5 Best Gun Safe Reviews for the Money

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Gun Safe Reviews: Every item in a house or at any other place needs a place to store it, for instance for clothes we have closet; for books, CDs or DVDs we have racks. In the kitchen, we have different stacks and containers for spices. Similarly, the weapons cant be placed anywhere especially if you have kids at home. Some people keep guns as these are important for security purpose. And some people have a hobby of collecting guns. Thats the reason to introduce the gun safe so that you can easily carry the weapons at your home. Taking precautionary for you might be a new thing for you and quite difficult to start work on it but at our website, you can better evaluate the best gun safe reviews that can be helpful for you.
  1. Barska FV-1000 Fire Vault Gun Safe

barska-fv-1000-fire-vault-safeBarska FV-1000 Fire Vault Gun Safe is designed to store 14 guns and their accessories to provide maximum security and its approved by CA DOJ. The best feature of this Barska FV-1000 Fire Vault Safe is that it is fireproof up to 40 minutes with three bolts of solid steel lock that proves the safety itself. You have a number on it to put a password. The outer size of Barska FV-1000 Fire Vault Safe is 20" x 18" x 59.06" whereas the inner size is 18.39" x 13.87" x 57.44"(LxWxH). Amazon Current Price    
  1. AX11224-Biometric Gun Safe

ax11224-biometric-gun-safeThe process of scanning your fingers is very easy and can be completed in few minutes. You just need to scan your fingerprints so that you can open the safe. At one time you can save up to 30 fingerprints. The locking mechanism is perfect and most of all you can silence the beep of the safe. AX11224 Biometric Gun Safe has two lock bolts which are operated by simply 4-AA batteries. In this biometric, you can find the floor with a protective mat that is enough to ensure you about the scratch free items. Amazon Current Price 3. Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe gunvault-mv500-std-microvault-pistol-gun-safeThis MV500-STD safe can be easily stored at any place like under a bed or sofa or inside any draw, and this is the reason that makes this safe more secure. But this safe is mainly designed for small revolvers, and the large one cant be fit in it. This small and portable gun safe can be carried to the journey easily, and the total weight of this safe is 5 pounds only. This gun safe is more like a notebook. Therefore, you can place it under your car seat. There is foam sheet inside the safe to avoid any scratches on the guns. This safe is created with 16 gauge of steel to make it more durable. Amazon Current Price  
  1. Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet Gun Safe

stack-on-gcdb-924-10-gun-double-door-steel-security-cabinetThis cabinet gun safe has plenty of space to store your guns and rifles of large size because it is of 54 in height with two doors made of steel. It can hold ten large rifles at a time, and it has a glossy black finish with gold accent that adds beauty to the overall look of the cabinet safe. GCDB-924 is approved by California as it fulfilled the requirement of the Penal Code section. There is three point lock with a hidden code for ultimate security. And most of all both doors are locked separately. Dont save CD or DVD or any other electronic storage item in it. Amazon Current Price  
  1. Browning PP65F Gun Safe

browning-pp65f-gun-safe The Browning PP65F Gun Safe is mainly designed to store rifles in it, can hold a total of 66 guns in which 13 can be stored in the door, and rest of the 53 can be placed in the interior of the gun safe. Browning PP65F Gun Safe is 72 inches long, 56 inches broad and in depth, it is 28 inches. This safe is almost 1,845 pounds in it which are fairly heavier than the average rifle safe. Also, this is one of the most expensive safes you have ever seen. Amazon Current Price  

Key points that should keep in mind before purchasing the Best gun safe

It wont make any difference if you are going to buy a gun safe for the first time or you are going to buy it for the third. The thing that is necessary for purchasing is to look into the elements of the gun safe. If you have to go yourself to buy the gun safe, keep in mind these simple but technical questions. Hope this time you are going to but the best gun safe ever. The first thing is the size of the gun safe, whether the guns that you want to place in the safe will going to be fit in the cabinet or not. The measurements of the guns and the gun safe should be perfect including the width, height or depth that would be ensuring the safety of your guns. Yu can also find cabinet gun safe in the market which is made up of wood usually. The material thats been used in the manufacturing is also noticeable. You should ask the Gun safe seller about the lock system of the gun safe as this part should not be neglected at any cost. The safe is supposed to ensure the safety of the objects placed inside the safe. Try to get the one with an electric lock, because the manual lock cant give you that much security as people have many ways to unlock it manually too. So be careful in buying these guns safe. Mostly you have searched that these safes are available on the online portal for sale. So be very vigilant while choosing the right one for you. Hopefully this article can be beneficial for you if you are looking for the best Gun safe. Amazon Current Price Tags: Gun Safe Reviews, Gun Safe, Best Gun Safes, Gun Safes, Review of Gun Safes, Best Gun Safe Reviews, Biometric Gun Safes, Fireproof Gun Safes
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