How to earn sweet side income with your hobbies

Living in a dispensation whereby every parent is bent to see the child trained in school as a pathway of securing a wonderful future we must see formal educational training beyond ending in the structures of the fundamental stakeholder being the government. This is very important because education has never meant for the purpose of securing a public sector job solely and besides, public sector job that ends you with a retirement benefits till your death is fast becoming obsolete in the context in which we now live. However, many persons have completely refused to admit to this truth. If you happen to fall in that category, then just take a look at any of your relations beginning with your parents who have served the public service giving all of their energy and where they are now. The more they work hard and earn, the more taxes are deducted from their hard labor. I am not saying it is a big thing for you to aspire not to work with the public service but rather I want you to think having the big picture in your mind. We are living at a time when unemployment rate is growing unbelievably in virtually every nation in the world be it developed and developing nations. Being mindful of the fact that no matter how well the government of a nation adjusts it cannot employ everyone, then we must start seeing our educational training beyond finishing and becoming and employee somewhere. It is for this reason why it becomes very important for us to see our hobbies as sweet side income generator.Additionally, it is much more important for you to see hobby beyond the definition given to it by the dictionary. When you begin to see your hobbies beyond mere entertainment into something you can translate into sweet side income generation, then you are smart. Each and every one of us has been wired uniquely with hobbies in quite a distinctive area and if you have the mind of becoming rich, you should begin to think on how to channel your hobbies into sweet side income.

            A hobby is seen in this article as a medium of earning sweet side income. The income is only earned if and only if you will turn your hobby loose to earn sweet side income. It is referred to as sweet side income because you laugh and find it less strenuous doing what you have to do to   earn the income as compared to your active income earn from working hard in the area of your profession or career. This explains why educational training is a prerequisite to help you sharpen your hobbies into sweet side income. This article will therefore expose you to the following; hobbies that produce money, money earning hobbies, money generating hobbies, best hobbies to make money, retirement hobbies that make money, money making hobbies for men, as well as to use your hobbies as a stream of income.


A). What is a hobby?

          A hobby is any activity or interest that an individual pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation. In other words, a hobby is a regularly undertaken activity that is done for laxity, essentially, during one’s spare moment. Hobbies can incorporate; the assembling of themed objects and items and involving artistic pursuits,playing sports, creative along with many more cases. By continually taking part in a certain hobby, one can gather in-depth skills and knowledge in that domain. As such therefore, a person who involves in an activity solely for fun is called an amateur, as contrary to a professional who get involves in an activity for profit. An amateur could be as empowered as a professional; the main differentiation is that a professional receives compensation while an amateur does not. The two strong words here to note are; the word amateur and professional. This is an ideal illustration of the best hobbies to make money. Playing of basketball in your spare time as a hobby, you enjoy it deep down in your heart with passion but being unable to do it professionally makes you an amateur. Playing golf in your spare time as your hobby with a lot of enjoyment and not being able to do it with expertise makes you an amateur. This is where we have to be very sensitive in getting our hobbies as sweet side income. Take for example, Tiger Wood the world’s Golf champion. Golf playing is his hobby and also where he earns his living. What he did was to translate golf playing from a mere hobby to a sweet side income generating hobby and he enjoys it. This takes him from a mere amateur in golf playing to a professional. This is one of the most typical best hobbies to make money and as well as you doing all to use your hobbies as a stream of income. This goes especially to money earning hobbies.


B). Hobby areas that can earn you sweet side income

          From this point downward you will be shown those strategic areas of hobbies that you can refine from mere amateurish display into strict professionalism thereby earning sweet side income. The knowledge here will help you spot out money generating hobbies and equally enable you the best of the retirement hobbies that make money.


i). Love taking high-quality pictures at weddings and birthday parties

            What you should know is with the hobby for the love of taking high-quality pictures at wedding and birthday parties. This area of hobby can be converted into side hustle. In life it often said what matters most should be placed at the top whereas what matters less be placed beneath. Therefore instead of you taking all of your spare time taking pictures for pleasure and entertainment, you can from today beef up training in that regard. This is just like a young man with strength who beats people in disorder and due to this he is often taken to cell. He is strong and it is his hobby in fighting and beating people. This hobby if properly employed in a proper context, it is most probably going to transform the life of this young man. If this young man can get a mentor in wrestling then he will be build up to the extent whereby instead of him beating people out of the ring and get himself into trouble, he will be beating people justifiably in  wrestling competition and through that he will be able to earn sweet side income. Therefore after taking your training as a professional photographer and not a mere amateur based on pleasure, you can advertise yourself classically not like every other photographer but as a professional photographer for wedding ceremonies and parties. That way you are turning your picture taking hobby into a sweet side income. This is one of the ways on money making hobbies for men and more importantly money earning hobbies.

ii). Enjoy writing essays

            This is a very strategic hobby that if sharpened from mere amateurish it could earn you sweet side income and make you a professional. However, this hobby answers most especially for people who have an unquenchable desire for reading. You can hardly enjoy writing essays you don’t first of all enjoy reading widely. We have more often than come in-between the maxim, “readers are leaders.” This is very true. When you are consistent reader of a wide range of books, you will be inspired and once you are inspired will find it easier to write essay. There are a handful of opportunities that accompany readers in this our current epoch. Every disciplined reader will undoubtedly make prolific essay writer. A job like public relations writing demands writers who can develop websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, and articles of mega multinational corporations. However, it demands you to be a very disciplined reader to be able to function in such job. For instance, reading is one of my strongest and most passionate hobbies. It is like a germ that I cannot do without. Through this good hobby of reading, before getting to my thirties, I have assimilated voluminous textbooks, in politics, religion, health, economics, cultures, sports and just to name these few. And more interestingly, I am making it big through this hobby that has enabled me earn sweet side income as a prolific writer of articles. The same writing opportunity was proposed to some friends but they turn it down and the simple reason is because they really did not have what to offer and find it boring. However, to me it is enjoyment and because it is, I write tirelessly and earn sweet side income. Summarily, in nurturing a hobby, consider reading and writing and it will lead to hobbies that produce money. This is one among several best hobbies to make money.

iii).  Hobbies in the area of sports like football

            Ignorance by so many parents in the nineties caused them to regret their ignorant actions toward their children. They angrily shunned their children especially the boys whenever they realized their huge inclination for sport games especially football. Knowing money making hobbies for men is very important.  The individuals, who are professional footballers today, have the origin of that hobby from their teenage ages that has tended them into multimillionaire. What parents should know is that physical knowledge has to be appreciated especially when you diagnosed that your child seems to be so attached to it. Big junk of money or respect is not only earned only by those who hold Ph.D. but equally by professional in the domain of sports. Therefore, you should act as a good coach to you children and not as an ignorant one. Every human being whether he/she is your blood or not is wired differently by God. So you play the role of a good coach over your children and not necessarily coerce them become what you want. This is derogatory. For this reason, act with respect to your money generating hobbies and also don’t forget to hobbies that produce money for that is the reason for which God made you that way. Retirement hobbies that make money in the area of sport and you will become the next celebrity.

iv). Play an instrument and love teaching others

            This is also an important area of hobby that if you are connected to, it could be shaping to earn you sweet side income. Instrument here ranges from; flute, piano, guitar, drums, ban, xylophone, and just to mentioned only but these few. There are people who have gone international as a result of exercising hobby in this area. Therefore after having diagnosed and know money making hobbies for men don’t relent. Once that is you, you can take on extra course to refined and convert it to a skill. Through this, you can open up a training center where interested persons can enroll and be trained. Through this, you will earn sweet side income thereby growing rich. From this you see that life produces for use depending on the quality of our thinking. Others who are not smart will remain at the realm of playing instrument only as a leisure or pleasurable exercise meanwhile a thinker will go beyond. The truth is that you are surrounded by abundant opportunities that you can take advantage of to realize your dreams, but the only real limits on what you can be, do or have are the limit place on yourself by your own thinking. No wonder the Holy Bible stress on the straightening of ones way of thinking extensively. Therefore grab the privilege of taking your hobbies beyond yourself and use your hobbies as a stream of income.

v). Have extensive knowledge of some social media platforms

            The world has become a global planetary village with the advent of informational and communication technology, yet in spite of the fact that digital communication has taken over, so many people seems not to align themselves with these changes. There are people who have people who can sponsor them in taking the most sophisticated classes in computer sciences yet they have no interest in that meanwhile other have huge hobby in computing and have become experts. Ever since the world was taken by these technological breakthroughs, I have fallen in love with browsing and through this I have enjoyed maximal sweet side income. Therefore building a hobby in this area and polishing it to the fullest is the key to earning sweet side income and consequently becoming a rich.

            Having explored area of hobbies that can earn you sweet side income, it is also of utmost importance to know how to find people who will pay you. Once you know how to find people who will pay you for the hobbies you are growing an expert in, you will be much more motivated. There is nothing that fires one’s passion like motivation. This will enable you put to work your money generating hobbies in return of sweet side income thereby growing rich.


C). How to Find People Who Will Pay You

                Since our focus in this article centers on hobbies for sweet side income and not for mere pleasure and entertainment, it is very important to show how you can find people who will pay you for the hobby you are bringing to the limelight of recognition.While everything I am saying here is true, there is one final step that can turn your dream of side income into reality. Therefore, use your hobbies as a stream of income.

i). Know where to find people who can pay you sweet side income

You need to find people who will pay you real money for whatever you are offering in return. This part can be frustrating if you don’t know the place to search for. By and large, it becomes a lot more better when you know what to look for.For instance, let’s say you love kids and want to babysit as a hobby with passion and want to stretch it beyond mere pleasure into money making as a student. Then you look into your program of the day and realize that you have time during the evenings when you are not in school. The next question will be where will you look for those who can offer those services in return of sweet side income? At the grocery store? The mail? Probably not. You don’t want to blindly approach people in a store or other social setting. They will think you are a weirdo, and they won’t want you to watch their kids.Instead of you throwing spear in the gloom, you should endeavor to confront them in a safer setting that makes more sense.For instance, you could create a profile on a website which connects families having babysitters’ who need jobs. Post a note on your neighborhood Facebook page to let people know you are available to tell your family and friends (people you already know) you are looking for babysitting jobs. When you know the retirement hobbies that make money, you will obviously find it easier to track down the right persons towards you.

All these options will leave you much further ahead than just blindly approaching people with kids and hoping for the best. Therefore best is, immediately you commence babysitting, you are likely going to pick more jobs through word-of-mouth advertising. You must do your best to monetize your hobbies. This comes by identifying money earning hobbies.

ii). Target groups who might need you either in your area or online

            A lot of times, that means spreading the word through family and friends or posting on social media. Other times, it means exploring online links that bring buyers and sellers together. Once you have identified your niche and what you want to provide, how you provide it could be the other way round of you closing the sale versus getting passed over for someone else.A simple technique that works for almost any service is the simple act of naming your offer or service.Yes, just by giving your service a name, you will make it stand out from the rest of the context. Let us use an illustration we formerly used: wedding photographer. Just by giving your service a name, you will make it stand out from the rest of the competition.What sounds more legit?“Hey, potential customer. I would like to provide my photography dealings for your forthcoming marriage.  

Or “Hey, potential clients.  I would like to offer my photography package called The Happily Ever After marriage program. This package was created specifically for newlyweds to capture the best moments of their perfect day to cherish for the rest of their lives.  Would you love to taste of  it? This brings out professionalism and equally causes your service more memorable and, especially, stands out from the rest.  Almost all financial advisors provide a financial organigram.  To be peculiar and stand out I have to create something to differentiate myself from the context.  That is when I named our financial planning process the Financial Success Blueprint.  After giving our process a simple name we saw an immediate uptick in the amount of inquiries for our services.

            No matter what anyone says, you can earn sweet side income on the side. It may not be easy to get started, but you will pick up steam and have your confidence boost as you go along. Just like anything different in life, the most difficult side is just getting started4 in the first place. To earn sweet side income from turning your hobbies to money making venture, you need to find the courage to get started then move forward no matter what. In applying strictly all the stuffs you have received in this article you will explore the hobbies that produce money.

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