Hoverboard Scooter Review

By Charlotte

Our daily living cost keeps increasing as days pass by. Nevertheless, some of the latest technology based devices like the hoverboard scooter can greatly reduce these expenses. Reviews of hoverboard scooter make it clear that it is possible to use a self-balancing scooter over long distances. It uses a rechargeable battery and would take you just like a cruiser on a boardwalk. This device is mostly used for riding to the gym, shops, or just getting to and from work. There exist numerous benefits of using a hoverboard scooter as discussed below;


As previously mentioned, Hoverboard scooters operate on a durable and long lasting rechargeable battery. They are eco-friendly since they do not emit dangerous greenhouse gases thereby saving the atmosphere from further pollution.


Despite its numerous benefits, it remains inexpensive. Compared to any other transportation vehicle like a quality bicycle, car or motorcycle they cost extremely less. Smart scooters are available for all at an affordable price.

No maintenance cost:

These smart devices come with advanced engineering designs and a strong construction with premium materials making them completely durable and resistant to breakage. There is no need building a special garage since they are handy devices which require little space for parking. These will help you save your money.

Easy to use:

This device is very intuitive, smart and flexible to use. Purchasing it won’t send you in for a special training before riding. They are designed for immediate use and need no prior practice after purchase. It is built with self-balancing features and easy operations. Its simplicity and great balance makes it ideal for people of all ages.


It remains the best choice of vehicle for most short distance movements like going to school, work or to the market. Reviews of hoverboard scooter indicate that just like cars these tools are ideal for travelling anywhere you want. This helps you reduce your carbon footprint and saves much on fuel costs.

Are hoverboards safe to use?

This is a major question often asked by many. Safety of course should take priority in all we do. Thanks to advanced engineering design and its balanced features, Hoverboards are safe. It should be noted only smart hoverboards with proper certification are completely safe. Since hoverboards were released in 2004, adjustments and modifications have been made on their design to enhance safety. All the little problems related to hoverboards for the past years have been corrected.

How to choose the best hoverboard scooter

In today’s market, there are a lot of manufacturers competing in the production of hoverboards. This makes choosing that which one considers the best hoverboard relative to available finances more difficult. These personal transporters can be used on all flat surfaces. They come without handles, making great use of advanced engineering technology for balancing and preventing accidents. The hoverboard is capable of keeping and maintaining you in an upright position. It has built-in sensors which detect your movements.  Reviews of hoverboard scooter divulge the following main features that can facilitate our purchase decision;

Top speed:

These devices get you moving swiftly. Its top speed limit goes up to 15 mph and at times less depending on the hoverboard chosen. An average person walks 3 mph. For sure after purchasing a hoverboard scooter with a reasonable speed, you will always be on time. There is no traffic associated with the use of hoverboard scooters. Check for the best speed desired before purchasing.

Battery life:

The best hoverboard smart devices come with a durable and resistant battery which can last for about two hours after full charge. A time which will permeate you reach your destination. Other average hoverboard scooters do last for about an hour after full charge. It should be noted that the actual travelling time depends on the user’s weight and travelling speed. The average full charge time for its battery is three hours. Nevertheless, there exist batteries which can be charged for about an hour or less.

Ease to use:

These personal transporters are relatively easy to use. All you need to do is lean forward to move forward or lean back to slow down or reverse. You can also move sideward. Reviews of hoverboard scooter consider one which comes with highly sensitive sensors as the best. These sensors will detect the least movement you make. Any good quality sensor is capable of offering improved balance and movement in all directions.

Size of tires:

Take note of the tyres since its size influences the ease of using the devise. You will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with large wheels. Other advantages of larger wheels are; stability, higher weight capacity, and possibility to traverse even rough terrain at ease. Nevertheless, hoverboard scooters with small tyres also have their benefits. Small tyres generally come with hoverboards built for small individuals. The small tires are efficient for children as they come with a small base for comfort. The average size for a hoverboard tyre thickness is 6.5 to 8 inches.

Weight capacity:

The average weight capacity for a smart balance scooter is about 220 pounds. This is sufficient for all adults. It should be noted that there are some models which come with a low weight capacity. Scooters which come with low weight capacity are designed for children.

Weight of the hoverboard:

Apart from the carrying weight capacity, it is absolutely necessary to check on the hoverboard weight. It is important to purchase one which is not too heavy otherwise carrying it around areas where it is prohibited might be very difficult.

Special features:

Hoverboard scooters have special features which are worth exploring. Some hoverboard scooters come with LED lights or reflectors to ensure a safe journey in low light conditions. These lights are not primary aimed at illuminating your path but are intended for safety. They carry out the same role as those of bicycles which allow people to notice your presence in the dark. Another feature is the learning mode. The device permits you to slow down and better master how the device functions. Smart hoverboard scooters come with advanced features like bluetooth connectivity and other mobile applications to give additional control. The latest generation of hoverboards come with all these advanced features at an affordable price.

User reviews of hoverboards:

It is important to check information on user reviews before purchasing any smart personal transport device. From the reviews of hoverboard you will find honest opinions from people who have used the product before and those currently using it.

Price range:

This is a critical factor because quality will always be reflected in the price of a commodity. The average price of a smart balance scooter with modern features is between 250 dollars to 500 dollars.

Choosing the features that matter most to you:

Before purchasing any smart balance hoverboard scooter, first think of how you plan to use it. This can help you pick out the best hoverboard to match your needs. If you want to have access through all kinds of terrain, you will probably need to purchase one with large wheels. If you plan travelling more than a few miles at a time, consider purchasing one with a reasonably long lasting battery life.

Hoverboard Scooter Reviews

The Swagtron TS6 Off-road Hoverboard


The Swagtron TS6 Off-road Hoverboard

This is the first smart balance scooter in the world to handle over 250 pounds. This is one of the best hoverboards designed with advanced engineering technology for off-road performance. It comes with tough rugged tires which are perfect for any terrain. It is important to note that its tires are tubeless, this increases their toughness, durability and resistance to wear. Different reviews of hoverboard scooter class this device at the top of their list.

Main features;

  • It comes with a top speed of 12mph;
  • It possesses a 10-inch all-terrain tire;
  • It can cover a total distance of 12 miles on a full battery;
  • This device has a weight capacity of up to 420 pounds; and
  • It comes with speakers and Bluetooth connectivity included.


  • It is an easy to manipulate and control smart balance scooter with a wide base;
  • It is able to cover long distances,
  • It has high maximum speed and
  • It is waterproof and dustproof designed.


  • It is relatively expensive.

You will always find smart devices like this one in the market capable of travelling off-road. But be careful because they rarely work well on gravel, dirt and grass. This hoverboard which comes from one of the top hoverboard manufacturers is designed to roll perfectly even over bumpy areas. Its relatively larger wheels add stability and traction when travelling on any slippery surface encountered. There is more to this hoverboard than just its off-road capabilities. This hoverboard easily covers an amazing range in lesser time. This smart device is capable of reaching speeds of up to 12-miles per hour. It has an average range which runs between 7 to 12-miles and greatly depends on user’s weight and travelling speed. This self-balancing hoverboard has the highest weight rating. Very few hoverboards have a weight rating which goes above 250 pounds. Luckily enough this one falls amongst them and can accommodate people who weigh up to 420-pounds. It should be noted that total weight can have impact on speed and range. It comes with another advantage which is it’s built in speakers. This allows you easily connect your phone and listen to music through the speakers while travelling. In addition, it has an application which lets you check your travelling speed, remaining life battery and distance covered. This is one smart balance scooter with no draw backs as publicised by most reviews of hoverboard scooter. Nevertheless, some people find its price a little expensive. It is a certified smart device which assures your safety and that of those around you.

Chic Eyourlife Electric Self-balancing Scooter


Chic Eyourlife Electric Self-balancing Scooter

Reviews of hoverboard scooter divulge this to be one of the best self- balancing hoverboards for entry and advanced levels. It is an efficient hoverboard with a maximum weight capacity of 220-pounds.It is one of the smart devices with energy saving features. This allows you cover a maximum range of 10 to 15 kilometres on full charge.

Main features;

  • 9-mile range;
  • Total weight capacity of 220-pounds;
  • Top speed of 6 mph;
  • Available in red or black; and
  • 500-watt motor.


  • It is energy efficient allowing you travel up to 9-miles after a single charge;
  • It comes with a signal and LED light;
  • It is 500 to 1000-watt rated output; and
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • It comes with a limited speed.

The smart device is not only energy efficient but also charges quickly. Before the battery drains down, you will be ready for another trip. Even though many consider its 6 mph speed as a drawback, it can be advantageous for parents looking for a safe hoverboard for their children. Of course no parent would appreciate that their children travel at high speeds along the sidewalk. This scooter also has a lot of great features. It comes with a front LED light which makes you more visible when travelling in the dark. It also has a signal light which increases visibility. This is a UL 2272 certified self-balancing hoverboard device you can purchase for your children.

The Hoverzon UL 2272 Certified- Self-balancing Hoverboard

Hoverzon UL 2272 Certified- Self-balancing Hoverboard

Reviews of hover board scooter reveal this to be one of the best self-balancing hoverboards with which you can enjoy zero degree turning and a complete lightweight design. There are highly special features to consider in purchasing this scooter. It is very easy to use and offers higher range when compared to others.


Main features;

  • 11-mile range;
  • Weight capacity of 220-pounds;
  • 250-watt motor;
  • Top speed of 8 mph; and
  • Available in a variety of colours.


  • Thanks to its powerful motor, it yields superior speed and range;
  • LED headlights;
  • Supports two modes, one of which is the beginner’s mode.


  • The headlights do not illuminate your surroundings; and
  • You need to pay attention when charging the battery.

This is one amongst few with a great range. You can use it longer with just a single charge at a top speed of 8 mph for 11-miles. Its battery is resistant and durable. It can be used for up to 3 hours before charging. While charging make sure the battery is not left plugged in for more than 4 hours. This can damage the battery, limit its ability to preserve power and last longer. Nevertheless, if precautions are taken, it would last longer. It has a gear stabilizer which maintains your control even when you switch to a faster travelling speed. This is very useful and helpful to anyone who has never used a self-balancing hoverboard scooter. Immediately this is combined with the beginner’s mode you can start moving around on your scooter.

The Skque Self-balancing Smart Two Wheel Scooter


The Skque Self-balancing Smart Two Wheel Scooter

This is one of the recent updated self-balancing hoverboards. A smoother and more comfortable ride is assured with this tool, thanks to its improved motherboard and sensors. To increase the durability of the scooter, its manufacturers have added an outer shell.

Main features;

  • 400-watt motor;
  • Top speed of 7.4 mph;
  • Weight capacity of 220-pounds; and
  • 12.4 mile range.


  • Comes with a build in wireless Bluetooth speaker; and
  • A resistant battery.


  • Its outer shell scratches easily.

This scooter gives the pleasure of listening to good music while riding. It comes with a Bluetooth speaker which connects to your cell phone. This enables comfort when listening to music without ear phones. For travelling at night it features a large LED light. It comes with a one year warranty which covers parts and labour. Hoverboard reviews consider its easy-to-scratch outer side a major setback. This is because it does not come with any bumpers to protect its outer shell from getting scratched whenever you hit an object. This scooter has an amazing range. It offers you the possibility of travelling about 12.5 miles before having to recharge again. Its weight is only about 28 pounds ensuring easy transportation. Its wheels are large enough for travelling with ease over rough terrains. This scooter is recommended for adults and older children. Hoverboard reviews show that its long lasting battery is highly appreciated by users. If you enjoy listening to music as you ride on your scooter, then the Bluetooth feature will suit you specially.

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard self-balancing scooter.


The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard self-balancing scooter

Hoverboard reviews disclose the fact that this is the smallest self-balancing hoverboard. For easy portability it is designed smaller and slimmer than others. Even with its smaller size, it still offers great range, speed and an average weight capacity.

Main features;

  • 8-mile range;
  • 350-watt motor;
  • Top speed of 8 mph; and
  • Available in blue, black and white colours.


  • Has a smaller size and weighs less than 24 pounds; and
  • It can take you on a ride for 2 to 3 hours before recharging.


  • It is not suitable for rough terrain.

As previously mentioned this smart balance scooter is smaller than the others. Nevertheless, it is suitable for adults. Its smaller design is most often appreciated by kids. This smart device weighing less than 24 pounds is light enough to carry around with ease. It comes with a high performance battery which can operate the device for about 3 hours. On a single charge this smart balance scooter has a range of 8-miles. You can prepare an extra battery for replacement in case you run out of battery before you reach your destination. This scooter was not designed to travel on rough terrain due to its small wheels. But a smooth ride is assured on a sidewalk or on concrete. Its small size and great battery gives ease of controlling.

The HX Phantom

The HX Phantom


Reviews of hover board scooter reveals this device is the best street self-balancing scooter you can get. The HX Phantom comes with revolutionized self-balancing technology which goes for everyone. It was crafted with a lot of precision to offer both entertainment and quality. People of all ages enjoy this self-balancing scooter for a good number of reasons. Within minutes anyone,with or without experience can hop on an HX Phantom and ride like a pro. This hoverboard is powered by a powerful and resistant 350 watt motor. Thanks to this powerful motor it can reach a speed of 9.3 mph and a total range of 12.5 miles after full charge.

 The Halo Rover

The Halo Rover

Reviews of hover board scooter reveal that the Halo Rover is the most popular 2017 hoverboard. This self-balancing hoverboard is UL certified assuring your safety during journeys. It uses the finest LG batteries. They are durable and resistant. Overheating and malfunction possibilities have been eliminated from this self-balancing scooter. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a location tracking feature. It also comes with mobile apps for playing music. Its speed is pretty fast. There is no disappointment with the efficiency of its battery life.

The DailySaw 6.5 Inch


The DailySaw 6.5 Inch

Reviews of hover board scooter confirm this to be the ideal all in one self-balancing scooter. This device is equipped with dual motor, one on each foot pad for easy control when accelerating, turning or rotating. Bringing the hoverboard to rest is something very easy to do. This is one of the best hoverboards with a maximum speed of 10.5 mph.  Just a single recharge can take you for a distance of 12.5 miles. This device turns to be an excellent choice for weighty people since it can hold up to 260 Ibs. It comes with large and durable wheels which allow easy use even on rough terrain. This self-balancing scooter turns to be the best for those who do not live in the city or those who often take on hiking trips. This device comes with Built-in Bluetooth speakers and in 10 different colours. It has a remote control which can be used to operate it from distance.

The Swagtron T3


The Swagtron T3

This is a futuristic self-balancing scooter which comes with upgraded safety features. Any user who knows its features would go for it. It can carry you everywhere you want to go. This device stands out as a safe, easy and quick alternative to driving or taking a cab. This is one smart balance scooter which comes well designed with a sporty cover, built-in carrying strap, and milled aluminium wheels. In addition, it comes with high quality built-in Bluetooth speakers giving you the pleasure of listening to your favourite songs while you ride. Moreover, Swagtron is the only hoverboard which features the SwagtronSentry Shield Multiplayer protection. This device can reach a speed of 8 mph. It can support a range of 12 miles before running out of energy.

The 2 Segway MiniproNinebot


The 2 Segway MiniproNinebot

This is one of the best hoverboard which can speed to a max of 10mph. It possesses powerful dual engine motor which extends to 1600 watts covering 14 miles recharge making it pretty great for a hoverboard scooter. In addition it comes with an ergonomic design allowing precision sensors to determine even the least movement your body makes. This is aimed at helping you maintain balance and preventing accidents. It comes with a knee control bar which allows precise and easy steer. Being very different from everything found in the market for sale today, it comes with outstanding features to match its price. Below are the features that make it one of the best hoverboard so far;

  • It is UL 2272 certified, assuring your safety on all journeys you take;
  • For full features like remote control operation, special operation, anti-theft alarm, customizable lights, vehicle diagnostics, and speed control, it easily connects to its mobile app via Bluetooth;
  • It meets high standards of fire and electric safety;
  • It is lightweight, designed with 220 Ibs payloads and durable aircraft-grade magnesium;
  • It has 10.5 inch pneumatic air-filled tires with military-grade shock absorption;
  • It comes with a padded knee bar which adds comfort and enables a more precise steering.

The Hoverzon XLS


The Hoverzon XLS

Reviews of hoverboard scooter show that the device is the most affordable top rated quality self-balancing scooter for sale online. It comes alongside with UL 2272 certified batteries, fireproof exterior casing, sensor pedals and the latest Haverzon Aegis Armour battery protection. In possession of high quality features and great performance, its price is affordable. It is equipped with dual independent motor, battery management system and gear assuring high and continuous performance. You can easily gauge how much power is left on your board with its LED light battery indicator. This self-balancing scooter presently has features which are not found in the others. It comes with Bluetooth installed in it. It also comes with a carrying strap. The scooter was carefully engineered to detect even the least movement. This allows a free-risk ride on board at all times. It has a 5 level LED light indicator. It comes in a variation of colours offering a range of choices.

Hoverboard Powerboard


Hoverboard Powerboard

Mastering this self-balancing hoverboard takes as little as 5 minutes. It remains one of the easiest hoverboards to master. You are offered the privilege of travelling up to 10 kilometres per hour. Its battery is quite durable and efficient, it drains after 6 hours. The battery is UL 2272 certified, so you can be sure it won’t fail you along the way. Overheating has no place in this self-balancing scooter thanks to its advanced cooling features. Automotive hybrid vehicles use same battery as that used by this self-balancing hoverboard. This guarantees the innovative functioning of the device you will be purchasing. The manufacturing company offers 1 year warranty which completely covers your investment. It comes in 4 different colours offering you wide choice range. It is shipped for free to your country. In addition, you can completely rely on each of its units. You are offered a bag in which to carry the tool around.

Swagtron T1


Swagtron T1

This self-balancing scooter gives much fun and functionality possibilities. It is UL 2271 certified ensuring your safety and eliminating any disappointments. It is a Hands-free Two Wheel Self-balancing hoverboard scooter. Hoverboard reviews refer to this device as the first next generation scooter that is engineered not only to be safe but entertaining. It comes in possession of aluminium wheels with superior tire traction and non-slip foot pedals. This ensures a safer riding experience. Its light indicator lets you know the battery charge levels. When it’s durable and resistant battery is fully charged, it can cover a distance of up to 12 miles before recharge. It powers each unit to reach 8 mph. With this device you can have fun travelling anywhere. It comes with a learning mode for beginners to master functioning for safety. Its smart battery feature prevents the battery from overcharging or overheating, thereby preventing battery failure over time.

The Tomoloo K1 X-Man Hoverboard Review

 The Tomoloo K1 X-Man Hoverboard

This is one of the best hoverboards that comes with lot of interesting features besides its omnidirectional adjustable RGB LED headlights and the personal Tomoloo App. One of these interesting features is the waterproof cap which keeps the device safe from water destruction during rides. Thanks to this feature, your power station is always kept dry and safe. This device uses Samsung core batteries which are UL2271 certified. It comes with smart battery management features together with protection against short circuiting, overheating, excessive discharge and overcharge. The casing of this hoverboard scooter is made up entirely of fire retardant materials offering further security. With a smart phone, you can access information like battery level, speed and adjust riding mode, maximum speed limit and steering sensitivity through the Tomoloo App. The device comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers which allows for your favourite music play while riding through the Tomoloo App in your smart phone.

Main features;

  • It weighs 22 Ibs;
  • It is UL2272 certified;
  • The device comes with a maximum speed of 10 mph;
  • The batteries also have a UL2271 certification;
  • It covers a maximum range of 12miles;
  • It comes with built in Bluetooth;
  • It has a smart phone ride control App; and
  • It is waterproof.

Balance Scooter Tips and Tricks

Start with a Safety Gear:

Before getting on board, make sure you respect the following safety precautions.

-         Medical professionals advise you use a helmet, elbow, knee and wrists guards.

-         Remember using a spotter to assist you if it’s your first time.

-         Make sure you always ride in a well-lit area which offers plenty of room for errors.

-         It should be noted that you can easily run into people or an object if you are riding in a cluttered space. Before beginning, make sure you look for and remove all sharp objects around.

Calibrate it:

To be on the safe side make sure you calibrate your scooter since shipping affect calibration. Carryout a test by lifting one wheel and pressing the foot pad with your hand. At this point you should not immediately stand on it. In case the wheel spins and the self-balancing scooter does not, then it’s calibrated and you are ready to learn how to ride. If it happens that the scooter shakes or the wheel does not spin, take the following steps to calibrate it.

-          First, place the self-balancing scooter on a level surface.

-         Switch the power off.

-          Hold down the power button until it beeps. This will take just about 5 seconds. After which it is ready for use. This procedure is standard for all brands.

Know how to step off:

It’s just natural to step on in excitement without thinking of how you’ll step off. Bring out a plan for stepping off the self-balance scooter before you dare start. To get off the board, you have to step backward. Stepping forward can easily lead to injuries. This is because it is easier losing control when you step forward than stepping backward. Whenever you step backward, the hoverboard stops immediately while you land safely.


Getting started with a two wheel self-balancing scooter

Step on:

Make sure you switch the board on before you start. Once the board is on, it helps you balance. Place a single foot on the board. To find out how the new board responds, lean forward and backward while using a spotter to help step the other foot on board. Its normal to be a little tensed when you first step on board. At this point the board will be more difficult to maintain balance. For this reason you should imagine walking up stairs to help you stay calm. This will help balance the board. Simply stand on the board, relax your shoulders and breath in and out. At this point there is just no need to move yet, first make sure your whole body is relaxed completely. Make sure your feet are centred on the scooter with the widest potential stand you can get. While improving your balance and control place your feet as close as possible beside the wheels. Make sure your weight is equally partitioned between your heels and toes. This prevents your toes from tipping to the back or front.


It is essential to maintain a good posture. Make sure your knees are not bent, locked or hyper-extended. Stand up straight while tucking your hips directly under your spine. While standing on the board, activate your core.

Don’t look down:

Make sure your gaze is focussed straight ahead. This is what you do while stepping on the board. When you are concentrating on proper placement, it is very tempting to look at your feet. But make sure you avoid looking down. Looking down at your posture causes lots of trouble when the board suddenly starts moving. Always make sure you look straight ahead at your intended direction. In a natural movement, your body will move with your eyes and the self-balancing scooter will also glide along smoothly.

Ridding the self-balancing scooter

Lean forward slowly:

You just have to start by simply thinking to move forward. It’s just a natural phenomenon to lean in the direction you want to go. The scooter comes with highly sensitive sensors which detect when you lean forward and immediately moves in the same direction. If it does not move, you need to lean slightly forward again until it starts moving since it works by keeping you balanced. You do not need to worry if you initially start moving in circles. The board has been designed to turn immediately you lean on any of its sides. Make sure you continue using the spotter until you finally get the hang of it.


Push your right toe forward slightly to turn left. To turn right, push forward your left toe. With just a little practice, it would seem the scooter knows your intentions before you even execute them. If you want a sharper turn, pull back with the opposite foot slightly.

Moving backward:

The hoverboard is capable of moving backward too. To initiate this action, make sure the space behind you is quite clear. Simply lean back slightly. The board will immediately move in the direction you lean. Note that just a little shift in weight is required for the board to move.

What are they made of?

Hoverboard scooters are made up of several components that assist its operation. The logic board with circuit and a couple of two infrared sensors make up the technical parts of a hoverboard scooter. Under the wheels are two electric motors and two gyroscopes with two sensors within the wheels. The hoverboard comes with a rechargeable battery. It also comes with a charging port, power switch and plastic shell. The hoverboard is assisted in speeding up by the LED lights and pressure pads. The wheels make electric motors work round with their tilting speed sensors. One part of the two hoverboard sides enables movements while the other takes care of the battery functions. 

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