Enjoy Quality Sound Under water with Waterproof MP3 Player

By Charlotte

Using the waterproof MP3 player you can listen to your favourite music while swimming. This technology works properly under water. MP3 players are carefully engineered and designed with watertight outer housing to enable you listen to melodies while in water.

This was formally impossible until modern technology proved contrary. Waterproof MP3 have recently become very popular worldwide as people wear them for diving. It is wonderful listening to your favourite music while you enjoy the beauty of the aquatic world. Most times a lot of people find it difficult coming back to the surface due to the joy and pleasure waterproof MP3 players give. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate waterproof casing for your normal MP3 player though they do not provide as much protection from water as devices carefully designed to be waterproof and to be used underwater.

Waterproof MP3 players come with built-in earphones since earphone jacks could compromise the water resistant features. If your choice of waterproof MP3 player does not come with this feature, you will have to purchase a separate pair of waterproof earphones to use with the device. The main reasons why you should purchase a waterproof MP3 headset for swimming are;

  • Its smaller design is waterproof even in deep water bodies;
  • It comes with a proven advanced technology which works perfectly
  • Waterproof MP3 and small ear bud players are cheaper than your phone or bigger headphones; and
  • Its small design is comfortable and easy to use while swimming.

Can a Waterproof iPod Nano be used for swimming?

There is no waterproof iPod Nano you can use for swimming without additional measures against water destruction. The best thing you can do is to get a waterproof iPod Nano and protect it with a waterproof bag before using.

After purchasing good water resistant headphones, you are ready for a great swimming experience with the waterproof iPod Nano. This set is expensive and not as comfortable as you may want it to be.  Nevertheless, waterproof iPod Shuffle is a great choice for swimming in a large pools or the ocean.

How deep can you go with waterproof iPod/MP3 players?

The entire sets of iPod/MP3 on this list are safe to use for swimming in pools. Some are highly protected from water to a certain depth. You are advised by manufacturers to clean up your waterproof MP3 player with fresh water after using it in the sea. This is because salty sea water is known to be more aggressive with electronics than fresh water.

Which are the Best Waterproof Headphones for Swimming?

There are several good waterproof headphones available for sell but Swimbuds are the best. Whenever you purchase your waterproof MP3 player, you are offered additional headphones with it, but those are not often the best to use underwater. Waterproof MP3 player reviews reveal that it is easy to keep them held to the ears particularly when engaging in fast underwater moves like flips.

Get a head cap which helps keep the headphones stuck to your ears. Otherwise you will be exposed to a good number of difficulties while swimming. In order to solve this problem we recommend you get better waterproof headphones. Though they are more expensive, you will certainly benefit from the quality. To get the best possible experience in the pool, simply get one of these swimbuds which are carefully designed and engineered with a lot of craftsman skills for fast underwater swimming.


Waterproof Headphones

Above are Swimbuds 100% waterproof headphones carefully designed for flip turns. They are Durable, comfortable and come with filtered, loud, and clear sound. They cost 40 dollars.

 Waterproof Headphones

The Swimbuds above are Sport Waterproof headphones which cost 70 dollars.  When you get these headphones, take note of quality ear tips that keep earbuds in your ears and water out. It should be noted that wearing a swimming cap can offer great stability even when using Swimbuds.

Why can’t Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones be used in the Pool?

Bluetooth headphones are useless for swimming because they don’t work under water since signals cannot be transmitted underwater as on land. Immediately your headphone touches water, you will experience signal interference. This implies you will lose the Bluetooth connection and the headphones will also stop working. Up till now, there is no cheap, good, wireless technology capable of being used underwater for sound streaming.

 How to choose a Waterproof MP3 Player

Before purchasing waterproof MP3 player, there are a lot of technical details to consider just as you would do for any other electronic device. The storage capacity, battery life, sound quality is only a few amongst the features to consider. This guide should help you make a confident and informed decision as you take each of these aspects serious.

Waterproof Technology

Waterproofing is a recent advanced reliable form of technology, but a lot of manufacturers can be vague about its exact details. A good number of products will specify that MP3 is waterproof up to 10ft whereas others will merely state it is waterproof. For this reason waterproof MP3 should generally be used in shallow depths at the beach or taking swimming laps.

It’s quite difficult for waterproof MP3 players to go above 10ft due to the fact that water pressure can easily compromise the device’s waterproof seal. Nevertheless, other advanced models can be used in oceans down to depths of 200ft. The waterproof technology is advanced enough to ensure that the product lasts longer when used properly.

Size and Buttons

Though at first glance, the sizes of waterproof MP3 players do not clearly appear to be variable, the differences in sizes can be quite noticeable. In addition, the designed shape which the waterproof MP3 player comes with can significantly affect how convenient it is to swim with. An example is the Speedo Aquabeat which takes the larger end of the waterproof MP3 and has large display buttons which fit comfortably in the hand.

Minimalists would prefer a smaller size which is less cumbersome. The harness style is another point of preference which greatly varies. For a secured attachment on your body, the best waterproof MP3 players come with armbands. Others come with a lower profile for attachment to swimming goggles. However, one style does not really have an advantage over the other; it’s just a question of personal preferences and a feature to take into consideration before shopping.

Technical Features and Compatibility

If you are not techy, you would find the features of an MP3 player a little overwhelming. Listed below are features which you can find in a waterproof MP3 player;

  • The Drag and drop playlist: This has the ability to easily manage all your playlists through a specially designed MP3 player’s software on any computer;
  • The Pause and Shuffle capability: This is gives the opportunity of shuffling your play list and play songs at random;
  • The MP3 and WMA compatibility: This makes it possible to play mpeg, MP3, and WMA media files;
  • The Playback Mode: To repeat current tracks, shuffle play list and repeat playlist;
  • The USB port: The USB port allows the MP3 connect directly to your computer via a USB cable;
  • The Next/Previous track: To skip tracks as well as move to previously played track; and
  • The PC and Mac compatibility: The MP3 player’s software works well for both Mac and Windows computers.


If you are in possession of a pair of waterproof earphones, it will likely work well with a waterproof MP3 player because they use a standard audio jack. If you are not sure, it is advisable to use the included earphones which have been tested and proven to work well with the particular MP3 purchased.

At times, an incompatible or poor quality earphone can cause corrosion of the audio jack connection. It can as well compromise the waterproof seal.

Storage Capacity and Type

Most Waterproof MP3 players come with a storage capacity ranging between 2 to 4gigabytes. Whereas an average MP3 file is 4 to 5mgabytes thus each gigabyte of storage space has the capacity to take roughly 200 to 250 songs. Below is a simple differentiation for an easy understanding;

  • 500MB roughly represents 100 to 125 songs offering approximately complete 6hours of music;
  • 1GB roughly represents 200 to 250 songs offering approximately complete 12 hours of continuous music;
  • 2GB roughly represents 400 to 500 songs giving approximately complete 24 hours of continuous music;
  • 4GB roughly 800 to 1000 songs offering approximately 48 hours of continuous music; and
  • 8GB roughly 1600 to 2000 songs giving approximately complete 96 hours of continuous music.

Waterproof MP3 players often come with an internal storage which use a USB cable to connect with your computer. However, others use an external memory such as a micro SD card. In case you are unfamiliar with these terms, you will have to check if your computer is compatible with the type of memory card used by the MP3 player before purchasing it. When in doubt, ask a family member or friend for assistance since it is a topic most computer savvy individuals would be familiar with.

The Battery Life

To make recharging easy and simple, all waterproof MP3 players come with a built-in battery. A good number of waterproof MP3 players come with a battery life of 6 to 8 hours. Generally they are designed to support a good number of trips to the pool after full charge. Anything with more time would be one with a large battery making the device bulkier.

Double check your Facts

Same with all major purchases, you have to double check the functionality of each feature carefully and individually to confirm you are actually purchasing the best waterproof MP3 player. If a feature is not explicitly stated, never assume it is included as it can later be shocking to realise that the features are not there.

Do not hesitate to contact customer service when you are in doubt. This is to ensure that the experience you will have using the device will be positive and cheerful.

How Water Damages Electronics

It is common knowledge that electronics and water do not mix. However, this is not exactly true. A lot of electronics companies consider water threats during production. An example is the printed circuit boards, they are often rinsed several times in water during creation to remove all sorts of contamination.

Water on its own is less risky for electronics. What causes problems to electronics are the particles found in water. Corrosive particles found in water like salt and minerals can easily lead to the corrosion of electronic devices which are powered on and energized. In addition, the particles in water assist in spreading power from the battery to other unintended components of the electronic device leading to its destruction.

Such components are capacitors and transistors which can easily be damaged by too much energy. Electronic devices come with LCD screens which are prone to irreparable damage when they come in contact with water. This is because water gets trapped between the digital board and the glass. A good number of rechargeable batteries are made from alkali elements which are highly reactive with water. The battery’s contact even with small amounts of water can lead to its destruction. Reasons why those who regularly spend time near water should waterproof their daily used devices like the MP3 players and cell phones.

How Water proofing has evolved

The whole concept of waterproofing rests on making a surface or object extremely water-resistant to the point that it is considered impossible to be affected by water.

Nature has the first waterproof surfaces like the petals of the lotus flower and feathers of a duck. The theory of waterproofing which is today used in MP3 players dates back to centuries when wooden boats were coated with resins to keep water from seeping in. For this resin mixture, dry straw was often mixed with wax and stuffed between the cracks of boards. After which these boards were coated with another layer of tar or fatty oil.

Even today, waterproofing still calls for the use of water repellent coatings, the only thing that has changed is the materials used.

The Benefits of waterproof MP3 Players

The chief benefit for using this device is the point that its complete water resistant features. This feature is often associated with prevented accidents. It eliminates damages experienced when an MP3 player falls in the bathroom or is washed in the laundry machine. It is known that when a normal MP3 player falls into water, repairing it in most cases is impossible. But with these waterproof MP3 players, you do not need to worry even if they spend a night in water.

The Apple iPod Shuffle by AudioFlood


Apple iPod Shuffle by AudioFlood

Featuring as the top pick of most waterproof MP3 player reviews, it tends to be one of the best waterproof MP3 players for swimming. Sold at an affordable price of 120 to 200 dollars, it is presently the best waterproof iPod/MP3 for swimming. No matter the activity you engage in, whether in salty seas or taking laps in a pool with fresh water, this waterproof MP3 by AudioFlood will do the job perfectly. On Amazon.com this is the top rated waterproof iPod/MP3 for several reasons.


  • Very durable and easy to use;
  • It is Apple quality made;
  • More than 500 songs in a compact design;
  • Nice selection of accessories;
  • It is great for swimming; and
  • Has a waterproof capacity of up to 200 feet underwater.


  • Stiff controls take time to master.

Its Durability and Water Protection

Its whole casing is made waterproof up to great depths of 200 feet whether in fresh or salty water. It’s quite unlikely that you will ever go deeper, making this protection very secure. If you purchase good waterproof headphones, this MP3 will make diving more fun as you enjoy the creatures of the underwater world.

Its small and sturdy size makes it quit similar to the standard non-waterproof edition. If you wish, you can use it as a normal player or for sports. Coming with 2 years full warranty which completely covers your investment, it also has great customer service in case you ever need it to be fixed or replaced. With proper care, this waterproof MP3 player for swimming will last a good number of years without the least functional failure.

Always rinse it with fresh water and dry with cloth. This is very important if you use it in the ocean’s salty water.

With standard, non-waterproof Apple earbuds, you will receive additional in-ear earphones which are carefully built to be used under water. They come with pretty a wide variety of swimming ear tips together with a short cord and an extension in case you need it. Otherwise, you can wear it in several different ways. You don’t need to worry about getting the earbuds wet because they are 100% waterproof.

The only effect water can have is slightly change the sound if you don’t have the best fit. For a lot of people, this won’t really be an issue. There’s a possibility of trying different waterproof headphones like the Swimbuds if you happen to be one of those who can’t just keep the earbuds in. In order to better stabilise the fitness, you can wear a swimming cap.


Its 2GB of space is not much compared to today’s MP3, but the space is enough to store more than 500 of your favourite songs. Considering that this waterproof MP3 player for swimming is Apple shuffled, meaning it comes without a display screen, you will probably never want to have more songs than that.

The device comes with a strong and durable battery capable of offering 15 hours of continuous play time. The device is charged using a regular USB cable.


  • Clip on the back;
  • Shuffle feature;
  • Independent control button;
  • 15 hours playback;
  • Voice Over feature;
  • 2GB of internal storage space; and
  • Plays both MP3 and ACC.

In reviews of waterproof MP3 players on Amazon, this device figures 1,863 positive comments testifying its efficiency and containing the following pros;

  • Lightweight;
  • Waterproof apparently;
  • Easy to download music from my mac; and
  • Offers good sound quality.

The Conclusion,

This waterproof MP3 player has cost as the main disadvantage. Nevertheless, you will get what you pay for because this is not only the best but it is also the ideal waterproof MP3 player for the piece. It is iTune compatible, very easy to use and possesses has a comfortable design to give the best diving experiences. It remains the best alternative for most people


It comes with clean, balanced and detailed sound just like the regular iPod Shuffle you can enjoy on the go. Depending on the earbuds you are using and its fit, the sound can be a little muffled. Meaning the sound isn’t that perfect but remains the best you’ll get from any underwater MP3 player. Just look no further if you have been looking for a small, durable and best waterproof MP3 player, simply get the iPod Shuffle by AudioFlood.

The SYRYN Waterproof MP3 Player Review

   SYRYN Waterproof MP3 Player

If you are tired of trying other waterproof MP3 players without success, the SYRYN is the solution. The SYRYN waterproof MP3 player supplies the best swimming experience you will ever find.

It is an amazing value when it comes to waterproof earbuds for swimming. In short we believe this set is the best value for swimming. For all your water sport activities, this waterproof MP3 player will act as a warm companion.


It is built with tangle-free cord. Without discomfort, its 4-size earbuds fit perfectly. Purchasing this waterproof MP3 player for swimming is simply investing for more swimming time. The SYRYN was designed and build to be efficient and effective to offer the best swimming experiences possible. It should be noted that using a swimming cap will add more stability to the headphones.


The SYRYN waterproof MP3 player for swimming fully meets IPX8 standard, meaning it can endure submersions of up to 10 feet. The device is highly rated for its high performance and durability.It is capable of holding approximately 2000 tunes and audio tracks which can be played both in WMA and MP3 audio formats.

There is no driver required for the management of this waterproof MP3 player in your computer since it simply uses the USB plug-and-play technology. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. This waterproof MP3 is far more pleasing than you can imagine and at the same time making them far more competitive. In addition, its fanciful battery life can last a good number of swimming trips.

With its large storage capacity it can hold up all your favourite musical collections. Being one of the coolest waterproof MP3 players representing a successful iPod Shuffle, reviews of waterproof MP3 players on Amazon put the SYRYN bundle among the top successful items you can meet in the market today.


Sound quality produced from the Swimbuds headphones and 8GB SYRYN waterproof MP3 player rivals several other more expensive models. Its sound is clear, filtered and smooth. Without the need for a bulky cable management system, it features a short audio cable that easily connects to the MP3 player. It is smaller than it seems and its clip is closed to the back of the body. Any USB file transfer via computer with this waterproof MP3 player is done by drag-and-drop. This device supports audio files including the MP3 and WMV formats. More than 2000 songs can be stored in it thanks to its 8GB storage capacity. The device comes with 3 buttons that are responsible for controlling the Play/pause/, forward/reverse, on/off and shuffle features. In order to engage the shuffle function, you simply need to press and hold the forward and reverse buttons, this you do at the same time until its indicator light colour changes. It comes with a long lasting battery which exceeds four hours after full charge.


  • 15 hours playback;
  • 4 sizes of earbud tips;
  • Clip on the back;
  • 8GB of internal storage;
  • Shuffle feature; and
  • Supports both MP3 and WMA formats.


Since you would be listening to music underwater, these earbuds were carefully constructed to retain quality sound in water. With a tight fit that seals the earbud deeper in to the ear, you are offered an overall frequency which sounds good. With small amount of water in the ear canal, you are offered a little bass response with this device. But too much will muffle the sound.

It comes with a maximum sound level better than that of other common waterproof MP3 devices.The 8GB SYRYN waterproof MP3 player and the Swimbuds headphones are a great package that offers durable water resistance at an affordable price for anyone who needs a reliable underwater audio device.




  • Easy to sync songs;
  • Comfortable fit;
  • Awesome quality;
  • Respectable sound quality; and
  •  A long battery life.


  • It comes with pretty bad goggles.

In reviews of waterproof MP3 players on Amazon, the SYRYN shows 441 positive comments testifying its efficiency. An amazon customer by name Zumba ZIN Meisha wrote on March 1, 2016 that SYRYN can be sure they have a customer for life if they keep this up. It is 15 years now that I am a regular lap swimmer. I am a former US Navy service member. I find myself in the pool twice a week for 35 laps or more. The SYRYN have exceeded my expectations. All I can say is they are excellent.

The Waterfi Waterproof iPod/MP3 Shuffle


Costing between 120 to 200 dollars, this is another waterproof MP3 similar to that produced by AudioFloop. Although slightly more expensive, it is worth purchasing for you will never again be disappointed while swimming with a headphone. This device is one of the top rated waterproof MP3 players for swimming.


  • Apple quality;
  • Extremely durable yet very simple;
  • Water protected down great depths of 210 feet; and
  • Small, compact and reliable MP3.


  • Slightly more expensive than alternatives.

Durability and water protection

Have you ever believed you could move down to depths of 210 feet while listening to your favourite music and enjoying the beauty of water creatures? Well, it’s very possible; thanks to the waterfi waterproof MP3/iPod which is better than the AudioFloop model.

This makes it the ideal waterproof MP3 player for swimming. Note that you will have to use this device at 200 feet + depths. The only shortcoming with this device is the headphones it comes with. They are IPX7 fully rated, but this means that they can only be used up to depths of 10 feet underwater. Small, sturdy and simple to use, it looks more like the standard 4th generation Apple iPod Shuffle. They can be easily and conveniently strapped on to your goggles, because it is lightweight and small, it won’t border you at all.


Its 11 inches wires are slightly longer than those of AudioFloop version. Waterproof MP3 player reviews show that users of this waterproof MP3 player for swimming are not satisfied with its length since the cord often flaps around a lot when they swim. Nonetheless, some people complain of frustrations experienced during swimming resulting from the cord’s length which is too short. This device comes with different ear tip sizes and original, non-waterproof high quality Apple ear phones.

Use Swim buds Sports earphones if you find it difficult getting one that fits. The best and most reliable option for waterproof MP3 player for swimming is a combination of Swimbuds sport and waterproof iPod shuffle. Although a little more expensive, they remain the best option.


This is one of the best waterproof MP3 players that come with a durable battery life of 15 hours after full charge. You have the possibility of enjoying more than 500 songs thanks to its 2GB on-board storage capacity.

Though small, it offers a lot of flexibility and ease of use. In an instant, you’ll learn what buttons to press to skip songs or control volume. You can use software compatible with it like iTunes to copy music to iPod.


Its sound quality is one of the best amongst iPods for swimming. Its sound is clear, filtered and quite audible. Waterfi offers 2 years warranty which covers your investment. You will find it difficult getting something better than this one. This is because Waterfi is a reliable and durable waterproof MP3 player.

Waterproof MP3 player reviews on Amazon let slip 1,170 positive comments about the efficiency of the Waterfi. An amazon customer by name Jman wrote on September 16, 2012 in waterproof MP3 player reviews testifying that this device offers him underwater bliss. Still in waterproof MP3 player reviews on Amazon, a customer named David A. Harris wrote on March 19, 2017 affirming that this is a fantastic device everyone should purchase.

The Diver DB-10 Waterproof MP3 Player Review


This is a high quality waterproof MP3 player which comes with waterproof earphones.


It comes with a durable clip which can easily be connected to swimming safety glasses or headbands while swimming. This device comes with a short and an inconspicuous waterproof earphone which hooks around the ears with great stability.

As discussed, the main issue with all waterproof MP3 players is its earphone stability. This is because in cases where you dive rapidly and deep, your ears are filled with water that muffles the sound coming from the earphones. You should put on a swimming cap which increases the earphone’s stability as well as prevent water from entering your ears and muffling the sound. In general, its sound is quite great, especially when you listen to it while swimming.


This device comes with great built-in features for unlimited performance. This device is fully waterproof. It can remain underwater for up to 24hours without the least damage or weakness. It comes with one year warranty. In case it breaks or is damaged, you can easily change it with extremely valuable and fast customer service. Able to support both MP3 and WMA formats, it comes with a storage capacity of 4GB which can support your best musical collections. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. To charge it, you use a regular USB cable that it comes with. For a single full charge, its battery is capable of lasting for more than 16 hours.

Features and Specifications;

  • Clip on the back;
  • 4GB of storage space;
  • More than 16 hours of playback; and
  • Supports both MP3 and WMA formats.


  • The price is affordable;
  • It is completely waterproof meaning you can use in water without fear of damaging it.
  • This is an updated model that comes with 3.5mm plug.


  • Its waterproof headphones do not produce the best quality sounds.

The Verdict

This is the best you can get if you are searching for a budget plan and quality waterproof MP3 player for your swimming exercises.

Included in the Box;

  • Quick and rapid start guide;
  • USB cable;
  • Earphones; and
  • 3 different sized ear bud tips.

In reviews of waterproof MP3 players on Amazon, this device shows 553 positive comments from her users affirming its effectiveness. An Amazon customer testified the price and performance of this device beat the other guys. Still in reviews of the device on Amazon another customerrecommended it for all as he found it offering great sound quality. He also says that it makes swimming laps fun.

The Aerb MD190 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player

Amongst other things, it comes with a clip which can be attached to your swimming gear. This waterproof MP3 player stays in perfect condition after a full day in water. Reason why it is rated high and appreciated by the users. It holds tight to your ear for fast and deep swimming exercises. It comes with an internal memory capacity of 4GB thereby offering you the necessary amount of space to store your favourite musical collections. It is waterproof up to depths of 3 metres deep in water. It has small sized wires which are very convenient unlike other waterproof MP3 players with cumbersome wires. You won’t regret purchasing this device after your first swimming experience with it.

The Tayogo 2016 Upgraded Waterproof MP3 Player


If you are into different types of water sports, this is the best waterproof MP3 player for you. From swimming to diving, or surfing, you will find that this device offers memorable times. It comes in a unique stylish design with a USB headphone.

It has five different ear plug sizes from which you can choose what fits you best. It comes with a large internal storage space of 8GB, meaning you can store up a collection of all your favourite songs for a great swimming experience. It is quite durable when compared to other models.

The Sony WS610 Waterproof MP3 Player Review: Beyond the Sea

The Sony WS610 Waterproof MP3 headphones are presently available from Sony at a price of 129 pounds.

Key features:

  • Quick charge;
  • Waterproof to 2m;
  • Bluetooth and NFC; and
  • 4/16GB Internal storage.

The Pitch:

With the Sony WS610, you can train hard with no interruptions. It features a light weight and wrap-around headband that will always hold tight when subjected to all situations. This whether you are in the pool or on the track. Listening is made easier by its NFC and Bluetooth connectivity1, this fully allows you focus on your workout.

The Verdict:

It was originally a portable music brand. It later developed into a logo plastered on a bright orange Sony Ericson phone before it finally ended up as a software and hardware brand. The WS610 represents the flagship product of Sony’s waterproof Walkman range. Just from the outset, it’s clear that the features list certainly matches up the price tag. It is completely waterproof to 2m and comes with NFC, Bluetooth connectivity as well as a comfortable finger worn-worn wireless remote. The lightweight headband arcs around the back of the head and has an adjustable strap allowing you to fine tune for the right fit.

How do they work?

For starters, they sound decent. It includes the same clear phase audio adjustment found on the latest range of Xperia smart phones.  It comes with a superb battery life capable of withstanding 7 hours of continuous playback. They are not only used as MP3 players but can also be used as wireless headphones when running. It comes with a very quick charge function; just 3 minutes of plugin will get you an hour full playback. When out of the pool you can also connect them to your smart phone. They completely negate the need for any silly rubberised designs since they come with both dry and waterproof ear buds.


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