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Best Standby Generators: Every home needs to have reliable power sources to ensure that the electrical appliances run as required. However, fully relying on the grid may disappoint you in many ways. This calls for a standby generator which will provide reliable power that does not harm the electrical appliances. There are many such generators on the market with differing capabilities. Here, we focus on some of the best ones can get in terms of their features and the ease with which they can be used. Reliability is also a point focused on here given that without reliable power a lot may go to waste at home or in a company. Amazon Current Price Generac 6461 Guardian Series The stand by generators in this series all work by providing safe power which will ensure that the electrical appliances in the home remain in good working conditions. The generators in this series are approved by various bodies for safety including the EPA, CUL, and the UL. Users thus need not worry about the safety of their appliances. It also has an automatic switch which turns it on and off without needing manual intervention from the users. For the most part, these generators are cooled by air rather than liquid coolants. Briggs and Stratton 40450 If one is in need of a backup generator, they need not look further than the Briggs and Stratton 40450 generator. The transfer switch that powers this generator is rated at 200 amps and allows the generator to produce 10,000 watts of power for the home. This amount of power is enough to power many appliances including two air conditioners of three tons size besides the other equipment in the home. The current from this generator is meant to be smooth and stable enough for the sensitive electrical appliances to work well. Kohler 20RESAL-100LC16 Having a portable generator that also doubles as a backup source of power serves to provide the home with reliable power whenever the grid proves unreliable during foul weather. This Kohler generator has among the quickest response times on the market. When the grid goes out, it will take at most 10 seconds for this generator to come alive and provide the required power in the home. Unlike other generators in the same class, the power from this generator will be stable enough to allow all equipment to use it without a hitch. Amazon Current Price Generac 6462 Guardian Series It will be an injustice not mentioning Generac in the class of the best home backup generators since the engineers at Generac packed their best facilities in the Generac 6462 generator. It has the capacity to run a 5-ton air conditioner when paired with a Generac load shedding switch. The fact that it runs on natural gas makes it very handy given that all that is needed is connecting it to the home natural gas piping system which will guarantee a lifetime of use without interruptions. Its approval by the EPA, UL, and CUL and automatic switch make sit very safe and reliable. Amazon Current Price Briggs & Stratton 40346 No emergency generator provides more power to the home than the Briggs & Stratton 40346. It provides 20,000 watts of power which is able to power several air conditioners besides the other home appliances. It has a compact size which makes it very handy in moving in the home. The exterior is also built to last owing to the high quality of the materials that go into making its parts. It can even be used to run a business owing to its quiet nature as it has among the lowest levels of noise on the market. Briggs & Stratton 40445 A home standby generator such as the Briggs & Stratton 40445 occupies the least space in the home and provides enough power for most home appliances. At a rating of 8,000 watts, this generator is able to power all the essential appliances in the home such as fridges, TV sets and the lights. It comes on automatically hence eliminating the need to turn it on when the power goes off manually. Also, the stability of the power from this generator will enable the appliances to run without the risk of blowing out. Choosing the Best Standby Generator Choosing the best standby generator takes several measures including knowing the power required for the home. If one is a heavy power, they need to go for the powerful generators with a power output of more than 10,000 watts. Most homes, however, will require less than that amount of power. The second aspect to observe is the sensitivity of the appliances in the home. Most standby generators with automatic switches will cost more than manual ones. If one does not need emergency power as soon as possible, they can opt for cheaper manually operated standby generators. Amazon Current Price Tags: standby generators, best generators, generator reviews, best stand by generators, backup generators, emergency generators, home generators, best home generators, house generators
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