Internet Privacy Concerns

Protection of personal information has taken a hit with the rise of social media. And it doesn't seem it's going anywhere anytime soon. But thankfully, people are starting to hang on how their lives are accessible on the Internet. And it becomes an urgent problem with users and similar social media networking sites.

Yet, social media companies have a learning curve steep before them if they want to keep their promises related to the privacy of their customers. And they have not done a good job to follow. Facebook, Instagram and road were all at fault for missteps of life private and was charged $ million.

These privacy gaffes are more transparent to the public than ever because of advances in the media and the press offices. And people need to take the right steps to protect themselves against the companies at fault, because they are the ones who pay the price.

Then, that we are most concerned when it comes to privacy online in 2013.

Accounts social media Fusion

Social media are more adaptable. Web sites seek to become more interconnected with each other than ever. Facebook to LinkedIn. LinkedIn to Twitter. Twitter for Instagram. And many small sites jump on board, trying to get a slice of the cake.

Inevitably, the popular social media sites will prevail. Small business will be purchased or acquired for their plug-ins and innovative leading-edge features. But like many growth companies, occasionally a growth crisis during the absorption of a new feature or function. In turn, companies may overlook many considerations of confidentiality at the time adjustment, and this could cause problems for users.

Therefore, if you have chosen to adopt a new online network, be sure to familiarize yourself with the potential risks related to link accounts. You wouldn't want that your private data to get into the wrong hands. We saw this happen with Path, Instagram, and even Facebook.

Access Single Sign-On are not secure

If it is something sites have taken on, is that simplicity is bliss. Especially when it comes to the connection. Many social media sites have adopted access single sign - on page, but unfortunately, you can share your information with a third party – you never online.

The social media sites more like Facebook and Twitter are there to make profits and the facility to link your accounts on all platforms that gives them an easy way to share and access your information. From now on, you must allow a company to dulging your personal information. But it could be a slippery slope in the near future.

Universal Online Privacy Legislation is gaining ground

If the prism of the acronym means something to you, that you have probably already thought about the idea of privacy online, whether you care or not. Because the simple fact is that the personal information that you share with Web sites is not 100 per cent sure.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter have an abundant amount of information to its users. And it became clear that these leaks of private life (listen to Google and Facebook) are almost inevitable. So, legislation on the universal protection against these potential risks to the safety of the user.

Thus, while we have a lot of concerns about the State of social media and privacy online, there are still things that we can avoid to stay safe online. Otherwise, we will be at the mercy of the industry focused on the benefit of social media and privacy they offer policies.
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