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Stand By Generators: What are Standby Generators? Standby generators are generally generators that are ready/available for a particular function, task or service and equally act as backup and are usually ready for emergency situations and use. They are connected to the electrical grid of the building and are designed to start automatically as soon as the main power supply is cut off and likewise switch itself off as soon as the original power supply is established. This transition is managed by a device known as a Transfer Switch that accompanies the generator or is integrated within it. Amazon Current Price Various manufacturers design and produce generators to serve as backups for homes and institutions. These generators have different specifications characterised by the power generated, projected use, fuel system, integrated technology, reliability, durability etc. Uses Standby generators usually act as home backup generators and unlike portable generators they are fixed and have the capacity to power a wide variety of machines, devices and equipment. These generators can power a home or institution furnished with the following appliances and equipment amongst others:
  • Refrigerator;
  • AC and fan systems;
  • Lighting;
  • Water generation, sanitation and heating units;
  • Kitchen and bathroom appliances;
  • Household devices and appliance like routers, cell phone chargers, laptops, PC, TV, radios etc.;
  • Dish and cloth washing / drying machines;
  • Security and surveillance systems;
  • Vacuum cleaners.
Characteristics of Standby or Stationary Generators Due to the multitude of manufacturers, models and designs for standby home generators, the characteristics for standby generators are multiple and vary a lot depending on the purpose allocated for their respective production. Some characteristics of standby generators include:
  • They are immobile generators, fixed to a spot and acts as a standby (back-up) for homes and institutions depending on the power required;
  • Standby generators require a transfer switch that protects appliances and generator from damage. The transfer switch automatically switches on and off when power goes off and on respectively;
  • Standby generators run self-diagnoses and have distant monitoring capabilities where the home owner has access to the generatorís control panel through remote devices such as laptops, phones and tablets via the internet;
  • These stationary backup generators have different fuel systems. They are usually powered by gas, propane, and dual system. Some backup generators produce power from solar energy;
  • Most standby generator models are designed to deliver great output wattage because they run at a constant rpm irrespective of the power demanded of it. Nonetheless some have speed range regulation systems;
  • Standby generators have noise reduction technology integrated in them to make them quieter due to their fixed nature and closeness to residences;
  • Standby generators are designed and equipped with large radiators, good ventilation and coolant systems to control overheating of this backup generator;
  • They generate power that usually range from 5,000 to 25,000 watts with varying ATS response times usually in a matter of seconds, with some going to as low as 10 seconds.
Amazon Current Price The Pros and Cons of HomeStandby Generators
  • Appropriate and accurate for residential and commercial use
  • Requires a specialist for the first time installation and connection into the electrical grid
  • Wide wattage range
  • Repairs is more difficult due to the higher electronics used
  • Easy to use and requires no manual intervention during power outages
  • Immobile and cannot be easily transported (usually require a crane)
  • Have removable doors/caps for easy maintenance, services and fuelling
  • Relatively more costly and require installation fees
  • Its dimensions make it practically impossible to be stolen
  • They tend to consume a lot of fuel
  • Run self-diagnoses and can be remotely monitored
  • Maintenance and repairs should be conducted by a specialist or electrician
  • Very quiet
  • Greater power output and runs for extended time. Can run from a couple of hours to weeks.
  • They have a large selection of Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) with low response times
  • Some models as well as ATS are weather proof and can resist the annual change in seasons
  • They comply to standards of the EPA and certifications/listings such as 1-UL listed, cUL listed. Some are also CARB compliant
  Why acquire a standby generator? Standby generators are the best backup solutions for the supply of electricity to homes and establishments to tackle the problem of power failures. Standby generators do not require regular runtime and most are usually connected directly to the home gas line hence eliminates the inconvenience of fetching or purchasing fuel. Standby generators produce enough energy to supply commercial and residential buildings with electricity for a very long period of time. The energy could equally power the devices, equipment and appliances that can be found in a home or institution. With the low ATS response time, occupants would barely notice the power cut. These notwithstanding the greatest advantage and use the standby generator has over all the other categories of generators is the fact that it switches on and off automatically and when connected to the home gas supply system, it can hypothetically run somewhat indefinitely. Amazon Current Price Tags: standby generators, best generators, best stand by generators, backup generator, portable generator, home backup generator, emergency generator, home standby generator, generator reviews, home generators
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