Top 10 Reasons to Join the British University in Dubai

By Nishath Rizwan

The British University in Dubai is an internationally accredited institution that provides affordable, self-paced and high-quality education to students around the globe. The university offers well-structured and comprehensive study programs, seeking to ensure that students develop their skills and capabilities and are fully equipped to deal with the challenges of today's complex world.

BUiD stress on the total development of each student with a goal to provide an enlightening educational experience that is motivating and that enables our students to become effective and socially responsible leaders.

Top Reasons to Join BUiD:

  • The only University focused on Masters and Doctoral programmes; the courses are accredited by UAE Ministry of Education- Higher Educational Affairs and UK NARIC.
  • Regions 1st Research-based not-for-profit University established by an Amiri Law number 5 of the Emirate of Dubai in 2003, as endorsed and signed by HH Sheikh Maktoum Al Rashid Al Maktoum, late Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE in his capacity as Ruler of Dubai.
  • BUiD holds second place in the QS 2016 UAE Rankings (Number of publications per academic staff member).
  • Learn innovative ways of understanding knowledge production and approach to education.
  • BUiD programmes are designed and updated as per the emerging themes, hence enabling professionals to bring about Innovation at their workplace.
  • BUiD students and Alumni presented their research at various local and International Research and Industry conferences, have won best paper awards, and won many Government and Industry Excellence awards.
  • The Masters programmes at BUiD are designed in alignment with the training needs of the region.
  • At BUiD, you get an opportunity to belong to an extensive global network of the research community.
  • BUiD works with a variety of governmental and non-governmental organisations in support of their role in improving the well-being of the UAE Community.
  • BUiD Students and Alumni have been able to connect the theoretical knowledge they have gained to real world problems and helped organisations find solutions to those problems.

Why BUiD?

  • Systematic study programs using state-of-the-art technology for seamless student-to-teacher interaction
  • Access to course material containing well-rounded academic theories that are applicative to the real-world environment
  • Expert faculty dedicated to providing relevant guidance and advice and creating a learning environment for all students
  • The chance to complete your research based university degree!
  • Affiliations with leading organizations around the world to facilitate students with better employment opportunities
  • Round-the-clock services for both students and alumni to add value to their overall student experience

Global Research based Accreditation

BUiD research based degree programs has been accredited by the International Accreditation Organizations and British Universities. After having undergone proper evaluation, the university has managed to achieve accreditation status by fulfilling all criteria related to the standards of career-but-also-an-enjoyable-and-balanced-work-and-family-life">higher education for successful career path.

BUiD Faculty

BUiD faculty members consists of expert teaching professionals drawn from top learning centers across the globe. Each one of our faculty members is highly experienced and highly educated with a PhD degree from some of the world's most reputable educational institutions.

BUiD faculty strives to instill the love for learning and the desire to improve within their students all the while paving the way for the development of their abilities along as well as their character. Their role is to use their expertise to impart valuable knowledge combined with relevant advice via proper teaching methods to make students into thought leaders. Faculty at the British University in Dubai can be broadly classified into three types:

Adjunct Faculty Members

Many faculty members are employed at BUiD as Adjunct Faculty. They contribute in the creation of course material and facilitate students' understanding of lectures through continuous interaction. They also manage assessments of class work done by students and draft recommendation letters for better job placements.

Permanent Faculty Members

BUiD permanent faculty members assist in a variety of areas. These include:

Management of Course Curriculum: Our permanent faculty make heroic efforts to continuously update and improve the curriculum of courses offered at the British University in Dubai. Contributions are made to add relevancy and value to the curriculum so that students may benefit from academic theories that are applicative to the real-world environment.

Assessments: Our full-time faculty plays an integral role in one of the most important aspects of our business – exams and assessments. They develop quality assessments and exams that test students on their intelligence and aptitude.

Associated Faculty Members

Through affiliations with numerous educational institutions from around the globe, the British University in Dubai associated faculty members are dedicated towards delivering quality education to students. This collaboration enables students of BUiD to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the highly qualified faculty of associated universities, and colleges.

Student Services

The British University in Dubai provides well-rounded student services that aim to cater to the needs of students who are unable to pursue campus based education due to their personal and/or professional commitments or financial constraints.

Our student services include:

Financial Aid

Comprehensive Financial Aid services at the British University in Dubai have been designed specially to help students with financial limitations gain access to quality education. Using our financial aid services, you can benefit from our need- and merit-based scholarships, credit transfers, prior learning credits and flexible fee payment options.

Education Verification Services

The British University in Dubai provides lifetime document and credential certification services to its students. This can easily be done either through the university's online document certification system, phone, fax or email.

Free Consultancy

The British University in Dubai guidance and student counselors are available around the clock to assist students in their every need. You can either call or email to start taking advantage of our consultancy services.

Tuition & Scholarship

The British University in Dubai is one of the few researches based educational institutions that offer structured and comprehensive programs at extremely affordable rates. Actual tuition can vary, depending on scholarship, the use of our fee payment options, credit transfers and other factors.

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible for A Scholarship?

The British University in Dubai’s Scholarship Program is designed for deserving candidates just like you. Up to 90% of applicants qualify for our need- and merit-based scholarships, so can you.

Is There Any Deadline to Apply for Such Scholarships?

No, there is no deadline for the application for such scholarships. Students can apply for a scholarship anytime during their education program or assessment.

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