Guide to Buying Affordable Kitchen Cabinets

By Sean Graham

If you are planning to reinvent the look of your kitchen you are lucky. Why so? In the last two decades kitchen cabinetry industry has exponentially grown and today you have a number of manufacturers and wholesalers offering a wide range of products. Whether you want to create a modern and sophisticated look in your kitchen or reinvent Victorian charm you have dozens of options in your hand. What's even special is the fact that you can easily have a designer kitchen without having to designer price! Having said so, most homeowners are still bent towards the idea of saving costs or more precisely want value for money while renovating their kitchen. This isn't much of a tough ask if you are willing to smartly go about shopping for All Wood Kitchen Cabinets . Let's share with you a guide that will help you achieve your dream kitchen and that too at affordable cost.

# Buy from Wholesalers

You have known this since your childhood and it doesn't take the knowledge of rocket science to understand it. If you buy cabinets from small retailers you will have to accommodate their profits in your final bill. Like most other goods, cabinets also see a surge in price when they come through a long supply chain. The good news is that many wholesalers are directly selling their entire range of products to customers these days. When you choose to buy Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale you would be substantially saving on your bill. This saving can be anywhere between 15 to 30% on your total bill. This also means you can set your eye on a premium range of products which were otherwise way above your budget at a small retail store.

# Go For RTA Cabinets

There are two options that you have on hand when buying kitchen cabinets, either to go for traditional cabinets or choose ready to assemble kitchen cabinets popularly known as RTA cabinets. If you are on a tight budget you should opt for the latter as they are priced substantially lower compared to your traditional kitchen cabinets. Wholesalers would ship these stock cabinets in complete knockdown state and you would need to install these using basic tools. If you are a DIY enthusiast it would take only a few hours' time to install them and have a beautiful and inspiring kitchen in front of you. Another big advantage with RTA cabinets is the fact that you will find products that are perfect for your kitchen irrespective of its size and dimensions. In a modern world where kitchens are getting smaller with each passing decade due to shrinkage of space, these cabinets maximize space utilization.

# 'Craigslist' Old Cabinets

Though this directly doesn't save you on the cost front while buying your new cabinets it does let you make good money out of your old cabinets. In fact, this is a smart strategy that many homeowners have tried and worked well for them. You would be surprised at the kind of response you receive from potential customers after posting your ad on Craigslist. Post a nice and rewarding ad on this website and you will immediately come across numerous interested buyers and if you have maintained your cabinets in good shape you can make a killer deal. This helps you in two ways – first, you get rid of the old cabinets without much of trouble and the extra money that comes to your pocket improves your options of choosing new cabinets.

Keep these things in mind and you will be able to save substantially on your next kitchen renovation project. Kitchen remodeling reinvents your lifestyle and you should start planning for it today.

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