How to Boost your Income Through Traffic

There are many ways bloggers can actually increase their income from blogging. However, one of the ways, if not the best way, is by increasing traffic to tour blog or website. The need to increase traffic has been the problem to many and many bloggers search the internet daily to search for the best strategies on how to boost income through traffic.

Many experts will rightly argue that traffic is the key to generate income from a blog, website or any online business, however, you have to generate this traffic first for your blog to start paying you some good bucks. Generating and increasing traffic to blog has never been easy for most startups and new bloggers; it’s like a goal that won’t just come handy. While this remains a nightmare to some people, there is a good number of traffic generating strategies that will shape and align your blog, or website to start harvesting good amount of bucks in no distance time. For this reason, we have put together this article, outlining the various traffic generating strategies that will provide bloggers and those interested in making some good cash from online business or their websites, the various techniques on how to boost income through traffic.

Let’s get to looking at how to boost income through traffic


Drive Traffic to your Blog or Website

The first and most important strategy on how to boost income through traffic is to generate traffic. You need to drive huge traffic to your blog or website. There are many strategies you can explore to get this done. I will mention just a few here.

      I.        Create an SEO-Friendly Blog

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to drive huge quality traffic to your blog or website, yet many bloggers ignore this strategy for various reasons that usually have more to do with misunderstanding and fear than real problems. Statistics have it that, Google alone receives about 7 billion daily searches. Taking advantage of this tremendous traffic opportunity will be a great way to direct a great deal of the traffic to your blog. Remember that most of the business side of blogging, that is, from inquiries for advertising, guest posting opportunities to discovery by major media and press entities comes through search engines.

To SEO your blogs or to make your blog more SEO- friendly is both simple and easy, especially if you're using an SEO-friendly platform such as Wordpress. All you need to do to make your content optimized for search engines is to put in the time to create quality, unique, easy to read, valuable contents with captivating topics and relevant images or info graphics. Just embrace this, and search engines will reward you with the thousands of visitors searching or browsing the net seeking exactly what you've posted.

    II.        Add Photos, Illustrations, and Info graphics (with link-back licensing)

Image contents are a great way to keep the user’s engagement alive. Therefore, if you can take photos, produce graphics, illustrate or even just create funny doodles in MS Paint, you should take advantage and put that talent on your blog to work for you. By uploading and hosting images (or using a third-party service to embed your images with licensing requirements on that site), you will be able to drive traffic to your blog through Image search, and often massively improve the enjoyment of your visitors.

   III.        Improve your Keywords Strategy

Keywords are simply those terms and phrases that internet users are actually typing into search engines as the browse the internet. This forms the basis of search engine optimization (SEO). Targeting these terms and phrases or using them in your content creation is more likely to tailor your content to search engine or make your content easily recognizable by the various search engines (like Google, and Yahoo).

Luckily, there are simply tools, (such as AdWords Keyword Planner) that you can utilize to obtain these keywords for the topic you want to draft your content. The best principle is to select about 5 to 7 of these keywords (the best keywords are prototype or the "exact match" of your topic), and have them repeat about 5 times each in your content. This also depends on the number of words you intend to write. A post of at least a thousand words should contain about 5 keywords.  "Phrase match" will give you only those keywords that include the word or words in your topic. Keyword research is best utilized for the headline and the title of the post.

  IV.        Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn) Sharing

The social media is fast becoming or is already crowded with visitors. Statistics holds that, more than 75% of active internet users use the social media. Now, knowing the potential that this can provide to your blog or website, it’s only good starting leveraging it in generating some good quantity of quality traffic and sales.

However, to get the best out of these social networks, you need a great deal of study, patience, attention to changes by the sites and also consider what content to share, when and how to share it. While the people who use these social networks are more inclined to share content, they won’t share any type of contents. Studies have it that, the types of contents they are more likely to share are those that arouse emotion, explain how to do something (such as how to boost income through traffic), info graphic, images and illustration contents, etc.

To get started with social media sharing, you have to sign and set up an account on every social channel you intent to use, provide a good photo and write a compelling description for each profile. Then go on to connect to as many people, build trust and credibility. Trust comes once you are truthful and through high quality, authentic participation and sharing with every one of your visitors. Once you are out there, start sharing contents.

If you consistently employ the strategy of share great stuff, participation, and keep interaction alive, you will create a positive, memorable impression on those who see your contents on these channels, and that will translate to increase in the number of your followers and fans, and your ability to drive traffic back to your website or blog by sharing content will also be great. For many bloggers, (including I), social media channels remains the single largest source of traffic, especially in the stages of your blog, just after launching your blog, when SEO is a less consistent driver.

  V.           Accept Guest Post of Others

Starting off has never been easy, especially after your lunch when you have no traffic. This is really where connections such as friends, family and other professional connections are critical. Get these your connections that know and trust you to allow you to post on their blog and return the favor.

Guest blogging is a great way to spread your brand and meet a new audience who've never seen your work. This is helpful in earning early references and links back to your blog or website, which will drive direct traffic.

Just go on and search those blogs with relevant audience and “pitch” to them. You may have a “no” or “no response” but that should not discourage you. As you grow in your niche, you will be more likely to get a yes.


Improve the use of call to actions      

The mistake most bloggers do is not to add a call to action button on their site or for some who do, they place it hidden in their article that it becomes difficult for visitors to identify. Your call to action button should be visible enough and well positioned. It should be followed by a simple message that required you to take action. Add or place such button with you top recommended product(s) box in your post. Your call to action message could read such, “view this product here”, “you can get this product here” or “check out this product” buttons added to your article.


Improve the use of affiliate links

While there are a lot of companies offering affiliate links, getting a link is just a step, but being able to use it rightly and generate some good cash is just what matters. The first thing is to get a good number of affiliate links (I’m not saying you should become an affiliate addict, which may also destroy your blog or website), say 5, and place them deliciously on your post with clear call to action buttons. You may decide to use images or products instead of buttons to direct visitors to your affiliate product. Whichever you used, simply make sure it’s easily located and don’t forget the let your visitors known when you are using affiliate links. Many users may get disturbed if you simply include affiliate links without clear distinction.

The point here is that, if you use fewer (say one or two) types of affiliate links, you may not target the other population who love the third. However, you should not make too much use of affiliate link such that your user becomes bore with it. Getting users to other pages frequently is not a good idea. The best principle, mix the various types of affiliate links (text, button, infographic, images, and so on.).

Use Unique Tracking ID’s to Identify Your Best Performing Pages
Remember that if you can only identify or measure it, you can improve it. Therefore, you need to be able to track or measure the traffic generated by your different pages. This is to say, you need different ID’s for your various pages. If you use just one tracking ID for your entire blog or website, it will be difficult for you to measure what each page is getting or generating more traffic or earning the most bucks. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use unique ID’s to track traffic and hence, buck generated by the various pages.

This process can be made simple by using Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to identify your top performing pages (pages generating more traffic). This way, you give your top pages unique ID’s, which will enable you to identify the pages that are generating the greater fraction of your income.
The main reason for this is to help or enable you to spot patterns or figure out or identify what is working, and take necessary actions on the other pages to make them work too.

You will also be able to identify what which might not be working, and hence provide you with an idea of things to try to improve.

Test comparison tables

The next traffic generating strategies on that will help you adapt or know how to boost income through traffic is to test comparison tables. The comparison table is a much better way of generating clicks and traffic to your affiliate links and can also translate to a good percentage or amount of sales. Going by the benefits that come with a comparison table, you should definitely try to get one and test it. But if you already have one, you can go on to try what will happen if you remove it.

Remember that every niche has some different properties and therefore, you should try to identify what doesn’t or does work. 

Recommended Products

This is what most people fail to do and it gets them trapped in their own net. It’s a great idea to get a comparison table out there, but if you fail to recommend products, it can really play with your sales. Therefore, after increasing traffic to blog by using your traffic generating strategies, identified your best performing pages (the top 10), and created a nice looking comparison table, the next thing to do will be to recommend a product. Most people are getting cut in your net ones you help them make that choice. They believe you are better familiar with the products than they do and will blindly follow your recommendation and purchase that product.

However, the product you recommended should have a “stand alone” call to action. Let people easily locate or identify what they have to do to get to this product. There are many tools such as that Thrive ContenEditor that you can use to get this done in less than an hour. However, you can still get it without the use of any tool by simply copying and pasting links but that will take you longer duration.

Once more, your best performing pages will play the magic. The best pages to place the recommended products are those pages that receive the most visitors otherwise known as the best performing pages.

Direct people to the affiliate vendor            
The next step on how to boost income through traffic is to direct people to the affiliate vendor. Most of the times, you will have to direct your visitors to the landing pages on your affiliate company’s website. Like the saying “first impression sells the product”. A product landing page is an important contributor to the number of click through rates. It brings in that flavor that drives the visitor to make a purchase. Having a great product and a poor landing page (unresponsive page, for example) may tremendously lower your sales.  In which case, therefore, you may have to verify the quality of the product’s landing page.

While some products have very good landing pages and therefore you just have to direct people to them, others (with no so good landing pages) may require that you get the audience more entangle on the web with the product before directing them to the landing page. This may mean you have to create a dedicated review page and direct all other traffic (visitors) there first before getting them to the vendor’s product page.

 If you are already this, it may be time to try sending visitors directly to the affiliate landing page.

The goal here is to try all the various options and verify which work best for your niche and stick to it. However, make sure you put in enough time in running each particular test to be able to obtain accurate results. If you keep swapping things on daily basis, you may end up with a faulty or wrong conclusion.

Build an Email List.
Many marketing experts, including me will tell you of the power of an email list in lead generation. The most important thing to note about email list is that, they are generated from people who decided to receive mails about your products and services. They accepted to receive recommendations about your products and therefore, it’s best to give them this information at targeted hours. With the power email list has, you should be able to get back to your list with specific recommendations and a simple message to lure them into taking action. Don’t forget to add a simple but clear call to action button (a text link may be more appropriate in your Emails).

While an Email list may be a great tool to boost income, it will not work for all sites or may not be necessary for all websites. Therefore, you may have to decide whether to send your visitors directly to the vendor site (true for Amazon) or you may have to get some promotional messages to their mailboxes before you can direct them to the vendor website.

It really is good to start by considering what your audience and visitors might be interested in purchasing, and then deciding whether it's worth generating an email list. In most cases, you should have something you can promote to them, and normally, this won't take a lot of effort to find out. You could promote, for example, your eBook, advertising slots, services or anything you think it can be of interest to your audiences. However, what you promote should be similar to the product they first show interest in.

Product Review

Another great method on how to boost your income through traffic is to have a simple, but accurate product review. This is what most people go to first before they finally decide to make a purchase. Others who may not even need this product may be attracted and lure by the product review and end up making a purchase.

Therefore, you may have to direct your visitors first to the product review page and then to the product. One great way is to have the product landing page with the product review. This way, you shorten the path taken by your visitor to get their purchase done. Remember, this is one of the best ways to boost income (shortening the path from product for closing deals).


What Next?

Now your traffic generating strategies are going well and generating some good amount of bucks. But that doesn’t mean you have to fold your hands, NO! You have to figure out how to get more money out of it. Therefore, what do you have to do next?

Add more posts and Product reviews: Go on creating more quality, valuable and unique post making use of long-tail keywords and lots more product reviews. Great contents will always generate you a good amount of traffic and product reviews are great at luring audiences to make purchases. There are many great selling products you can identify or search on those great commercial sites like Amazon that you can target with an individual review. This will only go on to increase or boost your income at the end of the day.

Possibly add more links: Add some more powerful affiliate links to your blogs. Links are great ways to drive traffic and help take target audiences to your product pages. Remember that you only get a commission from those links, therefore, the more quality links you have, the better your income.  

Keep testing conversions: You need to be current with the performance of your blog and therefore take corresponding actions when the need arises. There are great tools you can install (such as Google analytics) which analyses the performances of your pages. In other words, these tools tell you how your visitors are behaving on your blog or website, where there are clicking, the type of contents they are reading, how far they are reading, etc. The more you know about the behavior of your audiences, the better you can target them and the more traffic and income you get coming to you.  

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