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Under Bed Gun Safes: Firearm owners should to safeguard and protect our weapons and other fatal guns from kids and other members of the family so as to ensure their safety. An ideal way to make sure that these weapons are safe and away from the reach of children is to store them right beside you. Here comes the role of under bed gun safes! An under bed gun safe is one of the very important products for the arm owner that helps them properly store the guns beside their bed. Here is an array of some of the bed gun safes that are easily available in the market these days.

Stealth DV652 Under Bed Defense Vault

Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe + Free 52" Dean Safe Rifle SockWhether you are a rifle owner or a shotgun owner, Stealth DV652 is the most prominent and unrivalled under bed gun safe that provides high degree of security and to the expensive and invaluable firearms. It is specifically designed with a sturdy electronic lock that illuminates when touched so that you can find the numbers while punching in the dark. Also, the weapons are stored aptly inside it because of firm padding, thus there is no risk of scratches. Five-point locking bar design ensures easy and hassle free opening of the door of gun safe.

Specifications of DV652 Under Bed Defense Vault are as follows:

  • It boasts an ESL5 electronic lock system that adds more to the security of the firearms

  • There is enough storage for shotgun and rifles and other arms

  • It is constructed using heavy-duty 14-gauge steel with a five point sliding bar to make sure easy accessibility

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Mid-Sized Under Bed Gun Safe: The Defense Vault By AMSEC

American Security AMSEC Defense Vault

Specifically designed for two rifles without optics and a couple of handguns, this under bed gun safe provides quick access to the firearms. Made from heavy duty 90 lbs of 14 gauge steel, it can be securely mounted beneath your bed as there are four mounting holes in bottom. Moreover, the door of The Defense Vault By AMSEC possesses a 5 point slid locking bar which ensures utmost security and protection of the firearms. It helps the users for carrying out smooth operations and with its non volatile memory.

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V-Line Gun Safe

V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe, Semi-Flat BlackV-Line is one of the leading and reputable manufacturers of a wide variety of tactical security products and is dedicated to offering an array of a firearms storage options. Talking about V-Line 12" Rifle Safe and V-Line 7" Shotgun Safe, these are the two most appreciated products that are made from 16 gauge steel and hence are highly durable and sturdy. Its locking side is secured with a heavy duty door which is actuated by a mechanical button that is five-push. Adding to this, the added feature of key operated tubular backup lock makes sure easy accessibility and utmost protection.

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BedBunker Queen Size Bed Bunker

It is the best of the best gun safe that is very easy to fit underneath your bed or in any area at your home. In this under bed gun safe, you can store up to 70 hand guns and 35 rifles in a hassle free manner. Along with it, all the prized possessions and important documents can be stored inside it conveniently; hence, you will get peace of mind by investing in this storage solution. Thanks to its easy to open door that has the gas springs. With its multi lock system, you are assured that no one other than you can touch the firearms and weapons.

Shot Lock 1911

SHOT LOCK 1911 Full Handgun Solo-Vault SafeIt is a small gun safe that is extremely compact and sturdy! Designed with complete precision, it boasts a customised internal padding so as to keep the weapon secure and protected while carrying it to another place. Externally, this under bed gun safe is constructed with 14 gauge steel that can also easily moved inside the drawer. Mount it horizontally or vertically, its push button gives the user and easy and quick access.

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The Aluminum Gun Casket

Gun Casket Fast Opening Shotgun Safe (Electronic - Black)If you are one of those individuals who are seeking portable and small bedroom gun safe, then this is the most suitable product for you. It is entirely made from anodized aluminium that is rust free and is suitable to fir under the bed or car seat. In addition to this, its fully electronic keypad lock contributes a lot in quick and keyless access that protects your weapons in the best possible manner.

Aforementioned are the names and reviews of some of the leading and most prominent under bed gun safes that are appreciated throughout the world. For making it easy for you to know and have deep knowledge about these gun safes, we have listed a few names. Thus, you can go through these reviews and make an apt decision regarding which option is the best suitable for you.

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