10 rules to promote an event on Twitter

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Twitter, an online news and social networking website was founded in 2006. Since then, it has gained millions of users. All messages referred to as “tweets” should be within 140 characters. Registered users have the option to post, comment or start a conversation thread regarding the event or festival. But those who are not registered on the website cannot have the access to do any of the above but still can have the option to read them. Whether the event is a seminar, conference, exhibition, product launch, an award ceremony or creative competition, twitter could be extremely beneficial for Indian wedding planners and event management companies.Here are some useful tips to promote social engagements for your events on Twitter:

  1. Planning


In this stage, one needs to identify all the influential people and partners who are connected to the social engagements for your events. These people should be the ones whose mere association with the event will definitely draw or attract people’s attention towards the event. These people should be selected according to their activeness on Twitter and their interest in the

event to generate maximum publicity for the event.


  1. Selecting the Hash Tag


A perfect hashtag (#) should be original, short, comprehensible and easy to type. The hashtag actually helps to monitor all the incoming tweets about the social engagements for your events and allow followers and participants alike to read the conversations regarding the event. It is advised to respond to the conversation tweets by adding hashtag so that more awareness regarding the program can be spread across the platform.


  1. Reaching out to the target audience


Engaging and interacting with those who tweet about the event is crucial. Sharing of tweets that are created by event management companies as well as Indian wedding planners is an important step. Catchy tweets describing the event’s highlights should be posted. Important personalities attending the social engagements for your events should be hash-tagged as well. Such actions will automatically generate curiosity and interest and help to identify the target audience.


  1. Creating Opinion Polls


Interest of the target audience can be increased towards the event by making them use opinion polls as a way of providing their own suggestions regarding venue choice or the theme for the social engagements for your events. Online voting process can be arranged that evokes a certain connection to the event enabling participants to feel associated in the entire process of organizing the event.


  1. Posting pictures and videos


Everyone loves to surf pictures and watch videos. The more pictures and videos are posted, the more people’s interest will grow. Only relevant tweets with pictures and videos should be posted about the event. Apps like Periscope and Vine are very useful in this purpose. Live streaming of all the action taking place to organize social engagements for your events can be shown using Periscope, whereas celebrity video bytes can be shown through looping videos of Vine.


  1. Building value to the event


This means showcasing important and exclusive information about the event. Posting original interview articles, breaking news, thought provoking articles and guidelines followed for the social engagements for your events can be helpful for the target audiences. A great content about the event establishes authenticity and builds trust among the target audience. Thus it is advised never to undermine the importance of superior quality content.


  1. Keeping an eye on the tweets on the D-day


On the day the event will be hosted, it is important to observe the trend the hashtag related to the event is generating among the Twitter audience. Many Twitter users will definitely ask questions and talk about the event. It is vital to stick with them throughout the day and keep on answering and conversing with them. Interesting statements regarding hosting the event can be shared with others as well. Any tweet referring to complaints should be addressed too. A proactive participation in the entire process can be beneficial.


  1. Appreciating and reconnecting with Twitter users


By using hashtag, thank you notes should be sent out. The names of all those important people whose presence had made the event successful should be hash-tagged as well. New audience who could not make it to the event but is looking forward to attending such an event in future should be welcomed on-board. Continuous usage of hashtag generates automatic awareness among discussion groups and online Twitter users.


  1. Requesting feedback


Feedback forms can be attached with tweets about the event. It enables the target audience to describe or rate their likes and dislikes regarding the event. In this case also hashtag must be used. Valuable advice should never be ignored. Extra comments can be requested on the feedback forms. An insight into what interests the audience and what kind of events they would like to attend in future can be gained through the feedback process.


  1. Setting future goals


Here announcement of improvisation and necessary changes while organizing an event can be posted. A description of the goals that will be achieved by the time the next event is organized can be stated as well. Even a hint of the date and time of the next major event can be released to keep the target audience interested in following the event-related tweets regarding the continuation of this journey.


Twitter faces a stiff competition from other popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Google+, Classmates, Meetup, etc., but still there are many loyal users of Twitter who prefer to promote various festivals and social engagements for your events on this particular website. Also, there are many who like to use two online social networking websites simultaneously to generate awareness for their events. It is interesting to point that Twitter has always remained as one of the choices in such cases. All popular events always had massive number of followers be it celebrities or commoners. People have the trendy habit of tweeting whatever interesting topic they come across on Twitter. Thus event organizers are left with no other option but to seek the help of sites like Twitter to create publicity for their event.


For more social engagements for your events, follow Holydelights on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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