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Wagyu beef is one of the most expensive meats in the world today. Originated in Japan, but produced in the U.S. its prize comes mostly from its marbling appearance and buttery taste.

The term 'Wagyu' literally translates to 'Japanese Cow', and it generally refers to four main breeds such as: Kuroge, Akage, Nihon Tankaku and Mukaku.

These cows were bred for physical endurance, giving them more intramuscular fat cells. The fat is distributed more evenly throughout their muscle, which is why Wagyu beef looks pink and taste so tender.

In the United States, KOW Steaks, is a company founded by Jon Urbana and his cousin in 2016, and offers American Wagyu beef in a variety of products - from prime cuts to burgers and from sausages bursting with flavor to an incredible bone broth.

Jon Urbana and his son

The American Wagyu cows raised at their ranch in southwest Iowa, all cattle graze freely on acres of open space, eating untreated grasses and drinking fresh and clean water.

These cows are raised naturally, so no GMOs, hormones or harmful additives are used in the process.

Keeping the cattle geographically co-located in an ideal environment, they are able to deliver consistently high-quality beef, every single time.

KOW Steaks don’t need to be over-spiced with fancy rubs or sauces

KOW Steaks can be sliced thin to taste it raw, yes, I know that raw meat always carries some risk, but you don't have to worry because the piece of meat that are you are tasting it, is from the deep interior of an incredibly high quality piece of beef.

There is also a special smell of Wagyu, which is somehow sweet, with delicate notes of umami flavor due the fatty acids in its composition.The fatty acids break down into pretty powerful odorants.

Wagyu beef also has a high proportion of unsaturated beef relative to other fatty acids, and gram-for-gram, this actually makes this fat healthier for you than other more saturated animal fats.

Unsaturated fat is also softer, which helps this combination of meat and fat to melt in your mouth, even when you eat it raw.

When you cook a slice of American Wagyu beef you can add a little salt, but nothing else. This meat is way too precious to cover up with other flavors.

Wagyu will instantly render out enough fat in a dry pan, so you can cook it in its own fat, if you don't put oil in the pan.

Try to cook the meat medium, medium rare because this way you can get an insane taste, really good, due to the presence of the fat producing a subtle sweet aroma.

The texture of the meat will be extremely tender, and this is due to the fact that the intramuscular fat disrupts the growth of connective tissue networks within the meat. The flecks of fat literally get in the way of the tough tissue growing and linking up with itself. The result will be weak muscles, but an extremely tender meat.

Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa presents KOW beef in raw presentations in his signature restaurants

Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, presents KOW beef in raw presentations in his signature restaurants. This is another sign that American Wagyu beef produced by KOW Steaks is a great, healthy and very precious meat than can serve in a restaurant or at home, where you can have the chance to cook it yourself.

KOW Steaks provides direct-from-the-ranch, natural proteins as part of a healthy diet

The entire herd of American Wagyu beef raised by Jon Urbana at his ranch live in an ideal environment where they can graze on natural grass and can drink only clean and fresh water.

Without using genetically modified organism, harmful additives or hormones, KOW Steaks can provide direct-from-the-ranch meat to all its customers for natural protein, which is a vital part in the healthy diet of any person.

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