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By Chantal

Even if you have thin or flat hair, you are able to get the look you want with the best hair curler. In possession of just the right curling iron, you can have curls, volume and waves in just a few minutes without stressing up. Because perfect curls do not come naturally to every woman, help is needed by many women to achieve a voluminous, wavy or curly look. Not just being inexpensive, the curling iron is also an easy tool to assist you in getting tight or loose curls. Not all curling irons are made the same, a reason why you should get that which suits your needs. Nevertheless they increase volume and texture of your hair.

 A curling iron comprises of a long handle together with a barrel which conducts heat. It is due to the fact that heating barrels come in a variety of sizes that we have different types of curls. Longer barrels are designed to create longer waves whereas smaller barrels produce more spiral and tighter curls. In general most barrels range from half inches to 1.5 inches. There exist a lot of hair curlers ideal for your hair type and the type of curl you are in search of. The spring-clamp curling irons are made in such a way that they use a clamp to completely hold hair down as you wrap easily around the heated barrel for proper curling. Your hair is held in place as you wrap it thanks to the spring beneath the clamp. The spring-clamp is one of the most popular and easy to use curling iron available. We also have Marcel curling irons which are often destined to be used by professionals. They come with a clamp which you have to hold down manually. Generally, clamp curling irons are ideal for coarse or thicker hair as the clamp holds the hair in place while you effortlessly rotate the hair around the barrel. Today around the world, curling wands are also increasingly gaining popularity. These specially made hair curlers do not use any clamp to hold down the hair. This makes them ideal for those who have thin hair and need additional volume. Great benefit is obtained from this device when used on thin and fine hair which easily curls. Using this type on thicker hairs would need extra effort to move on. These hair curlers generally prevent creases in your curl from a clamp yielding to very little to no damage with split ends.

Which styling tools are best?

When you are searching for the best hair curler, make sure you consider the type of curl you desire, its size and type of product you need for your hair type. Below are a few additional features aimed at assisting you pick out the best curling iron for the wellbeing of your hair.

Heat setting

Remember your hair’s ability in holding curls is not completely determined by the curling iron itself, but by your hair’s texture and thickness. Best curling irons are in possession of the ability to heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to note that temperatures above 350 degrees Fahrenheit can dry out fine and thin hair. Higher temperatures are ideal for coarser and thicker hair. Nevertheless, most curling irons come with a range of temperature from which you choose the exact heat for your hair type even if your hair curler can reach extreme temperatures. While the best hair curler offers 20 or more heat settings the best curling irons offer as from 5 and above.

Types of curling irons

One of the major difference between curling irons is the materials the barrels are made from. Worldwide, ceramic barrels are highly popular due to the fact they emit negative ions which prevents static current and highly reduces frizz. Metal barrels are able to heat up quickly reaching very high temperatures. Nevertheless, it should be noted that high heat can easily damage the hair if it is not thick enough. Also common are the Titanium and gold-plated barrels even though they only feature protective coating over the barrel aimed at protecting hair from excess amounts of heat. It is not only the design that makes their difference, they also come with other features which set them apart. It is essential to purchase a hair styling product which comes with a long power cord which swivels. Its length will provide you with more flexibility while preventing you from feeling you are connected to the wall. Its long length will also permeate you reach effortlessly the hair behind your head.

Safety features

Most of the best reviewed curling irons in this piece of writing provide a handful of safety features. Easy access to heated barrel and high temperatures can easily cause burns. For safety, several high-end curling irons automatically shut off after a period of non-use. Other curling irons allow you to set a sleep timer each time the product is used, this will make it automatically turn off. This is possible if you first turn-on the feature. In addition, many curling irons come with an indicator light which is featured on their exterior. It alerts you when the hair curler is switched on and gets hot. Some of the other curling irons which do not come with a light indicator often feature a digital display which immediately lights up when turned on giving you the exact temperature of the curling iron. Other curling irons come with accessories which you can take on for safety. It is highly recommended you purchase a product which offers a protective shield which can be placed on the barrel after use, thereby preventing someone from getting hurt upon touching the hot barrel. The best curling wand comes included with heat protective gloves aimed at protecting your hands from accidentally touching the hot barrel.

Help and support

It is recommended to purchase a curling iron with a long manufacturer warranty. In most cases the average amount of time many hair curlers are covered is just a year. The best curling irons are covered for 5 years and above. It is worth knowing should in case you have any worries or questions about your curling iron, help options are available. It is wise purchasing products from companies that offer several customer support such as telephone and email options.

Tips for finding the best professional curling iron

  • Have a perfect mastery of your hair, your hair can be wavy, curly, straight or oily.
  • Curling irons come in different shapes aimed at providing different curls. Decide which one you want for your hair.
  • There are plenty of materials used in designing curling irons, browsing some curling iron reviews will help you find the best.
  • They come in different sizes, so purchase that which suits your needs. This is because for different curls there are different barrel sizes.
  • Check out about its heating capacity. Different curling irons heat up to different degrees, when you have learnt about your hair, you will know which heat is the best for your hair.
  • Because you will be holding an iron stick which can heat from 400 to 500 degrees, it is of primary importance to check on all details concerning safety.
  • If you enjoy travelling a lot, it is important to take on a curling iron which will suit your travels.

Best Professional hair curler types

Spring curling irons:

This is one which you can easily control with your thumb thanks to a mechanism on the clamp that holds it tight to the barrel surface. When compared to other irons, its use is pretty easier. During use, wrap your hair around the barrel and clamp it. With this curling iron there is just no chance of burning your hand since you do not have to hold your hair and wait while it is curling. Worldwide, spring curling irons are the most common irons used at homes since it does not require any professional use.

Marcel curling irons:

Its hair curlers’ mechanism is much like that of the spring curling irons. What makes a difference is the fact that Marcel curling irons require professional use since they are complex and correct handling is of great importance. Instead of using your thumb as in spring curling irons, you will have to use your hand to clamp your hair with the marcel curling irons. This type not recommended for personal use.

Clipless curling iron:

The second preferred type by most women is the clipless curling irons. These hair curlers do not possess a mechanism like the Marcel. It comes just with a barrel like a stick. With this tool, you wrap the hair around the stick and hold it manually. For this reason it comes with heat-protective gloves which you wear to prevent any accident. These curling irons generally give the most natural results possible. It is very easy to use.

Spiral curling irons:

As their name reveal, they come with a spiral on their barrels between which you wrap your hair. The spiral it comes with is aimed at giving your hair a tidier look, making the curls look more even and giving your hair a retro look. It comes with a tiny clamp at the end of the barrel to hold the hair ends.

Waving curling irons:

They have a working principle not very much different from the spiral curling irons but they have little bumps instead of the spirals. You’ll get big natural waves after wrapping your hair in the middle of the bumps. These curling irons have gained popularity as beachy wave curling irons.

Conical curling irons:

As the name implies, these conical curling irons are in possession of a conic shape with narrow upper ends together with thick lower ends. With them, you are given the possibility of creating different curls in size or shape. There is practically no need purchasing additional hair styling tools since they can give you varieties of curls and waves.

Rotating curling irons:

The rotating curling iron is a styling tool which saves you from wrapping your hair around the barrel. You are able to clamp your hair thanks to the clamp it comes with after which you push the rotate button and it wraps your hair around itself. If you do not want to waste your time on curling your hair, then the rotating curling irons is ideal for you.

Hourglass curling irons:

Understanding from its name, it looks much like an hourglass. It is one which provides you with a 2-In-1 tool with which you are able to have tight spiral curls. It has a working principle similar to that of the clipless curling iron. It comes with heat-protective gloves aimed at keeping you safe at all times.

Cordless curling irons:

They work with a battery which you can refill whenever it runs out. This makes them the best for those who enjoying travelling. It can be carried in the hand bag and used whenever need arises.

Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron


Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron


This curling iron turns to be hot, fast and easy to use. It remains the most basic curling iron you should have at home. You are able to use it every day without enquiring any wound or failure from it thanks to its Exclusive ThermaTru Ceramic Technology. There is just no doubt that this is the best ceramic curling iron as revealed by curling iron reviews. Your hands are prevented from burns thanks to a pretty good looking little thermal glove which also assist you curl faster. It comes in possession of 1 Inch Rod curling iron which permeates you create the 1’’ waves and beachy curls in just half the time you often take with other curling irons. Reviews of curling iron reveal this particular one comes with great features permeating rapid heat up, auto shut-off and a two year warranty. Curling iron reviews reveal you easily achieve great locked curls in just few seconds. There is just no need to worry if you forget to turn it off. This curling iron is able to heat up to 380 degrees Celsius. The glove comes as a solution to this high temperatures preventing you from getting hurt.

The Infiniti pro by conaire curl secret hair curler


 The Infiniti pro by conaire curl secret hair curler


This remains one of the best revolutionary tools to use and curl your hair in just the easiest way possible. Designers using this tool have made the dream of every woman come true. Literally with this tool you do not need to give out any effort for your hair to be curled the way you like. It comes with three different timer levels and two heat levels which are all aimed at providing you with different curl levels. All you need to do is set the timer and insert your hair in the chamber and wait for a while. When it’s done curling, it beeps and you release the curly hair from the curling iron. In order to avoid tangles it is recommended to comb your hair before you use it. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry much as it comes with a safety tangle-free feature. Once you get used to it, you will find it’s just a piece of cake. For a hygienic use it comes with an easy twist-barrel cleaner. It is fast, easy and fabulous tool to use as mentioned in reviews of curling iron.

The sedu revolution clipless curling iron


This curling iron comes with a unique ceramic heating technology which provides a consistent temperature and a faster heat acceleration. It comes with a protective kickstand, heat resistant grip and an auto shut-off feature together with safety heat resistant hand gloves. Its premium tourmaline ion technology does generate extra negative ions aimed at creating just the perfect frizz-free hair without the least hair damage. With this hair curl, those with fine hair no longer need to be afraid of the heat anymore. Curling iron reviews reveal that it is not only one of the best curler for fine hair but it is also ideal for all kinds of hair. This tool will give you just the ideal beachy-look you ever desired. It should be noted that you are required to wrap your hair around the barrel and wait for it to curl as you hold with your hand. For this reason, remember using the gloves every time while making sure the tool is kept away from your head.

The HSI Professional curling iron


The HSI Professional curling Iron

This set is your personal stylist which will offer just the bouncy locks or big beachy waves you have always desired. With this set at home there is just no need to spend a fortune in fancy salons any more. It allows you to set the right temperature for your hair while you curl it without any damage. After which you achieve your smooth and shiny look. Having to change the barrels at first might appear a little tricky. Care should be offered when handling them to avoid accidental breakage. Reviews of curling iron reveal this one to be at a friendly price with high quality features any woman will to enjoy.

The RC Professional curling iron

 The RC Professional Curling Iron

Purchasing this new generation curling iron with its own steam and spray function is like building a saloon in your house. It comes with premium features like: Anti-electric shock, Anti-scald, Auto shut-off, Tech safeguard and motion sensor. It can be used for different types of hair yielding different kinds of curls thanks to its 3 timer settings. The 3 temperature settings it comes with are 190 degrees Celsius, 210 degrees Celsius and 230 degrees Celsius. It is highly recommended to take-off with a small temperature and increase with time as your hair curls. It comes with two great features being ultra-fast heat recovery and ceramic curl chamber aimed at providing small curl creation. These two features provide you with healthy, smooth and shiny curls without causing any damage to your hair.

The Herstyler 3P Curling Iron set

If you are in search of a professional touch on your hair, then get this tool. It comes with three different barrels in different sizes aimed at giving you the desired satisfaction. Even though this ceramic curling iron was designed for professional use, it can also be used at home. It comes with a thermal hand glove which prevents you from burning your hand. This tool heats up to 400 degrees Celsius, so select the best temperature suitable for you; one which won’t burn your hair.

The Hot Tools professional Curling Iron


the Hot Tools Professional Curling Ironq

If your curls do not last as long as you desire because your hair is too straight, heavy or long, then just try this hot tools curling iron which comes with multiple heat control features. It permeates your curls last for long as you would desire them to. It is capable of heating up to 428 degrees Celsius thanks to its 85 watts power in only 60 seconds. It comes with recent technology which takes in to consideration all the needs of the woman. It is a long life heating element thanks to its 24k gold plated barrels. This hot tools curling iron is available in 6 different sizes. It comes with a temperature memory permeating you to set just once and use even in times to come. If your hair is not too thick, it is advisable to start at lower temperatures and increase with time, this is aimed at preventing hair damage.

The Remington Curl Perfect Curling Iron

This tool represents the solution for all your curling problems. Your hair is wrapped around the barrel in a perfect manner. According to curling iron reviews reveal this tool gives you a perfect shiny smooth hair. In only 30 seconds this hot tools curling iron can heat up to 340 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it ideal if you are in a hurry out the door.

The NuMe Curling Iron

This is another outstanding breakthrough in hair curling technology as revealed by reviews of curling iron. It comes with an inclusive Tourmaline-infused ceramic iron which is aimed at proving you with the most shining and healthy curls of time. It comes with heat protective gloves aimed at keeping you safe from hand burns. Being one of the best hair curler, it can heat up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes at a price worthy of its great features.

The Bed Head Deep Waver Hair Curler

This tool is highly recommended for those with straight hair and desire to get beachy-style waves and curls which last for long. For natural curling waves, this curling iron remains the best friendly iron to take on. Its waves often last for the whole day and night without damage. In addition it is an easy to use tool when compared to the others. With it, you do not have to strain for hours struggling to curl your hair. It comes with the recent Tourmaline ceramic technology which keeps you hair’s natural oils as well as its moistures. It can be used for almost all types of hair obtaining the best results.

The Babyliss Miracurl Curling Iron

For anyone who is tired of spending hours with a curling iron or wand just to bring up a style which falls in just few hours later, the babyliss miracurl curling iron would be ideal for you as it stands out as a solution for all your curling problems. This wonderful tool is unlike any tool you have ever seen before. It is worth each and every penny you spend as it stands out as a great investment and won’t fail you. It will become your go-to curler for all nights out on town, business meetings and even hot dates. It would yield to you just the bouncy curls you desire. The curls it produces last longer than those from others. This tool has the following features making it worth to purchase;

  • The product promises 50% better curl formation, 20% more curl definition and a complete 24-hour hold no damage.
  • It comes with a complete customization including time, curl direction and temperature.
  • It has the capacity of producing very beautiful curls in just half the time of a traditional curling iron previously used.
  • It infused negative ions to the hair thanks to the Nano Titanium curl chamber aimed at producing unbelievable shine.
  • You are given complete control over the type of curls you want thanks to the MaxLife Pro.

This babyliss curling iron does almost everything you can imagine, this makes it very difficult finding something wrong with it.

The Babyliss Pro Hot Air Brush


The Babyliss Pro Hot Air Brush

This is one of the best rotting curling irons which comes with amazing features worthy of its price. You are offered the possibility to create the look you desire thanks to its anti-static bristles. This product offers to you salon quality styling at your home. The curls it produces are shinning and do last for long. It has the following features;

  • Humidity is sealed out and shine boosted thanks to its ionic technology.
  • Flyaway hair is prevented thanks to its antistatic bristles.
  • This product works well for all hair types, yielding the best results you can ever desire.
  • Free-frizz styles and smooth styles are created without damaging the hair thanks to the Nano Titanium technology.
    • It comes with a multidirectional barrel permeating you to change directions with just a single push of a bottom. This yields to beautiful styles on your hair without changing hand position at all.

Being one of the best curling iron, it is ideal for any salon or home stylist.

The Babyliss Pro ConiCurl Curling Wand


This an excellent curling wand which offers you the best control for desired results thanks to its slimmer and sleeker iron. This is one of the thinnest and best curling wand in the market for a friendly price worth its great features. It is a tool which produces results you have to see and touch before you can believe. This curling wand has the following great features;

  • The temperature setting is shown clearly thanks to its LED screen.
  • It glides through your hair easily and never pulls it.
  • For today’s hottest straight styles, its lightweight design makes it very suitable.
  • Its sleek design together with its ultrathin design makes storage very easy.
  • It comes with Nano Titanium plates which emit negative ions to give your hair a shiny look making your hair grow healthier.

This is the babyliss for you if you do not mind spending a professional price for a professional wand of premium quality. It caters for your hair preventing any forms of damage.

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron


 The Babyliss Pro ConiCurl Curling Wand

This rotting curling iron is aimed at concentrating the curl at the root of the hair giving it a long lasting strength. It also allows the ends a little unfinished thereby giving a more natural wavy look just as you have always desired. This is one of the best babyliss curling iron which heats up to 430F in order to offer you professional results. It is designed to eliminate frizz and also completely protect the hair from any form of damage.

The Bio Ionic Stylewinder Rotating Stylish Iron, 1 Inch


 The Bio Ionic Stylewinder Rotating Stylish Iron, 1 Inch

This is a professional curling iron which promises and guarantees the easiest curling experience ever. This rotating curling iron can heat up to temperatures of 440 degrees Fahrenheit to provide you with professional curls. Thanks to this high temperature it can easily style thick hair also. With this rotting curling iron, styling time is faster by 50%. It also quickens the styling’s speed and prevents your hair from being damaged. It comes with a bio rotating iron which is highly praised by many reviews of curling iron. It prevents you from continuous twist of your wrist in search of the hair style you desire. You simply need to wrap your hair around the barrel and twist the clamp with your fingers and the work is done for you. This rotting curling iron comes with a cooling feature at its top, so you won’t be burning your hands. It remains a professional tool amongst many in the market.

Treating a curling iron burn

You have finally gotten your curling iron or you have been using it for a while now. It has offered you just the perfect bouncy curls you have always desired.

Even though curling iron burns are not desired, it is worth knowing the step by step guide on how to care properly for a curly iron burn.

Cold compress:

The burnt area should be cooled as first step. Immediately step away from the mirror and get a cold compress and gently place it on the skin until the skin is no longer hot. The cold compress stops the burn from moving in further. These first minutes can make a great difference between a first degree burn and a second degree burn. If it is just the reddish colouring of the skin, then it is a first degree burn otherwise it is a second degree burn and immediate medical attention should be reached.

Layer of love:

After cooling the area, immediately apply a topical cream such as 1% hydrocortisone cream to the affected area. No need to apply to several layers for one is sufficient.


For the days ahead, make sure your body is highly hydrated and more precisely the area of burn, this is to minimise the chances of scarring. Vaseline which is a good moisturizer can do the trick.

Do not peel:

It is quite tempting to pick at the healing skin, even though it might not look attractive, it’s a protective layer which should not be peeled. Remember, removing it will only lead to accelerated scarring.


The burnt area is more sensitive to sun light, so it is essential applying sunscreen on the area. Do not expose other parts of the body to the heat of the sun.

Leave it alone:

It is tempting to cover the wound using makeup. This is not required for it will only make it worse by drying your wound. If you must then first apply medical cover-up before applying makeup.

If the above steps are followed diligently, your wound will soon be forgotten memory.

How to clean a curling iron

After purchasing your curling iron you want to make amazing curls making your hair popping and everyone would like to have your secrets. At this point you feel great but there is still one more thing to do. Your tools should be offered attention and care same way as you do for your hair. This is because they are key to your pretty and perfect bouncy curls. A dirty curling iron won’t only affect the efficiency of your hair curls but would be a disgusting thing to look at. It should be noted that the hair products used and hair sprays create a build-up of your curling iron. This build-up often affect curl patterns, temperature and heat transfer. Below is a detailed guide which is easy to follow on how to perfectly clean your curling iron.

Switch it off:

Cleaning of the curling iron should never be done when it is still switched on or plugged in. This would likely lead to an accident. Unplug your curling iron, wait for it to cool down after which you start the cleaning process.

Rubbing alcohol:

Purchase some cotton balls and a bottle of rubbing alcohol, in case you do not find cotton balls then use a damp cloth. Pour down a certain quantity of rubbing alcohol on your cotton ball and use it to rub down your curling iron. In case you do not have to rub alcohol then use the following; house hold ammonia, nail polish remover or a thick paste of baking soda and water.

Wipe it down:

You need to give the curling iron a final wipe after you must have used the rubbing alcohol. Make sure you wipe down all parts of the curling iron.

Teflon barrels:

If you did purchase a Teflon coated barrel curling iron, removing dirt might take more time than with the others. With such you should heat up and later unplug it, that is to wipe it down easily when it is still warm using rubbing alcohol. When this is done, it glides right off very easily.

Let it dry:

Make sure it has completely dried before you go turning it on. It is advisable to allow it dry for the whole night or for a good number of hours before use.

Remember to raise the clamp of the curling iron to clean it under. For those hard to reach parts try using a toothbrush which you dipped in rubbing alcohol. Remember not to turn it on why it is not fully dry for it will only lead to more buildup. With the above guide, cleaning your curling iron becomes a very simple issue to handle.

The biggest mistakes made with a curling iron

Below are the main aspects of curling iron which everyone must know by heart. Knowing the mistakes would prevent people from taking on them.

Don’t forget to use protection:

There is always a chance for damage to occur any time when heat is applied to the hair. It should be noted that heating devices can cause hair to lose its shine. With this said, it is critical that in preparation to curl your hair, the first thing to do is finding a heat guard spray which efficiently works in preserving hair moisture as you begin styling. When this is done, you hair would thank you by coming out looking smoother and shinier. Before switching on any curly iron start by finding out what will work best for your specific mane.

Properly portion strands:

If you are one amongst the individuals with a full, voluptuous mane, it might really be exhausting to curl your hair but remember it is essential to take your time during this process. Even though having to stand in front of a mirror for a long time is appealing, it remains essential if you are looking for an even curl. Take your time in preparing your hair giving it a pretty look.

No touching:

It is of great importance to avoid as much as possible handling your hair with your hands. The body produces natural oil which covers the hand. In addition the hands touch a lot all though the day. When you are done with styling, make sure you allow the ironed takes some time to set in before you even think of tucking the stand behind your ear. Just a few minute will do the job well benefiting you with a longer hold for the day.

Following the right direction:

It is disastrous curling your hair in the wrong direction. The standard way for an even look is to curl away from your face. Remember twisting the strand of hair down and around the barrel following a clockwise-manner when on the right side of your face. You will also have to do same when on the left side.



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