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Best Yamaha Generators:†Yamaha generators are known to be the leading brand in the portable markets of popular power generation equipments. They are products from the well known and respected Yamaha motor sports company that is based in the United state. Their generators are perfect for home use since they are portable and also for those who like portable generators. They offer one of the best portable generators that are available in the markets for their growing customers. Amazon Current Price What makes Yamaha generators stand out? There are many companies making portable generators but the difference between a good portable generator and a bad one varies from many things that every customers should put into consideration. Yamaha have the best portable generators because they value quality and that why their products have gone through a compliance period which was set by EPA. Most portable generators run for 150 to 200 hours but generators from Yamaha have a 500 hour running which is convenient especially you work late at night and there is a blackout. Their portable generators also can store extra fuel which other portable generators don't. The best part of all this is that they have a 4 year warranty. Yamaha portable generators are definitely a must have. Best Yamaha inventer generator Image credit: topratedgenerators Yamaha model EF1000is inventor generator is the best and has the ability to produce 1000 watts of surge capacity and a continuous power of 900 watts. Its 60 Hertz current of sine waves makes it perfect for electronics which are very sensitive. It's silent feature makes it perfect for camping and other places where noise is unnecessary. Yamaha 2000 generator Yamaha 2000 generator is very light in weight and it uses gas to power itself. This is favourable for home not because it is portable but because it is environmental friendly. It is also best for home as it offers a quiet environment. Lovers of camping are also lucky because the super quiet and long running hours is exactly what they need. It also has a fuel gauge which shows you how your fuel is being use. What makes Yamaha 2000 generator unique? -It can run for 10 and a half hours with a single tank of gas. Most portable generators have less hours of running as they don't have big storage -It has a special auto decompression system that minimizes compression to make starting up easier. Many people don't like complicated machineries and for that reason they tend to avoid generators which are complicated. The auto decompression system in Yamaha has made is usable by everyone. It also has a warm up function that has the capability of increasing the seed of engine during the cold nights especially in the season of heavy rains . You don't need to have a fire place for you to feel warm. Yamaha portable generators have that covered. Amazon Current Price Know where to invest Generator Yamaha is a must have all the required criteria that make a best portable and highly recommended generator to use . buying a good and durable portable generator is a good investment and benefit to not only you but also your family members. It gives you all the comfort you require when you are far away from home or work. Best selling portable generator Yamaha ef 2000is has a oil watch warning system which keeps on cheeking the level of oil and will always indicate when changing is needed. This is perfect for those who are super busy with their work that they forget about checking the oil. This warning system assist in preventing engine damage which are cause by low levels of oil and as a result it lead to unnecessary expense which is equally expensive. To ensure durability, efficiency and reliability, the OHV engine is designed with camshaft made of steel and the components of value train. This is also one of the feature which distinguish the best from the rest and the generators have shown how to make a portable and durable generator that fulfil the needs of the consumers and make profit for yourself. What consumers need to know about generator Yamaha Know what to consider before you take out your money to spend it. Don't just be a spender be an investment. Yamaha generators are all portable since the intended audience were those who love portable generators and for who love spending their time away from home. Always remember anything you do with your money is an investment so spend and buy wisely. What to expect from Yamaha next? With all this great and unique portable generators that Yamaha are continuing to make and design do not be shocked to see their next make. Now that they are on top with their game and still their products are the best selling in the market you need to cross your fingers and wait for the magic to happen. 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