4000 Watts Generators Review

By Brenda
What are 4000 Watts Generators? Electrical generators are machines designed and engineered to generate electricity via the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy through a series of processes such as internal combustion, electromagnetic induction, etc. depending on the output wattage, generators are built to produce predefined output wattage of energy. Wattage is the product of voltage and current hence the SI unit for the measurement of power. A watt is an equivalent of the generation of a joules of energy in a second. Amazon Current Price Generators are usually manufactured to a specific running wattage that is the power that the generator can release at full capacity. Generators always come with two wattage readings e.g. 35000/4000 watts implying that the generator has a running wattage of 3500 watts and a starting wattage of 4000 watts. Running wattage aka rated watts is the wattage that a generator will release when operating at full capacity while starting wattage aka peak watts is the power required to start the engine before stabilising to the running watts. Therefore the starting watts is always higher than the running watts and the former is the max power that can be produced by the generator. In this review we are going to limit ourselves to generators that peak at 4000 watts since it is the maximum power that can be generated by these generators. Example of a 4000 Watts Generator The best generators that produce 4000 Watts of power are mainly portable generators. Standby or stationary generators are usually manufactured to deliver greater wattage that can cover a whole house and all its electrical demands conveniently. An example of such generators are the Champion 3500W/4000W Generator Models #46593 and #46596 with 196 cc single cylinder each. This implies the generators engine produces 3500 watts (rated watts) of running power and 4000 watts (peak watts) of starting power. Amazon Current Price Other examples of standard portable electric 4000 Watts generators are the Sportsman GEN 4000LP, the DuroStar DS4000S, the Generac XP Series 5933 and the Sportsman 4000W Dual-Fuel Generators (the latter two are shown below). Characteristics of 4000 Watts generators
  • 4000 Watts generators are mostly portable generators due to the output wattage;
  • They have a peak wattage of 4000 Watts;
  • They have varying running watts ( usually ? 3500 Watts) depending on the engine capacity (199 cc, 225cc etc.), the manufacturer and the envisaged goals;
  • These generators can be fuelled by a variety of fuels i.e. have different fuel systems. Some are powered by natural gas, propane, diesel, petrol while others are power by bi-fuel or dual fuel systems i.e. a combination of 2 fuel types to run the generator;
  • They can be used for both commercial or residential as well as recreational purposes and make very good backup and emergency generators;
  • Most of the generators in this category are standard portable generators;
  • There a seldom inverter generators in this category with a peak wattage of 4000 Watts i.e. inverter generators within this category are rare;
  • These generators run on a constant rpm and deliver same power irrespective of the output demand or devices or equipment plugged to it;
  • They liberate noise levels typical of standard generators found within this category that is they commonly fall between 65 and 70 dB (recorded at 23ft / 7 m away);
  • Some have additional features such as extra support legs with vibration mounts, oil funnel, oil, spark plug socket and the remote starter etc.;
  • They are relatively easy to operate and are could efficiently serve as a backup and are good for outdoor / work / recreational activities;
  • Inverters models in this category emits significantly less noise and are equally more fuel effective;
  • 4000 Watts generators have a runtime of hours and usually ? 12 hours.
What items could be plugged into a 4000 Watts generator? The following items below amongst others can be supported by 4000 Watts generators.
Cell Phone Charger 25 0
Inflator Pump 50 150
Light Bulb 60 0
Fax Machine 65 0
Radio 100 0
CD/DVD Player 100 0
Colour TV -13 in. 150 0
Hand Drill -3/8 in. 440 600
Airless Sprayer 600 1200
Computer & 17 Monitor 800 0
Laser Printer 950 0
Microwave Oven 1000 0
Halogen Work Light 1000 0
Refrigerator 700 2200
Well Pump 1000 2000
Hammer Drill 1000 3000
Washing Machine 1150 2250
Belt Sander 1200 2400
7-1/4 in. Circular Saw 1400 2300
Copy Machine 1600 0
Electric Grill 1650 0
10 in. Mitre Saw 1800 1800
6 in. Planer / Joiner 1800 1800
10 in. Table Saw 2000 2000
12000 BTU Windows A/C 3250 3950
Purchasing a 4000 Watts Generator 4000 Watts generators are adequate for a multiplicity of purposes and are useful at home, around the house, for recreational activities and for conducting works at the job site. There are a lot of manufacturers that produce different types of 4000 Watts generators. Some of these manufacturers include: Generac, Sportmans, Wen, Honda, Yamaha, Champion Power Equipment, Cummins Power Generation, DuraMax, Briggs & Stratton etc. The production of these 4k Watts generators depend on a couple of features such as the engine used, fuel system, predicted importance, noise levels, eco-friendliness, warranty, maintenance, operational-ability, and most of all efficiency/cost price ratio. Amazon Current Price Tags: 4000 watts generator, champion generators, yamaha generators, generator 4000, generac generators, best generators, best home generators, house generators, whole house generators, home generator reviews, electric generators, electric generator reviews
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