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What are Gas Generators? When a generator produces electrical power from the combustion of gas, it is otherwise known as a gas generator. These generators could be fuelled with gases such as propane, methane, butane,a mixture or a combination of gases etc. Gas generators are usually used as home generators in the form of standby generators or portable ones. A couple of manufacturers fabricate various designs and models of these electrical generators of which some of the former inter alia are the Champion Power Equipment, Coleman Powermate, Duromax, Generac, Honda and Yamaha generators. Amazon Current Price Why a Gas Powered Generator?
  • Gas generators come in very handy in the advent of power outages or failures. When one is surprised by a power cut, a generator will immediately supply enough energy to continue with household activities depending on the type, model, wattage etc. of the generator one possesses.
  • These generators are amongst the best house generators as they can serve as backup power source to palliate energy deficiencies at home or at the work place.
  • Gas powered generators are essential in emergency situations.
  • Gas generators could be very useful when going on a camping trip or when conducting other recreational or outdoor activities.
Functioning Mechanism Behind the Gas Powered Generator Gas generators are electrical generators that runs on gas and transforms the latters potential chemical energy to mechanical energy and thereafter converts it to electricity. The chemical energy in the gas (fuel) is transformed by combustion of the gas in the internal combustion engine to thermal energy. This sends the rotating shaft(piston) into motion hence converting the thermal energy to mechanical energy. The movement enables the alternator to function hereby converting the mechanical energy to electrical energy via the process of electromagnetic induction. Amazon Current Price Gas powered generators are usually connected directly to the home main gas supply line to ensure continuous flow or could be connected to a bottled gas which is more advantageous if there is power outage as a result of damage of the main supply pipelines or otherwise. Typesof Gas Generators Many manufacturers make a lot of gas generators which vary with design, engineering, wattage, portability etc. There are two main types of gas generators: portable and standby gas powered generators.
Standby gasgenerator Portablegasgenerator
  • Standby or portable gas generators require transfer switches to avoid damages to equipment and appliances
  • Fixed to one spot and cannot be moved
  • It is mobile and easy to transport
  • More expensive
  • These units tend to cost less
  • These generators automatically kick in when the power goes out
  • The generator has to be manually switched on and off
  • Contains noise muffles
  • They lack integrated noise muffles
  • These generators run self-diagnoses
  • Need to be refuelled often
  • Generates more power (wattage)
  • Lesser power output
  • They both equilaterally can serve as a backup generator when necessary
Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas Powered Generators
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Relatively cheap as per generator sizing
  • Not the most environmentally friendly option vis--vis solar and wind energy
  • Fuel is readily available
  • Difficulty in the storage of fuel due to dangerous nature
  • Exist in different sizes and output options
  • Usually loud and noise is usually inversely proportional to purchase price
  • Portables gas powered generators have a lot of varied usage
  • Inconvenience in having to refuel portables regularly
  • Appropriate for emergency situations
  • Plumbing of the fuel system brings about an increase in cost
  • Refuelling is not required if connected to the main home gas supply system
  • Gas can become very dangerous if lines are broken.
  • Burns cleanly with low emissions
Differences Between Gas Generators and Petrol (Gasoline)or Diesel Powered Generators The identity of a generator is commonly defined by the kind of fuel systems integrated into it. Gas generators differ from diesel generator and petrol (gasoline) generators in many aspects as indicated below. Amazon Current Price
Gas generators Petrol / diesel generators
  • Gas generators generates lower output
  • These generate higher power output
  • Gas generators pollutes less
  • Pollutes more than gas generators
  • Typically quieter
  • More loud than gas generators
  • Liberates lesser smells than petrol / gasoline or diesel generators
  • Smells more than gas generators
  • Less expensive as fuel but more costly to run. Burns 3 times faster than diesel
  • More costly than gas but less costly to operate
  • Highly explosive
  • Inflammable but less explosive than gas
  • More environmental friendly (very clean, low emissions)
  • More emissions (emits CO2)
  • Lower cost than diesel fuel and good availability
  • More costly but less available
  • Disaster readiness include being more expensive to run than diesel generators
  • Disaster readiness advantages include reduced chance of fires
Getting a Gas Generator Gas generators could proof very useful for residential as well as commercial purposes. In order to judge which gas generator to purchase, the following features have to be taken into consideration:
  • Safety features
  • Control panel
  • Incorporated technology
  • Power output
  • Fuel type& system
  • Runtime
  • Noise
  • Noise
  • Portability
  • Reliability
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty
  • Purchase price all taxes included
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