7 Writing Tips for Students At All Levels

By Jake

Being acknowledged as a good writer isn’t something that happens overnight. You’ll need to take some time, years even, to hone your skills. Basically, it means that as a writer, you have to constantly work on your writing skills even while out of school. Some writing skills are applicable to students at all stages of learning. They are the basic writing skills expected of any student. A good writer understands the need to have tricks and tips to assist with writing. Students need to master writing skills because they need these skills to also succeed in other disciplines.

Language, sentence structure, grammar and generally good flow of your content are examples of skills that one must master to be able to deliver quality work. I have identified a number of tips that can help any student at any level of learning, all the way from elementary school to college and beyond.



This is rather obvious. In life, we must prepare for anything that we decide to do to get the best results possible. Preparation in writing is a very important step regardless of what stage of learning you’re at. To be able to do a good write up, students need to prepare, and they do this by:

  • Understanding what content or information is expected in your article. To write comfortably, it’s important that you’re familiar with the essay. Read the topic carefully and understand what material you’ll be writing on.

  • Set aside some time to work on your assignments. It’s crucial for students to plan their time well to avoid last minute writing which greatly distorts the quality of your work. Know the date or deadline by which you’re expected to deliver each assignment.

  • Preparation also refers to doing extensive research and getting the relevant material.



After you are done with writing, you’ll need to thoroughly go through your work to remove any mistakes. It’s often advisable to first prepare a draft then do the final write up. You can have as many drafts as you see fit. Proofreading can be done a bit later, not necessarily immediately you’re done writing. You can also get someone else to help you proofread, a fresh set of eyes can do a great job of spotting what you may have overlooked or missed.

What does proofreading entail? You’ll need to look at spelling and grammatical errors, the formatting, sentence structure and flow, vocabulary, language and in general whether your work makes sense.


This is an important aspect in all manner of writing. It’s crucial for all writers to understand that their readers are more interested in the originality of their work. Nobody is interested in spending time going through plagiarized material. It also lowers the credibility of students, ultimately affecting their level of performance. Online, you can access plagiarism checking tools that will tell you the percentage level of plagiarism. It’s advisable that your article has a plagiarism percentage of less than 10%, but you should aim for coming up with 100% unique content!

Students should be encouraged to work on their writing and seek help if necessary but not have somebody do their work for them. Writing gives you the opportunity to express your thoughts and opinions. Take full advantage of this and you’ll greatly reduce any plagiarism or duplicate content. The level of preparation of students impacts originality. Think of a scenario where a student doesn’t take the time to plan for an assignment, and they are forced to make a last-minute rush. Chances are they will copy the assignment online or from friends. This is a big no in the writing world.



It’s a necessity for students to make their writing to be as interesting as possible. Students should also factor in their creativity while writing. It needs to get the attention of the readers. Undoubtedly, there’s nobody who’s okay with spending time on some boring piece of work. Good writing gets the attention of the readers. You can do this for your writing by avoiding the obvious clichés and varying your choice of words. However, caution needs to be exercised when using new vocabulary.



Students ought to learn how to factor on both sides of an argument in their writing. Simply put, the writing should be critically done and argumentative in a manner that captures all the main points of an essay or whatever writing the student is engaging in. Your writing needs to be objective!


6.Introduction and Conclusion

A good article should have an introduction and a conclusion. An introduction is what lets your readers know what to expect while reading your article. It shouldn’t be too detailed but still, does a great job of explaining your work. Also, the introduction should be captivating enough to keep your audience hooked.

A conclusion is what lets your reader know that they have reached the end of the read. The conclusion paragraph is what the student will use to summarize and emphasize the main points. Therefore, students should have a good introduction to usher in their readers and get their attention, and a conclusion that gives a great finish.


7.Online Writing Platforms

Writing is no longer a reserve of a few in the society. Rather, anyone can become an excellent writer in the current society. Learning resources are available online, and it’s up to the students to access these resources. They can get grammar and plagiarism checkers among other available tools. They can also access tutoring services from a number of websites. Just search for a cheap essay writing company and you’ll get one.


Writing is an art that must be mastered for one to deliver pieces that are of high standards. Some of the writing tips are basics that apply to students at all the stages of learning. Good writing directly reflects the quality of preparation put into it. These tips will help students with their writing in all courses. Students need to understand that great writers take years to make and should, therefore, start practicing to perfect their writing from a young age!

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