Christmas evening with pillar candle stand

Christmas evening with pillar candle stand


How to decorate home on Christmas evening with a pillar candle stand

Windows are one of those spots we sometimes overlook when it comes to home decor, however, well-decorated windows make any room that much cozier. We have already seen that when you have beautiful candles you don't need much else, but to further embellish your Christmas stenography you can use a pillar candle stand.

Decorations such as our tip of led lights, hang a luminous branch at the top to give a frame composition, or recreate a charming mountain village on the windowsill. But if you are more for a sober decoration, opt for white candles and prefer natural materials. Oranges, apples, and nuts will be our best allies.


Christmas centerpiece with soy wax candles

A Christmas centerpiece without soy wax candles is unimaginable. They dress up the elegant table and create the relaxed atmosphere that every family dinner deserves. They are also very easy to use, even more so if they are led candles. Another advantage of DIY Christmas centerpieces with led candles is that they have a fake flame. Therefore, it is possible to enrich them with fabrics or plants without running the risk of burning or damaging objects.

Below you will find some creative centerpiece ideas; if you want you can also take a look at our tutorial on how to make a Christmas centerpiece with candles.

Christmas centerpiece with large candle holders

We cannot talk about Christmas decorations and not mention the much sought-after Christmas decorations with large candle holders together with candles. They are essential to adorn the house during the holidays. They are also good Christmas decorations, within everyone's reach. You can make a Nordic-style centerpiece from a wooden base, a Christmas wreath of pine cones, or create a long Christmas centerpiece using the elongated shape of the pine branches. In the latter case, red candles are the best choice.

Low furniture is back

In the vintage style base units have always been a maxim, but this year they are stronger than ever. If you think about it, it is perfect, because they will give you much more play when making different decorations for your home. Imagine it: a nice sideboard for the living room in shades of brown with a tray on top full of candles and plants. Sounds good right?

Forget about serene tones

We are not talking only about the wall, but also about the furniture, you do not want a Nordic or chic style, you want the purest vintage style. So, this year forget about "less is more" and look for bright colors and bizarre contrasts. Reds on blues, greens with oranges ... Of course, without forgetting to add the details that will make your living room look like something out of a magazine. The candelabra could be a perfect choice combined with a nice coffee table antique wood.

Dare with different textures

Do not be afraid when it comes to mixing, because in 2021 the strangest combinations are the ones that will triumph. You can choose to make a nice centerpiece with scented candles, wood, and an old radio. It sounds weird, but we assure you it will look great. You have to think about what you like the most and carry it out, without fear that the textures, a priori, will not work.

Vintage decoration ideas for houses

Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to choose the best decoration objects or the best trends for each room in the house. Therefore, being clear about your style and the touch you want to give your home is essential to be able to choose the best accessories.

The decorative candles, vases, or candlesticks come this year to stay for a long time thanks to the style vintage. What can you do? Do not choose just one and bet on all these elements, because the different compositions this year take a lot. Let yourself go and bring out your most creative side!


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