Top 10 tips to keep your air hockey table top clean

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 Clean air hockey table top


Table tops especialy air hockey table tops are very sensitive to dirt and other unwanted debris. For this reason, they must be kept in the same shape forever. This effectively requires mastery of various management tips and best practices. In the following discussions, you can learn some of the best tips to help you.

 Here are some of the top 10 tips that can help you improve your table hockey. They also try to inform you about the different practices that can extend the life of the tables completely.


1. Never Use Abrasive Cleaners

 Desist from using abrasive cleaners while making the surfaces of the table clean. This is for the simple reason that such materials always do more harm than good. These include steel wool, scouring pads, and bristle brushes. On the flip side, use these cleaners that are gentle. You may consider using soft pieces of cloth and dusters.


2. Store appropriately when not in Use

 If and when these tables are not in use, you should consider storing them appropriately. Cover them completely using a tarpaulin or canvas. This is to secure them completely from dust or any other intrusions. You should also ensure that the storage ambiance is devoid of moisture or dust.


3. Install it properly

 Make sure you follow all the laid down piece of instructions while installing the table. Your failure to adhere to any of the laid down pieces may compromise the table. It may lead to uncalled for damages and other interferences. You may seek the support of a technician to do this.


4. Use the Right Power Source

 As has already been stated, most tables are powered by electrical energy. This energy is mainly supplied by mains electricity, gas, solar, or batteries. Please ensure that the power supply you use is as relevant to the table as possible. This is the only way to prevent short-circuiting, electrical shocks, and faults.


5. Employ the Right Table for the Right Use

 Different tables are manufactured and intended for different uses. Make sure you match the right kind of table with the right use. In case you mix up the uses and the table, the end result may not be promising. This may lead to abuse and unnecessary damages.


6. Fix the Table in the Appropriate Location

 Apart from the mere installation, you should also make every effort to fix the table in the right location. This is because these tables are also designed for use in different locations. Fixing the table in the wrong location by interfering with its functionality and compromise your overall experience.


7. Ensure that the Table is utilized for the Right Skill Level

 The game of air hockey is played at different levels. This is mainly for the beginner, the intermediate, or the advanced level. Make sure you utilize the table for the right skill level. Your failure to adhere to this arrangement may also mess about with the table.


8. Clean the Entire Room wherein the Table is installed

 Other than cleaning the table itself, you should also clean the room wherein the table is installed. This is also to prevent the accumulation of dust and with it, any unwanted consequences. Other than preventing the accumulation of dust, such a cleaning exercise will also enhance your overall experience.


9. Handle the Table Gently with Care

 In case you handle the table inappropriately, it may accrue some damages. You should, therefore, ensure that you handle the table gently at all times. Pay particular attention while playing a game, cleaning, or moving it out and about.


10. Adopt a Moderate Approach while Using the Table

 Be a bit moderate while using your best tabletop air hockey. This is because; over using the table may cause it to age rapidly. It may also lead to too much wear and tear owing to too much stress. Together with this, keep small children away from the table.


Final Proof

 Keep in mind that not all the tricks identified and discussed above are useful for tabletop air hockey table. Therefore, they are invited to do more independent research. This way, you will also know the other tricks.

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