comes with a 5 year warranty for burglary and fire.
  • Stack-On PDS-500 Electronic Locking Drawer Safe: A stack-on gun safe, it can easily be programmed for beeps or no-beeps as you press the keys. Live action locking bolts of steel provide ultimate security.
  • V-Line Desk Mate Keyless Security Box with Quick Release Mounting Bracket: Mounting Bracket allows your Hide-Away and Top Draw Case to be transported. It has pre-punched holes that enable easy installation.

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Standard Large Gun Safes These gun cabinets are used to store large weapons such as rifles and other valuables. These could be both biometric and manual. Bigger in size these are expensive too. You may find the following interesting:
  • Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Safe with Digital Lock: An all-time favorite stack-on gun cabinet, it weighs around 650 lbs and has a plenty of room to store your rifles, pistols and ammo. With a digital lock-pad, this fire-proof gun safe has pre-drilled holes.
  • Bighorn 6039ELX Gun Safe: With plenty of space, this gun cabinet boasts 33 gun capacity. It has an electronic as well as mechanical lock. Fire-proof, it has drill-resistant armor.
  • Cannon Safe CA23 Cannon Series Deluxe: With a fire rating of 1200 F for 60 minutes, it has a 4 inch double steel omposite door.

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Large Multi-gun Premium Gun Safe Range With contemporary design and plenty of space, these are customizable as per needs. Following may interest you:
  • Browning M28F Medallion Series: Made of 10 gauge steel, it has 29 gun capacity. Well textured, it has a deluxe 5- spoke handle. It has aUni-Force Locking System with Anti-PryTabs.
  • Browning M40F Medallion Series: Made of 10 gauge steel, it has a gun capacity of 43. 110 minute fire-resistant at 1700 F, it is also equipped with standard shelves and racks.
  • Stack-On 14 Gun Combination Lock Safe: Simple and effective in design, it can store 14 guns. It has no electronic or biometric lock system, rather a big lock dial, a good choice for traditional users.
Amazon Current Price Small Fireproof Gun Safe Cabinets Small in size and compact in design, these fireproof cabinets are suitable for storing your handguns, pistols and other valuables. Perfect for protecting documents, best of these safes are listed below:
  • First Alert 2092DF: This water-proof and 1 hour fire-proof safe comes with a digital lock and an override key. It has 1 removable shelf and weighs around 93 pounds.
  • First Alert 2054F: This fire-safe cabinet has a dual lock system along with an override key. With one removable shelf, this 56 pounds safe comes with mounting hardware.
  • SENTRY SAFE SFW123CS Fire Safe: This big bolt safe has an advanced UL classified fire protection. Weighing 29.6 pounds it has a combination lock system.

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Stack-On Gun Safe Reviews Stack-On has been serving us since 40 years and is well-known for its safes and vaults. It offers a variety of products catering the diverse needs of its customers. The most loved products are:
  • Stack-On GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet: Contemporary in design it has locks in three different places. An affordable model, it comes with 1 year warranty.
  • Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet: Heavily built, it has two separate cabinets that provide you plenty of room to store your rifles and other valuables separately. The valuable shelf has 4 partitions while the gun side has sockets for 10 rifles. It has an advanced 3-pt locking system.
  • Stack-On SS-16-MB-C 16-Gun Security Safe: Sturdy in design, t has a finished matte look. Multiple shelves, plenty of space and a smart lock are the key features.

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Conclusion (Gun Cabinet Safes): Up till now, we have been learning about different kinds of gun vaults and cabinet safes. And now is the time to apply this knowledge into buying a correct product. With so many features and factors, one shall not forget the about the exact requirement and on the basis of that, an investment shall be made on a perfect choice. As we see that while biometric locks give a better security, we cannot ignore their price range. On the other hand, by selecting a cheaper product we cannot compromise with reliability. Also, there are brands and renowned names, while there are offerings from the manufacturers too. So instead of getting confuse with a variety, you may consider the above choices and get home a nice gun cabinet safe. Tags: gun cabinets, gun safe cabinets, gun safe reviews, best gun cabinets, gun safes, large gun safes, best gun safes, stack on gun safes, gun safe, cabinet gun safes
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