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One of the world’s largest producers and weavers of cotton cloth which are used in towels is Turkey. The cotton and its loops together give you a special after bath feeling. The latter helps to arrest the water easily and more rapidly so that you can dry off with ease after bathing. It is not a surprising thing that modern towels originated in Turkey. This is because of the numerous natural hot water spas scattered all over the country. These Turkish towels are designed with high-quality fabric and the feeling is softer than other traditional towels. The towels come in a variety of designs and can take up little space, making them very versatile. You can take these towels to next gym session or allow them at home for use as a bed throw. Turkish towels which are traditionally referred to as Pestemals, are made mostly in the Pammukkale region of Turkey. The material used for these towels ranges from cotton, bamboo and linen with the first two being the most common. The softest material that feels more like a blanket than a towel is bamboo while cotton Turkish towels feel more like a typical towel for beach. The Turkish brands of towels are better than other brands due to the fact that every towel provided by the company is inspected about three times to ensure that it is perfect. The focus of the inspection is on the stitching and finishing of the product.

In a family unit, numerous types of fabric towels are used, such as bath towels, hand towels and kitchen towels. In climates that are warm some people also use beach towels. Other towels like paper towels are also used in family unit for a range of cleaning, wiping and drying tasks.

Ways of Selecting Best Turkish Towels

One of life’s simple pleasures is to have a hot and relaxing bath. After finishing the bath, there is a need for you to clean yourself in order to remove water from your body. The question here is, how are you going to get a towel that will last for couple of years which is just right for you and how do you know a good quality towel? In order to choose a quality Turkish towel, you have to first of all start by understanding the types of cotton that are used. These towels are made from different types of cotton, with most likely to have their own strengths. Since Egyptian cotton is especially absorbent, it makes them ideal for clothing and sheets. This is because when these cottons are used on towel, it can be inconvenient because of the extra absorbency, thereby taking a long time to dry off after being used to clean a wet body. On the other hand, Turkish cotton provides the perfect balance between absorbency and softness, making the ideal cotton for towels.

Secondly, you have to understand the weave. There are different ways in which towels can be woven. That is, you might have towels with sing-spun, combed or twisted fiber woven, with each weave having a different feeling. People always prefer to use the ring-spun cotton, due to the fact that it gives the softest and most durable towels. Tightly twisting long and short threads together are used to make the towel strong, smooth and yarn. Another component which is related to the weave that is also important in towels are the loops. Having a towel with single loop or double loop will really affect the towel absorbency. In as much as single loop and double loop towels are highly absorbent; the single loop towels dry a bit faster. It is due to this reason that single loop is the most common type of towel created in the world today.  Double loop towels, on the other hand, are extra dense and feel more comfortable to the touch.

Thirdly, you have to understand the grams per square meter of the fabric (GSM). The grams per square meter provide a standard number by which fabrics can be measured. The density and absorbent capacity of a towel depends on the GSM. That is, a towel is denser and more absorbent when it has a higher gram per square meter. During your selection of the type of towel, you can get one with a GSM of at least 500. High-quality Turkish cotton towels are heavier and have GSM of more than 600, making most of them to be extremely absorbent. The fourth thing to consider is the price. Avoid buying cheaper towels all the time because you might end up spending more to get another one should in case the first one gets bad easily. The idea about buying towel is not for you to empty your pocket but you have to invest in a towel that can last for about 5 years without it getting bad. To get a good Turkish towel, you must pay attention particularly to the stitching and finishing of the towel. Once you can determine the components that make up a high quality Turkish towel, then choosing one will not be a problem for you.

Many Uses of Turkish Towels

The usefulness of Turkish towels is quite incredibly for trips around the world. Turkish towels are perfectly suited for the everyday use out of the shower or bath. These towels can also make a lovely travel friend as they are less dense and can dry very quickly. Beyond drying off very fast, the advantage that Turkish towels have compared to other travel towels is their multiple functions. The many ways in which you can wear a Turkish towel makes the towel both a clothing item and a towel to wipe the body. You can use the Turkish beach towels as a sarong on the beach, blankets for picnic or table cloths. The possibilities of the use of Turkish towels are endless.  Here are just some of the ways in which you can wear a Turkish towel in your home. This is due to the fact that most of the towels are thin, light, and get softer over time as you use them. The thin machine washable cloth is also very fast in drying and compact for storage into the bag. The colors and the combination of the various designs with the classic tassels made for the most stylish Turkish bath towels top it off. 

These multi-purpose towels can be used as a bath or beach towel. This is very important when going for a trip since most hotels do not provide Turkish bath towels and very few places provide good Turkish beach towels.

The second way these towels can be used is as a scarf or head wrap. A Turkish towel can be used as a head wrap or scarf when you travel to a place and encounter an unexpected cold front. In the Middle East, women can use the Turkish towel to cover their head. The third useful aspect of the Turkish towel is that of a blanket. Turkish towels make great blankets on a plane, train, car, or outside at a park since they are so soft and cozy. Particularly nice throw blankets that can be used on couches are the bamboo Turkish towels. 

The fourth use of Turkish towel is that they can be used in low back ache support when seated. This might sound like one of those crazy filler points that no one would ever do but it can actually function in this purpose. The worst design seat for your back which round it forward and collapse the chest is the airplane seat. When seating in this airplane, you can roll up the Turkish towel and place it right behind the low back for some lumbar support. You can also roll up the Turkish towel and use it for your pillow in the plane. Finally, some of the best Turkish towel can be used as a picnic blanket or as a table cloth. Some of the best Turkish towels come in different sizes. Due to the fact that they are so thin, the huge ones are still very portable. Two persons can comfortably lay on a larger Turkish towel.

How to care for your Turkish towel?

Gentle washing is best for most of the Turkish towels. Wash similar colors together. Flip the towel dry on low or line dry. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach to wash the towel and do not use dryer sheets or high heat to dry them. Most of the Turkish towels get better with use. When the washing method is respected, it makes the Turkish towel softer and more absorbent.  

Advantages of Turkish Towels

You might have seen the word Turkish cotton so often whenever you are looking at something that has to do with linen, particularly when it comes to bath or beach towels. What you might be asking yourself is that; what is exactly this Turkish cotton and why should you consider using a towel that is made of Turkish cotton in your own home or hospitality establishment? In the world today, the cotton from Turkey is considered as one of the premium and more comfortable cotton types. Which make it perfect for use at home or other establishment in order to make your family or guest happy. There are lots of advantages to introducing Turkish towel to your home or establishments like hotels or guesthouses as they offer so much more than your average cotton towel. The first key benefit to Turkish towel is its absorbency power. The long staple fibers lengths give finer fibers on the towels which help them to be super absorbent. Although this might not seem like an obvious benefit to you, it is truly a useful property as far as towels are concerned. Towels made from Turkish cotton is especially useful in more humid climates since it dry more quickly and is less inclined to absorb too much moisture from the atmosphere. That is, these towels do not run the risk of going or staying damp which you can experience with other traditional types of towel. One of the things you will not want to do is to put a wet towel into your luggage when traveling. This is because on your arrival, you will have unpleasant smell to deal with. So when a towel is big and bulky, it is not good for traveling since it cannot easily dry. The second advantage of Turkish towels is the level of softness. Turkish cotton has a long staple fiber length that produces a super absorbent towel, this also makes the towels feel silky smooth and soft.

The third benefits of Turkish towels are the level of durability. The way Turkish towels are made ensures they are strong and durable to be used for every day. This implies the towels withstand the test of time and last for a longer time, thereby saving you money in the long run.

Disadvantages of Turkish Towels

In as much as the growing popularity of Turkish towels has changed the way people relax at the beach or at home, there are some draw backs in these brands of towels. The first disadvantage of this brand of towels is that the towels are thinner compared to most other towels and their colors fade after several heavy washes. Another disadvantage of this brand of towels is that they leave a lot of lint in the dryer after washing and the towels sheds for the first few washes. Lastly, shed might occur from the tassels and at times the towel feels heavy after absorbing lots of water.

Best Turkish Towels Reviews

Best Turkish towels are made of 100% cotton and are known for being very soft. When it comes to designing and the styling, the Turkish beach towel is more than the traditional counterparts and is considered as one of the most successful towel in the world. The colors decorating the Turkish towels are much more appealing compared to other typical beach or bath towels. Unlike simpler patterns like stripes or triangles that are used in other towel, Turkish towels mostly uses pastels instead of these harsh tones. These small changes give the large impact in your towel, making your beach trips much classic. In as much as the best Turkish towels are very soft and stylish, they are also very practical when using. Some Turkish towels reviews from different sites shows that the brand of Turkish beach towels are usually larger, thereby covering more sand for you and all of your friends when you go on vacation on a beach. The thin material of the towel actually collapses into a smaller size although the towels usually covers a large surface area. With this characteristic, this makes it easy for you to wrap up and neatly tuck away the towel into a beach bag. All these positive reviews of Turkish towels may make you wonder if there are no drawbacks or negative reviews of Turkish towels to this dream towel. But nonetheless, there are a couple of negative reviews from different users. Some users say because of the lightweight material of the towels, they may be a less protective barrier between you and the sand on a really hot day, should in case you are relaxing on the beach. Conclusively, most of the reviews say the Turkish beach towels are still the best innovative towels for summer vacations. The lightweight material of the Turkish towels is pretty and versatile enough that you can use them for a wrap or tapestry. Below is a review of some of the best Turkish towels in the world

Knotty Turkish Towels Review

If you want to judge critically, then you will realize that taking a traditional beach towel on long weekend or vacation is not always practical. This is due to the bulkiness of the traditional beach towels and the fact that they take up precious space and baggage allowance. Luckily there is an alternative to these traditional beach towels which are of light weight with space-saving abilities. It is really fun to have the Knotty Turkish towel in your collection. This is because this brand of towels has bright color combinations. Since Knotty Turkish towels are light in weight, it makes them easy to carry and perfect for travelling. The towel has an extra large size with dimension 100cm x 180cm / 39in x 71in and weighs 272g (9.6 oz). Knotty towels were produced by two mums from Australia with children in swim squads. Reviews of Turkish towels say that the Knotty towels are highly absorbent and quick-drying. It is made from 100 percent natural cotton. These towels are also incredibly versatile which doubles as a wrap, sarong, scarf or even a bag. Some customers’ reviews say Knotty towel should be your newest travel companion, so do not leave home without one. Most users say the Knotty Turkish beach towels are perfect for relaxing on the beach or wrapping across your couch or bed.


Knotty Turkish Towels

Cacala 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel review

The peshtemal Turkish bath towel is highly absorbent and dries very quickly. It is also perfect for traveling since it is light in weight and takes up little space. This Turkish bath towel is great in the bath, beaches, pools, sport facilities and especially when used for baby care, the potentials are endless. This towel is one of the brands of Turkish towels that is being sold through the PestemalCom shop on Etsy. The towel has a simple design and it comes with a variety of colors. The Turkish bath towel is made up of 100 percent cotton and has knotted tassels on the ends. The towels are also more traditional in style and are highly absorbent than the other Knotty brands. They are also extra large in size, with dimension 100cm x 180cm / 40in x 71in and they are the much larger than pack towels which are sold by outdoor retailers. The most fascinating thing is that these towels are sold through Etsy for less than $20 per towel. Also, these towels are not just good only for traveling, but can be used in several different ways. Turkish Towel Reviews of different sites like amazon.com say the towel is perfect for warm weather climates and can be used during a yoga class. Some say in as much as the Turkish bath towels can be used on the beach, it is perfect for pool when you get to Palm Springs for your weekends. Different users say the love the towel just because of its soft pretty pastel colors. They continued by saying all their friends envy them when they go to lay out at the pool since they have their adorable Turkish bath towel. Other customers of this towel say they have issue with the towel because unlike their other Pestemal towels, this particular towel tends to repel water more than wick it. They consider the Turkish bath towels as not highly absorbent, even though the towels are super soft. When these towels are used on wet hairs, the water is much and you will have to use your other Pestemel brand towels to completely dry your hair. The final conclusion given by these customers was that, in as much as the Turkish bath towels has these issues, they still used them because the color and pattern are lovely, and are also nice as a beach wrap.

Cacala 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel  

Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa 35x70 Bath Sheet Set Review

One can conclude that these Turkish towels were made for wrapping because once they are wrapped they are very sturdy even when wet. The Turkish towels are traditional bath towels, which are perfect for matching any household theme and décor since they come in a variety of solid colors. The double stitched hems and an extra thick weave makes these towels very durable. Although the towels are very thick, they don’t feel heavy after use. One of the most important aspects that most customers love about the towel is that it dries easily for the next day use. After multiple washes, the colors of the towels still stay bright and vibrant, as if the towels are dyed in a special process. To further indicate the durability of the towels, they do not bunch or shrink after washing. Reviewers say unlike other towels, fraying around the edges is rare with this brand of towels. Reviews of Turkish Towels have proven that the towel may feel heavy and big for a small person, and may shed lint after heavy usage. Customer reviews from some popular sites say that sometimes it is nice to have huge towels.They say the towels are thick and are surprisingly fast absorbing and drying. One of the users of this towel complained that the towel is huge and will prefer to get a smaller one. The towel seems to get better every day with each wash and it was highly recommended by customers in these reviews to anyone looking for a mid-price thick bath sheet.


 Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa 35x70 Bath Sheet Set

Essential Turkish Towel Peshtemal in 100% Cotton

Essential Turkish towel is a durable and multipurpose towel that can be used at a pool, beach, picnic, yoga, or wherever you want. When you start using the towel, it will feel a little rough but as you keep using and washing the towel it will become softer. It has a more unique look that is perfect for use outside of the bathroom due to the tassels design on it. Compared to other Turkish bath towels or Turkish beach towels hybrids, the tassels of this essential towel are also short. The towel is perfect for use as a throw for your bed or bathroom since it comes in many different and lively colors and in a model stripe design. In any environment you find yourself, the essential towel will surely make you pop. Reviews of best Turkish towels have shown that this particular brand of Turkish towel is very absorbent and it has a large size that is perfect for any need. The brand fit well as a throw blanket for your bedroom, perfect for traveling and has many numerous colors to choose from. Other Turkish towel reviews prove that the colors fade after multiple heavy washes and it is thinner compared to most other Turkish towels. Reviews of essential Turkish towel from popular sites like amazon.com say the towel was very stiff when they first received it but upon wash the towel got softer. Most of them said they bought the towel to use for trips and they were happy with the size of the towel because it fit perfectly in their luggage bag. One of the customers say the towel is very practical and takes moisture away from your body, and it dries so quicker than other traditional towels. The conclusion of customers from this that the essential Turkish towel makes them happy and they will certainly be buying more for daily use in their homes.

Doga Towel Review

The Doga Towel is a standard Turkish bath towel that has a bright white color and soft feeling. According to Doga, this brand of Turkish towel is designed to be the strongest, softest and most antimicrobial towel in the world. Though thin, it is also big thereby making it perfect to wrap your hair after a nice, warm bath. When wrapped in wet hair, this brand will feel very sturdy and you will never get the feeling that your hair is going to fall out. These Turkish bath towels are made from organic cotton with a bamboo blend and are safe for family members as well as pets. Despite the fact that it is thinner than most other Turkish bath towels, they are just as absorbent as them. It is very good for wiping away water without feeling heavy afterwards. Due to the quick drying function of the towels, it prevents mildew from developing on them. Compared to traditional towels, the tiny nature of these Turkish bath towels allow it to fit into smaller areas and saves more space when packing your luggage. The advantages of the Turkish bath towels are that, they are highly absorbent, easily packed, and soft made from very durable material. Despite all these lovely advantages about this brand of towels, they also have some negative opinions based on this Turkish towel reviews from different sites. Customers of these sites say this brand of Turkish bath towels are more expensive than traditional competing Turkish bath towels and the fact that the brand always comes in white, implying that you cannot make a choice of color. In as much as some of the customers’ complaint of the huge price in buying the Doga Turkish bath towel, most of them confirm that the towel is worth the price and they feel satisfy with the towels. They say the towel packs very well and that since they got it they’ve not had any stain on it, even though they have been using the towel as a picnic blanket on grass.


Doga Towel


Turkish Spa Bath Sheet Thristy 40x80-Inch Towel Review

This towel that was made in Turkey is among the largest and thickest towels in the world. The towel size is perfect for use as a quick bathrobe or for taking a quick walk around your home. With this towel, you will never be afraid about any embarrassing wardrobe errors. Compared to other towels, it feels quite sturdy due to its thickness and it also feels a lot heavier. However, based on size and weight of this Turkish towel, it dries very quickly. With this towel, you have no need to use the towel and wait for day before using since it will be ready for use within a couple of hours. Upon first usage, the towel has been known to shed, but stops after five or more washes. On the other hand, the several washes will also make the towel softer to touch. The most important thing that most customers love about the towel is that it will not pull or tear and it is very durable. Most customers say they like the towel because it dries quickly in the dryer; it is very soft for its size and good for wrapping around the body. Other reviewers from some popular sites say they dislike this brand of towel because it is heavier; it leaves a lot of lint in the dryer and sheds until after the first few washes.


 Turkish Spa Bath Sheet Thristy 40x80-Inch Towel

Handloom Peshtemal Turkish Bath Towels by Bersuese Review

This towel is among the best Turkish bath towels due to the fact that it is made of 100 percent Turkish cotton, it is less dense, highly absorbent and dries faster. The towel is an eco-friendly product that is naturally dyed with a chemical that is not harmful and also requires less water to wash. Due to the durability of the towel, it does not show any signs of wear and tear after multiple washes. The bath towels have a unique look, design and the feeling is great. All these features are due to the fact that they are handcrafted and take design cues from South America and Mediterranean countries. In order to get an inverted design, you can even flip the towel inside out, and it will just be like you just bought a new towel. For people who are looking for a change in design and style, this towel is just perfect for them. One thing with this towel is that you never get bored using it. Turkish Towel Reviews from different popular sites have proven the towels are unique in their designs, with the stunning designs being good for use in the living room or bedroom and the tassels in the towels are short and out of the way. The only issue that has been raised so far is that shedding might occur from the tassels. Other top customer reviews say that thecraftsmanship in the weave is great and they also love the design. Customers love the fact that this Turkish towel has different colors that you can choose from, the fact that the towel dries fast and is highly absorbent. Most comments from customer review are positive. The favorite things about it are that it is soft, and it is generously sized with great pattern.


Handloom Peshtemal Turkish Bath Towels by Bersuese

Bare Cotton Luxury Hotel and Spa Bath Towels Review

The towel is made using natural materials that give it a soft and supple feel, made of 100% imported Turkish cotton. According to Bare Cotton, big five star hotels have bought these towels in bulk nationwide. For those who have stayed in five-star hotels, they can tell how comfortable the towels were. This towel definitely lives up that nice and comfortable feel, and one can be tempted to say it is the best Turkish towel ever created in the world. These Turkish towel bath sheets are oversized and you can easily warp the towel around your body when you step out of the bath or shower. These towels are thick and can keep you warm when you move into a cold room. Most of the customers of these towels love it because it also comes in a variety of classic home colors that can match their home decor.  The most important aspect of these towels is that they are very durable and do not fade as quickly as other Turkish towels. The numerous hotels that use these towels attest to the fact the towel is large and soft, very absorbent and very durable even after several washes. However, some of these hotels complain that the towel takes a while to dry compared to other towels and feels heavy after absorbing lots of water. Top customer reviews from sites like amazon say the towels are okay for the price but there was one incident that one of the towels frayed after only 3 washes. Reviewers from this site say the towel suited his purpose and was not expecting superior quality at the price it was sold. Most of the reviewers gave the towel 5 stars out of 5 for the size, for the thickness they gave 3 stars out of 5 stars and for the durability, they gave 1 stars out of 5 stars.


Bare Cotton Luxury Hotel and Spa Bath Towels

Careyes Towel reviews

The Careyes towels are made with materials imported from Turkey. These towels are very absorbent and good for travel purposes. With the size of 33 x 63 inches, the towel can also be used as a scarf or a shawl when you are at a barbecue. Due to the lightness of the towel, it’s great as an impromptu skirt when you are on an outing at the beach. The towel is perfect at keeping you warm and as well as obstructing the chilly breeze on a cold chilly summer night. These towels also come with unique tie dye appearance that is being inspired by the coast line of Mexico’s Costa Caryes. Due to this unique tie dye appearance, the towel has a popping style not found with other towels. Wherever you go this brand of towel will certainly stand out. Unlike other Turkish beach towels, the Caryes towel does not come in numerous exciting colors, but the classic navy look is still very captivating. Reviews of Turkish Towels have proven that the towel gets softer after each wash and the unique design is loved by many users.


Careyes Towel

If you are looking for any of the best Turkish towels, then the above reviewed Turkish towels might just be what you need to make your choice from. You have to keep in mind that towels are meant for multipurpose usage and can be used in many different ways. The towels are not only used for bath rooms but you can use them to decorate your bedroom or living room. You can be sure that a Turkish towel is a great investment for the future and a great way of ending a relaxing bath.



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