How AI Boosts Agent Performance To Enhance Customer Experience?

Do you know what are the top priorities of a contact center? Making money by providing quality customer service is what everyone expects. But the latest survey on call centers and BPO agencies has shown that their primary objective is to improve customer experience (CX) by trimming down the overall costs and enhancing the work efficiency of the agents. This is when call centers prefer to integrate their process with robotic process automation solutions.

If you take a sneak peek at the past, call centers used to analyze their work process and customer experience to evaluate the agent's performance and their ability to meet the required goals. This represents that contact centers will only gain an understanding of the inefficiencies by observing the poor performance of the agents. What's the use of crying over split milk? Such approaches are certainly frustrating and cost-consuming.

Thanks to the AI-empowered software that provides enhanced workforce management solutions and simultaneously improves the agent performance for better CX.  

To learn how AI can contribute to the enhancement of agent performance, you need to gain understandings of the following.

  • What are the benefits of using AI in call centers?
  • What are the different applications empowered by AI in a contact center?

Benefits of using AI in call centers

As per the recent statistics, contact centers using AI experience a 3.3x hike in customer retention rates (10.5%), 3.5x increase in customer satisfaction rates (10.1%), and 8.8% improvement in customer effort score. Whereas, companies not using AI are struggling to achieve success rates. Let us explore other additional benefits in detail.

  1. Easy to monitor automated calls: Monitoring customer calls manually is pretty time-consuming and tiring. However, with the use of AI tools, agents can easily scan calls and monitor them, allowing the business to get a better insight into the agent's performance and customer experience.
  2. Reduces customer waiting: The integration of AI chatbot software & solutions adds another pro to the agent performance. It assists agents in handling multiple calls at a time, reducing the customer waiting time in a queue. It simplifies the manual tasks like paying bills, resetting or setting a password, giving an answer to common queries, etc.
  3. Improve work efficiency: This is what you must be waiting for. AI applications integrated into the call center process improves the work efficiency of the agents to a wide extent. It reduces the manual efforts by automating repetitive tasks and other complex jobs.


AI-empowered applications in a contact center

AI-enabled applications are the only reason behind the improvement of work efficiency and low operational costs. We will learn about them in detail so that you find them easier to understand.

  1. Sentiment analysis: AI-enabled emotion analytic tools can analyze verbal and non-verbal communication to understand the mood of the customers raising queries or complaints. Analyzing the mood, the agents get a better understanding of the customer's behavior and accordingly drop down the solutions to improve the customer experience.
  2. Issue recognition: Robotic process automation solutions can also recognize the issues by visualizing the digital images and videos. The best thing about an AI tool is they are accurate while identifying an issue, recognizing it, and distinguishing it from others. Such tools reduce the manual efforts required for the whole process by routing the customers to self-service channels. Another application to improve agent performance and customer experience.   
  3. Text analysis: Call centers uses AI tools to perform NLP or natural language processing analysis to get a proper insight into customer’s perception. To find whether the information shared by the customer is positive or neutral, such tools make the best fit. With this tool, agents can sense multiple opinions left by the customers on review sites, forums, social media, blogs, etc. The AI-enabled NLP tool analyzes the entire process and helps the agents to extract product suggestions while addressing the issues. Another way how AI team up with the agents to offer a seamless customer experience.
  4. Predictive analysis: Solving customer issues is not an easy cup of tea for the agents. However, the process can be made easier with the predictive analysis tool engineered with an AI solution. With this tool, agents can easily predict the customer needs, their demands, and interests in advance, and accordingly, bring a solution to their problem at one take. Predicting the customer interests and customer interaction patterns, the tool allows agents to come up with relevant products that may satisfy the customers.
  5. Improve agent productivity: Do you know AI tools are also responsible for providing workforce management solutions? Thanks to the AI-based software that when integrated with a contact center process can improve the agents’ efficiency and productivity. The features that made such tools demanding are -

    Call prioritization
    Recommendation engines
    Agent activities monitoring
    Agent training and development
    Customer identification


Such features extend the abilities of the customer support agents, assisting them to work faster and end up providing better quality service to the customers.  


Key Takeaways

AI chatbot software & solutions have a profound impact on contact center agents and their services. Not just this strengthens the customer experience but even eliminates human frustration by replicating human agents and performing the task in no time. It is not wrong to conclude that with the right combination of technology, you can improve the operational efficiency of the customer service agents. This eventually triggers high customer retention and boosts customer experience a lot.

Contact centers that have already adopted robotic process automation solutions are experiencing a high success rate compared to those who are yet to adopt. Remember, it is always better to take precautions beforehand, instead of learning from your mistakes. Anyone who is interested to digitalize business must prefer RPA-based call center services for better opportunities.  

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