Do You Take Orders Over Web? Think About Better Experience for Your Clients

Thanks to the advancement in technology, there has been a great change in the industry. Whatever we need, is available at just a call away or a few clicks of mouse over the desktop. Looking forward to the fashion, food, and grocery segment, adapting to this change has become important noticing a chaos in the traditional process. The traditional work process involved manual work right from taking order in person via call or Whats App to delivering the same. But, the time has changed and more businesses are adopting the power of online shopping apps to automate the entire process.


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The reason to change from taking orders via websites or phone calls is that the traditional methods involve noticeable issues.

Common issues while taking order via Call or Whatsapp


The most common issue faced by business owners and sales persons while taking orders via phone calls is the misunderstanding of details about the order. For example, sales team can go wrong while receiving shipping address of the client. The representative could struggle to understand the customer’s accent or a vice- versa thing could happen.

Rush down to process the order and take next call

If the business has great customer base and receives multiple orders per day, the sales team may always be in a hurry to take order and to precede it further or to take up the next call. This may lead to mistakes and customers may also feel ignored as the staff hung up the call. It can ruin your brand’s image.

Answer dozens of questions

While placing an order, customers may want to get their multiple queries resolved before the payment details are shared. At times, the representative doesn’t know the answer or he skips to answer them. Similar scenarios have been noticed while Whatsapp chats too where representatives avoid to answer a few questions. This is gives wrong impression to customers and they avoid ordering again.

The above-mentioned chaos can be avoided with a few measures i.e. take order via Magento mobile app, regardless of what you are selling online. Let’s see in- depth, how can one change be fruitful to the restaurant and grocery store owners.

Better User Experience

No matter the amount of a product they’re going to buy from you, every customer wants to be respected and offered with better customer service. Ordering online via an app can give them a unique experience unlike over calls or Whatsapp. You can integrate a special checkbox feature to receive specific requirement with the order and take order any time they want.

Multiple Payment Options

Nearly 45% of online shoppers avoid placing order from online or offline stores after failing to find any reliable payment method. However, it can be changed with mobile app development as you have option to integrate multiple payment methods like COD, Net banking, Credit/Debit card payments, or third party payment gateways like Pay U, CC Avenue and so on. So, no more headache for grocery store to keep change or ask for change.

Discounts & Offers

With an app for your store, you are not required to keep informing every single buyer about the latest offers you are currently offering. Instead, simply use a banner on the top of app with all the information. Visitors can simply go through the details about offer and get coupon code, if applicable. This may even force them to download your app and order via it. Special discount may be offered to first-time buyers who order through app.

Display Product Catalogs Easily

Similar to the discount coupons, your representatives need not to dictate the entire menu or the suggestions of combo to the customer. Customers can simply browse through your app and check the menu along with special launches and offers. With a Magento mobile app, you can encourage them to try your new delicacies–and order more of them. Same goes with other suppliers, dealing with grocery, apparel, etc. too as they can browse the entire groceries irrespective of categories.

Go Unstoppable & Sell 24*7

With an app developed for your business, you need not to be available always to take orders from clients. Neither they have to wait in a line or wait till the shop assistant helps with the purchases. Mobile app gives them access to your products and offers anytime they want, even if you are busy. Online apps give you the opportunity to take orders 24 x 7.

Manage Inventory & Customer Information Easily

Managing products on the apps is not at all technical. Anyone, having a little knowledge about the Magento admin can handle the product categories manage inventory easily. Also, monitoring product ordering services is easier than the traditional methods to avoid any sort of shortages. Every time you find less stock of a product, you can instantly update it online. Getting customer information is just a few click away.

Following the increasing use of technology and smartphones across the globe, many online store owners are developing apps and have noticed tremendous upscale in the order ratio too. According to researchers, in 2020, orders placed for restaurants via smartphone will sum up to above 10% of all sales. This is a good reason to consider investing in native eCommerce app development.

The above-mentioned information predicts how time is changing and how using traditional methods can lead to great business loss. If you aim to make your way to the top of the industry, you have to come up with the new ways to reach out your customers and give them convenience and ease while shopping.

And allowing them to order via mobile apps can be one of the methods you can’t avoid. The future of smartphone apps is bright and this is the right time to adopt the technology to establish a connection with your customers. They are using smartphones more than desktops, so you have to be where they already are.

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