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Most gadgets are damaged when exposed to water. Waterproof earphones are good for swimming and sports to avoid damage that could result from exposure to sweat or water. Swimming which has always been a great form of exercise could sometimes be a little boring. Most swimmers relieve the boredom by listening to music while they swim. The main challenge of listening to music underwater is getting devices that meet IPX8 standard. Most importantly, you will also need an earphone that can be securely attached to your head so that the force of water does not knock it off during the exercise.

What is Special about Waterproof Headphones?

 Whether swimming or running, waterproof earphones give you the privilege of listening to music while you exercise. These earphones are designed to provide quality sound even underwater. Most underwater earphones function nearly 10 feet under water for up to 30 minutes with quality performance. Its waterproof feature is excellent. If the earphones get dirty or covered in sweat from an intense exercise, just wash them with water and soap. Waterproof earphones are in different sizes to fit any ear comfortably.

How to Choose the Best Waterproof Earphones?

The best waterproof earphones provide powerful, high quality sound and a comfortable design. It should also be able to work at great depths and for long periods. Below are some criteria you can use to evaluate waterproof earphones.

Sound Quality: The sound quality of earphones is one critical aspect. Most earphones can be underwater for long and still work well. Some of the best underwater earphones have ambient noise features that permit you hear the noises in your surrounding environment while listening to music.

Comfort Fit: When you use your waterproof earphones, they ought to fit comfortably without falling off. Each waterproof earbud is designed differently to sooth users. Some underwater earphones are only ear buds. They have over-the-ear hooks to keep earbuds in place. You can find underwater earphones with reflective covers to help others see you in dark areas. Swimming earphones come in a variety of colors to match different style.

Additional Features: Some swimming earphones provide additional features for better performance. During an intense exercise you can adjust the volume using the scroll tool on the cord. You should also look at the plug on it to ensure that it is 3.5mm and will fit in with electronic devices. With these elements, you can find waterproof earphones which are good enough to work in water.

How to care for your Waterproof Earphones

If you have recently bought a pair of waterproof earphones, you will want them to last longer than usual ones. Below is a quick guide to help you keep waterproof earphones longer.

Use: You have to protect the cable at all times. That is, you do not just leave the cable lying on the floor while you listen to music. Keep the earphone away from getting rolled over by chairs or pets. After using, do not pull the cable to detach the headphone from your phone or laptop but you have to pull it from the plug. This is because if you pull from the cable the wires will be pulled to the point that the sound degrades or disappears entirely.

Storage: When you are done using the headphone, you can leave it on a hanging stand. Another better alternative of the place where you can store the earphone is to geta proper storage case or pouch. This case or pouch is particularly important if you always bring along your earphones while you travel. Storing in a case will keep the cables of the earphones in check and will also help protect your earphones from dirt, dust, or from just getting knocked around. When storing you have to keep the earphonesaway from extreme temperatures and weather conditions. This is due to the fact that high humidity, extreme sunlight and heat can affect the electronic parts inside your earphones.

Cleaning: No matter the place where you are swimming, the water will always have somethings like chlorine, salt, or weird-looking microorganisms. Your earphones or headphones are going to stay in the best shape and last for long if you get those stuff off of them before they sit around. Therefore, after each use, do well to rinse the earphones or headphones with clean water and pat dry. In order to clean the waterproof earphones, you can get a soft microfiber cloth for wiping down. Avoid using cleaning cloths but you can use baby wipes as an alternative. Other cleaning tools can be a dry toothbrush, cotton swabs or toothpicks. These tools will help to remove dirt from small, hard-to-reach places. Avoid using leather cleaners on headphones that are made from synthetic leather pads since they can be destroy. Always learn to clean the waterproof earphones after use. That is before storing your earphones back in their case, make sure you give them a quick wipe-down with the cloth. As a result of you doing so, you will remove all new dirt and help prevent buildup. You can make it a hobbit to be cleaning the earphones at least once a month. Also, try to keep your ears clean regularly. By keeping your ears clean from dirt and earwax, you will keep those away from your waterproof earphones as well.

Fitting Underwater Earphones for Swimmers

The source of the sound of the waterproof earphones needs to point directly at the eardrum in order for it to work very efficiently. Waterproof earphones or headphones have an added element in the form of a watertight seal so that the path of the sound is clear. Therefore, the first stage toward getting a good sound when you are underwater is to make sure the earphones are positioned correctly. The fitting of the waterproof earphones depends on the earbud tips. In order for you to get the fitting that you desire, you just need to find a waterproof earphone with the right earbud tips size. Waterproof earphone reviews have proven that the Swimbuds Sports and HydroActive headphones are having earbuds that provide both style and size options. The reviews say that no matter the size or shape of your ear, you will find something that will works for you.

How to Use Waterproof Headphones with Your Phone?

Before using the waterproof earphones with the phone, you have to make sure to get a good waterproof phone bag. One of the phone case which is very popular and can protect your phone from water up to 100ft in depth is the Koberth waterproof case. This is very suitable for iPhones and Android phones. Put on your underwater earphones and go on your way without fear of damaging any of your electronics once you have protected your phone.

Advantages of Waterproof Earphones

The first most beneficial reason why you should own a waterproof earphone or headphones is so you can listen to music in the pool. Whether you are swimming slow or participating in an intense training exercise, waterproof earphones will allow you to listen to your favorite music underwater. The second important reason is that waterproof earphones are sweat proof. Thus, you can use them while going for a jog and not have to worry about sweat interfering with the sound quality or damaging the earphones. The third reason is that you can use them in the shower. That is, you can take your waterproof iPod paired with waterproof earphones and enjoy your favorite music in the shower, without troubling anyone else in your house. The fourth great news about waterproof earphones is that you can use them in your everyday life. They are multi-functional earphones that can be used in regular basis around or even out of the house. You can even use the earphones in rain if you do not want to miss your workouts. The firth advantage of the waterproof earphones is that most of them have a better sound quality. Since these earphones were designed to used underwater, they were built to have a tight and crisp sound in order for your enjoyment in the pool. The sixth advantage is that waterproof earphones are highly durable. Compare to regular earphones, waterproof earphones will last longer. This is because waterproof earphones are made to endure harsher circumstances and were built better.

Disadvantages of Waterproof Earphones

Waterproof earphones has some disadvantages that are peculiar to different brands like limited color options, less customizable ear tip and expensive nature. The disadvantages of both earbuds and canal earbuds include effects on hearing when music is played at loud volumes. This is due to the fact that the audio is projected directly into the ear canal. Most of the earbuds are not made to fit the ear accurately, and they can likely fall out of the ear. Although the quality of the earbuds can vary, they are not typically isolated from external noise. To deal with this noisy issue, users may turn the volume up. This implies that they are less aware of their environments and also the volume can affect their hearing if it is turned up too high. Other people find turning the volume up to be annoying since it can also interfere with the audio and cause sound to leaks out of the earbuds. Canal earbuds tend to be more on the expensive side and are effective at blocking out external noise.

Reviews of Best Waterproof Earphones

In this article, you will find some of the best waterproof earphones that deliver high quality sound performance, comfort and flexibility for swimming fans. The waterproof earphones are able to produce very high quality music at 3 to 4 feet underwater and are built to be fully waterproof and durable. These underwater earphones will literally turn a dull boring lap exercise into a very fun and thrilling swimming experience with your favorite music. These swimming earphones are worth the time and investment, and will probably help you to exceed most or some of your expectations.

Underwater Audio Waterproof Earphones for Swimming with iPod Shuffle Review

The underwater audio waterproof earphone for swimming is perfectly water-resistant and has an additional stellar audio performance. This short-cord waterproof earphone is linked to the high quality underwater audio iPods since their qualities are quite exceptional. They are waterproof, corrosion-proof and depth tested gadgets which pass the test of time. The build quality of the underwater audio earphones is very good and durable, and the device is very reliable. They will literally change your swim exercises completely, making a difficult lap to be really fun and exciting. If you are looking for the best waterproof earphones for swimming that will deliver excellent sound and quality, then this earphone is highly recommended. Most of the users of these underwater earphones and iPod say the sound performance is superb and phenomenal. They say it is due to the fact that you do not only get so many customization options for your music with the shuffle and playlist arrangement but you also get top quality sound that really impresses. The sound quality of this earphone is way above par. That is, the highs and mids are very crisp and clear, the treble feels good and you can even feel the bass impact even when swimming in the pool. Some other users say it is quite a breath-taking experience to be able to listen to your favorite music at such good quality while performing a lap exercise. Most reviewers say they were seriously impressed by how good these swimming earphones performed in the pool and they find the four earbuds surprisingly very comfortable. They say the sound quality is exceptional and actually sounds better when you are underwater. You can truly swim laps non-stop for hours with these earphones and they will stay fastened. Reviews of waterproof earphones say this device is undeniable the best even though it is not wireless and it is to some extent expensive. The swimming earphones come with the four tips, a mesh bag for storage and an audio extension cord. This swimming earphone also comes with a one-year warranty and it is approved for all types of water. Whether you are into swimming, running, surfing, or biking, these waterproof earphones are truly the best. The underwater earphones are sold for about $70.


SYRYN 8 GB Waterproof Earphones Review

The SYRYN 8 GB waterproof earphones with mp3 player and shuffle feature are some of the best devices you can find in the market today.  It comes with swim buds original earphones and a SYRYN waterproof mp3 player which makes an outstanding combination. If you are looking for some of the very best waterproof earphones for swimming, then this earphone will exceed your expectation. Most reviewers say they found that the sound quality of the earphones is as optimal as you can get, and is vastly exceptional for the price. The sound performance of the swimming earphone is crystal clear and you can actually hear the crisp highs and mids even in the water with deep bass. The device also works reasonably well for audio-books but the tracks must be placed in the right order and the shuffle turned off. Most of the customers say they found the device even lighter than expected and the ear buds are phenomenal. The ear buds keep all the water out of the ears and keep the sound quality clear. Some user of this swimming earphones say they really loved how the device made their swimming time in the pool much more enjoyable.  The also appreciated the length earphone and said it is difficult to beat this player for the quality of sound, simplicity functionality and craftsmanship. Most waterproof earphone reviews say the SYRYN waterproof earphones for swimming hit the sweet spot for the top value and incredible sound performance.  The reviews say the device is one of the very best earphones that have ever been tested and it is really impressing, with it exceptional sound quality while swimming. These underwater earphones come with a very easy to understand instruction manual and 8GB of memory which is enough to store all your favorite soundtracks. Most reviewers say they are very impressed with the overall quality, design and detailed craftsmanship of these earphones, and they highly recommend them.


SYRYN 8 GB Waterproof Earphones

HydroActive Waterproof Headphones Reviews

The HydroActive waterproof swimming earphones are a set of brilliant, study and amazing swimming earphones that offers an incredible sound performance at a budget price. These earphones combine an extremely waterproof technique with the ease of a wrap-around band to make swimming like a breeze. In addition, these earphones can also be used for aqua-aerobics, kayaking, canoeing and most other aquatic activities without any problem.  It is also extremely simple to use with its get on and off, wrap-around design which does not affect the head gear. It has several protection chambers to make it one of the most waterproof and aqua-dynamic earphones, with a crystal clear sound that remains clear throughout the swim. If you are looking for a set of quality swimming earphones, then the HydroActive headphone is just exactly what you need. Most of the users of this device say the sound quality is phenomenal and does not degrade over time. They also say the music performance sound crisp and clear throughout your laps, with full bass output and good midrange. The sound quality is outstanding with very good bass response since the ear adapters create a water tight seal around your ear. A review of waterproof earphones has proven that the HydroActive headphones are very well designed and very easy to put on before swimming. The reviews also prove that the durability of these swimming earphones is incredible since they can tolerate chlorinated and salt water pools without any issues and any signs of wear or tear.  Top customers’ reviews of popular sites say the earphones feel comfortable when worn over the head and do not move during swimming laps even when wearing a swimming cap. The head wrap keeps the ear pieces in place and comfortable throughout your swimming exercise. One thing that the HydroActive swimming earphones is noted for is that it keeps water out of the ears since the earbuds stay comfortable  throughout the swimming lap. A hand full number of customers say the design of the HydroActive headphones is simply first class and one of the best for active swimmers. For people who want a set of reliable earphones that will offer quality sound performance without any issues usually associated with swimming earphones, then this brand is good for them.


Pyle Flextreme Waterproof Headphones Review

The Pyle Flextreme swimming waterproof headphones are some of the best waterproof earphones with marine grade IPX8 submergible waterproof construction. They are easily adjustable, flexible and comfortable to wear while swimming. These underwater earphones come with a built-in 4 GB flash memory with rapid connect functionality to transfer music and charge the mp3 player. The headband designed is very comfortable non-interfering wrap-around design, making them the perfect friend for swimming multiple laps for lengthy periods of time. Most reviewer say the Pyle Flextreme is sold for a very affordable price and they highly recommend it to others. The sound quality is very amazing, and the music sound very clear and crisp with decent bass response. Even under water, you can also adjust the volume on these mp3 players as loud as you want and they will play without any distortion. Other Waterproof earphone reviews also confirm that the volume and sound quality on this device is very good. In addition, these waterproof earphones are designed to be extremely simple to use. The simple touch button controls in the swimming earphones make it easy to change a song or adjust the volume without having to access the mp3 player itself. With this application, it is very convenient to use the devices especially in the pool. Top reviews from popular sites say they particularly liked the fact that these swimming earphones feel extremely comfortable to wear with its flexible wrap-around style design. The earbuds have gentle but yet a close contact with the ears and provide outstanding stability while swimming in the pool. The conclusion gotten from most waterproof earphone reviews is that the Pyle Flextreme is a swimming earphone that truly delivers remarkable audio quality and comfort at a budget price.

 Pyle Flextreme Waterproof Headphones

Diver 4G Waterproof Earphones Review

These are impressive pair of swimming earphones. They are very sleek earphones that are built to deliver serious audio performance while underwater. These underwater earphones clip over your ears and with a swim cap, they stay in place without any issues. The ear buds play a double function as an earplugs and stay in fine while keeping water out. Some reviewer of the is device say they find the music quality very good and much better than what they expected, and are quite surprising considering that it is available at a budget price. They also say the battery life of the device is great and it is pretty easy to load songs onto the player via the included USB cable from the computer. Waterproof earphone reviews from popular sites has proven that the diver waterproof earphones for swimming are certainly one of the best way to make lap swimming go by much faster. The conclusion of these waterproof earphone reviews was that the diver waterproof earphones for swimming are among the best you can find in terms of quality and price.


Diver 4G Waterproof Earphones

Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones Review

Regular earphones cannot be used in water obviously and regular mobile phones cannot work in water either. Waterproof earphones which are supported by Bluetooth come in handy while taking a shower or taking a dip and you want to listen to your desired music. No cables are required since they connect with Bluetooth. That means that you can use them even without a water proof case for your phone or other devices that you listen to music with. This is because you can stay away from your music devices and still the earphones will work wirelessly. Also, you will not have to miss a single call since with the earphones you can take calls even while swimming. The waterproof Bluetooth earphones connect with any device that has Bluetooth in it and compatibility of jack does not matter anymore. Along with the cool features of underwater Bluetooth earphones, the one thing that most of the reviewer love is the fact that they are cable free. The swimming earphones have no wire attached to it, making them to be very comfortable. That is, you can wear them freely while swimming, cycling, running or even working in your garage. Below are the reviews of some of the best waterproof earphone that uses Bluetooth.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Review

Plantronics BackBeat Fit is the most versatile waterproof Bluetooth earphones for all type of sports and period. They are categorized under the most popular earphones use for sport. The rating of these swimming earphones is IP57 (IPX7) and a dust protection rating of 5. This rating implies the earphones can be submerged in 3ft deep water for 30 minutes without damage. Since they are lightweight they do not quickly submerge, thereby giving you more time to quickly get them out of the water. Customers of this device confirm that they are well built and suitable for even the harshest sports activity. Although the earphones fit very tight, which most user find it annoying, but the good thing about them is that they stay in place even during fast movement like running. When you know how to control this device, connecting via the Bluetooth is fast and easy. One additional function that most customers like is the fact that you can accept and make your calls with the earphone. Plantronics BackBeat Fit prices ranges from $80-$120 and they have 8 hours of battery life.


Plantronics BackBeat Fit

Blueant Pump Waterproof Earphone Review

Blueant Pump in summary is the best budget waterproof earphones that you can buy with little money. They are considered as the second and not number one best waterproof Bluetooth earphones because they are still new model that has yet to prove itself over the long run. These are more budget friendly than other Bluetooth waterproof earphones and are the top pick for less than $30 watertight wireless earphones. They are rated as IP67 (IPX7). This means you can submerge them in water of up to 3ft deep. The Bluetooth technology of this device make them not to be good for swimming since you will most likely experience frequent connectivity issues. The watertight build in this device is achieved with Teflon and Kevlar water protection. The earphones have a durable rubber seals and come with a 1-year warranty. Most user complaint about the ear tips that can be very annoying when they are wet. However, the user loves the aspect that the device comes with 7 different types of ear tips, 2 sizes of stabilizers and an additional cable zip. As a first time user of this earphone, you need to start by making yourself use to some features like controls for accepting calls, changing songs and volume. A review of waterproof earphones says that the sound quality of the device is pretty good for water-resistant Bluetooth earphones on a budget of less than $30.

 SoundWhiz W18 Water Earphone Review


SoundWhiz W18 is one of the better affordable Bluetooth earphones which can last in water. In as much as they are not the cheapest in the market they are still cheaper compared to other high-end premium products. Since they are related to IPX7, it implies that the water protection is very good. Although they can last that long under water, but they are not good for swimming. You have nothing to complaint about when it comes to durability, since you can easily wash them, use them in rain or accidentally drop them in water without fear of damaging them. The ergonomic design, sits nicely on your ears and make you to feel very comfortable. The fit is very stable and suitable for any fast exercise as the ear hooks do a good job at keeping stable. You can find a proper fit with good sound isolation and comfort just with the 6 pairs of ear tips, silicone and foam in 3 sizes. Reviews of waterproof earphones say the built-in microphone is only average since the voice quality is not the best. So if you want to make a lot of calls in high quality you are advised not to go for this earphones. In as much as the sound is not that good in quality, but one can say the device is average when it comes to the quality of the sound. However, as long as you know you are listening to an affordable, Bluetooth waterproof earphone, then you can be happy with the sound you get. The earphones range from $30-$80 in prices 



SoundWhiz W18 Water Earphone

Photive PH-BTE70 Waterproof Earphone Review

The Photive PH-BTE70 can be summarized as a jack of all trades but a master of none. Photive brand is known for creating good quality sports earphones for an honest price. These are not the cheapest waterproof earphones but they still offer many good values for what you pay. The earphones are well made in a simple design that can fit with any outfit you are wearing. the main material used is a lightweight durable plastic that when kept in the hands, they actually feel more durable than they look. These devices have a IPX6 rating, implying that they are resistant against strong jets of water, but cannot last underwater for long. The comfort and fit are of this waterproof headphones are both very good.The lovely selection of ear tips makes available many choices to adjust the stability of the fit. The Photive earphone stay in the ears without any problems thanks to the ear hook design which is an effective design popular with other sports earphones. This is due to the fact that the ear hooks are flexible enough to adjust to your ear shape so you end up with very stable and comfortable fit. Based on reviews of waterproof earphones, this device has a Bluetooth connection which is said to work up to 10m in range. Some user seems to love the Photive PH-BTE70 just because of the feature on-board controls that aid in accepting calls, changing songs and changing volume. The sound quality is nothing remarkable but has a nice bassy sound signature that most user adore. Photive PH-BTE70 is a comfortable, sports Bluetooth earphones that can resist the heavy water splashes for an affordable price. The prices range from $30-$80 and it is pretty average in everything.


Photive PH-BTE70 Waterproof Earphone

Sony SBH70BK Waterproof Earphone Review

Sony produces a quality Bluetooth product with their SBH70BK water resistant earphones. This set of earbuds is comfortable and are light in weight. The quality of the sound in this Bluetooth waterproof earphone is great both for music playback and for phone calls. The soft rubber coating on these earphones not only feels nice, but it also aids in making them water resistant to IP57 standards. This implies that you can take your Sony SBH70BK earphones out in the rain or even accidentally drop them in the sink without a problem. These waterproof earphones are not supposed to be used for swimming or intended to be fully submerged into water for long, but are great for general use near water or in high moisture. The Sony SBH70BK device is well designed and is pretty sturdy. The drawback of this device is that the wire that connect each earbud to the neckband is very small and might caught loose if care is not taking. The most surprising thing to most user is that these earbuds and neckband are very lightweight and comfortable. Reviews of waterproof earphones from top sites say the controls built into the neckband are easy to use and provide good audio and a haptic feedback. Most reviewers say the sound quality of these waterproof earphones are quite good for a Bluetooth audio device under $100. The talkback mic quality is another feature that is often lacking in many Bluetooth earphones but this device has it. The microphone Sony SBH70BKis very clear and works great for phone calls. The Sony SBH70BK is a very comfortable earphone that has a good sound quality even though it is not the loudest. The waterproof earphone rang from $30-$80 in price


Sony SBH70BK Waterproof Earphone

TROND Edge Waterproof Earphone Review

TROND Edge can be summarized as a good budget option for waterproof wireless earphones. The earphone has tight plastics and rubber design with IPX4 waterproof rating that can resists against sweat and water splashes. You can easily watch these earphones with water but if you submerge them into water, they will damage. Due to the lightweight nature of these waterproof earphones, they are quite comfortable. The comfort of this device is not the top mark comfort, but the earphones are good enough for the price as long as you do not wear them the whole day. The earphone uses standard 4.0 Bluetooth with about 10m of range when you do not have interference from walls and objects. Most user of the earphones say the sound quality is pretty good for budget especially if you focus on your activity. Reviews of waterproof earphones from top sites say the device has a quality sound with punchy bass, good battery life span and a stable fit during movement. The TROND Edge is sold for less than $30.


TROND Edge Waterproof Earphone

Generally, having a pair of waterproof earphones can solve so many annoying problems that you might be having in your daily routine. There are many companies that manufacture such earphones and they usually range in prices depending on the quality and brand of earphones you might choose.


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