Top Email Spam-Fighting Filters

By Abraham

Computer security threats, spams, can interrupt your busy days by forcing you to stop your work and spend time in opening and deleting mails. It can even unleash a nasty virus in your organizations network thus crippling your servers or desktops.

Here are some of the spam filtering methods and techniques that tend to peg the rate of spam at anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of all emails on the Internet. As it is not possible to prevent spammers from sending junk but setting an anti-spam application can vastly reduce the amount of spam your staffers have to deal with. So, here are some of the anti-spam filter applications that employs one or more methods for filtering and identifying spam and stop it from reaching a user's inbox.

As you read the descriptions of the email spam-filtering methods below, consider factors such as the scope of your current spam problem and how much work users at your nonprofit are willing to do to stop unwanted email.

Here the list goes!

List-Based Filters

They stop spam by categorizing senders as spammers or trusted users, and blocking or allowing their messages accordingly.

  • Blacklist

    This popular spam-filtering method that blocks unwanted email from a preset list of senders the administrator create. These blacklist are list of email addresses / IP addresses that have been previously used to send spam.
  • Real-Time Blackhole List

    In this most real-time blackhole lists are maintained by third parties. The filter is connected to the third-party system each time an email comes in. It eliminates the need to maintain the list manually as the blacklists is updated in real time.
  • Whitelist
    A whitelist works exactly opposite to blacklist. It lets you specify which senders to allow mail from; and then these addresses are placed on a trusted-users list. It is thus a quite strict filter that only uses a whitelist would mean that anyone who was not approved would automatically be blocked.
  • Greylist

    In this system only receiving mail server initially rejects messages from unknown users and sends a failure message to the originating server. If the mail server attempts to resend the message a second time, greylist assumes the message is not spam and lets it proceed to the recipient's inbox.

Content-Based Filters

Content-based filters evaluate words or phrases found in each individual message to determine whether an email is spam or legitimate. Following are some of its types –

  • Word-Based Filters

It simply blocks any email that contains certain terms.


  • Heuristic Filters

Heuristicfilter takes multiple terms found in an email by scanning the contents of incoming emails and assigning points to words or phrases.


  • Bayesian Filters

In this email filtering system, the laws of mathematical probability are used to determine which messages are legitimate and which are spam.


So, scan your email for spam, phishing attacks, malware and viruses. We offer complete email security, with no software to install and no changes on your email clients. Our hosted service protects your email against – Spam, Computer viruses, Malware, Phishing emails, Spoofed undeliverable notices, Denial of Service Attacks (DoS).

Spam Experts self-learning technology eliminates costly spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks before they ever reach your mailbox allowing you to work worry free - and with email archiving you can be assured to never lose an email again

SpamExperts is an incredibly accurate, powerful and cost-effective anti-spam solution for your inbox that works by securely scanning incoming e-mail via an intelligent central cluster before it reaches your inbox. Our cluster is responsible for scanning millions of e-mails a day and delivers a spam detection accuracy rate up to 99.98%.

SpamExperts scans all incoming e-mail against an advanced, self-learning algorithm and eliminates spam e-mail before it can reach your inbox. E-mails it detects as spam is placed into a secure e-mail quarantine which you can view at any time

There are new threats every day, and SpamExperts takes proactive action to keep your inbox safe and spam-free. With ongoing research and continuous analysis, SpamExperts can accurately detect new patterns and implement definitions to those real-time threats, which is immediately shared with our central cluster which scans your incoming e-mail.

As an added layer of redundancy, SpamExperts will store and queue e-mails it has scanned if your mail server happens to be unreachable. So even if your server is down, your e-mail doesn't have to be. Any e-mails you receive during periods of downtime will be queued and re-sent to your mail server as soon as it is reachable again.

If you’re using a platform like WordPress for website development, you’ll have to make sure that you have the latest version installed. The same applies to plugins and design templates.

Security risks evolve all the time. This is why developers change software frequently, giving it adequate protection against the newest threats. If you’re negligent about making those upgrades, chances are that you’re giving hackers amazing opportunities to attack.

The use of old software is often called a security hole. This is one of the simplest mistakes that can cost you a lot. Anyone that relies on third-party software rather than a custom development will need to dedicate enough time to doing the necessary upgrades on a regular basis.

Even if you’re using high quality security tools, chances are that your website is still vulnerable in one way or another. Scheduling regular website scans will be essential for identifying threats and choosing the right course of action.

Numerous products have been developed for the purpose of website scanning but needless to say, these products aren’t created equal.

MTvScan is one example of a high quality product that will protect a website against a vast range of threats – malware, cross-site scripting attacks, hack attacks, injections and various others. The tool comes with automatic update scheduling and the potential to scan unlimited numbers of pages.

Also, consider choosing a quality anti-spam filter. If you have a business email under the same domain, you should most definitely opt for effective spam protection that goes beyond what your email program comes equipped with.

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