How to Get Rich (Increase Wealth) Through Boutique Investment banks

The concept of banking is very fundamental and its importance cannot be over-emphasized. Banking has been all the way right down memory lane. It was as a result of the concept of banking that the crude system of trade by barter was eradicated and substituted by money that became a legal tender; that is something acceptable as a medium of exchange and for the settling of debt. The resultant outcome of this was the creation of money after several evolutions, from the use of gold and precious metals in the mercantilist era. Today in this contemporary time, the system of banking has occupied a strategic place that does not only handle financial transactions but also very credible to increase the in wealth through investing. Therefore it should be noted that understanding the banking sector and how it works could be very vital in generating stupendous wealth for you. A wise saying goes, “nothing in this life is to be afraid of, it is only to be mastered.” This assertion is very important. This is so because once you patiently commit yourself to understand what looks complex from a distance, you begin to understand it, and once you begin to understand it, it obviously will eradicates the fear and lack of interest that you demonstrated from the onset. This applies to the banking system which this article is aimed at addressing as a lucrative medium to capitalize on for wealth creation. To narrow it down, this article focuses on boutique investment banks. Under boutique investment banks, you will be exposed to best boutique investment banks that you can take advantage of to invest and generates more wealth, be exposed to tips of identifying boutique investment banks, how to operate boutique investment banks, the boutique finance and most especially the London boutique which is very lucrative.


A). What does boutique investment bank mean?

          Boutique investment banks are non-full service, micro scale investment banks that operate in some particular aspects of investment banking such as corporate finance. They actually work on medium-market enterprises assisting on the sell side. They operate the same activity as enormous bulge-bracket banks but for smaller transaction amounts, especially with business worth between $5 and $100 million. A full service investment bank would be involved in underwriting trading, merchant banking and just to cite these few meanwhile boutique banks focus on a particular domain. These may expand to regional investment banks or elites with a larger national or international presence. The basic activities of boutique investment banks are capital elevation, mergers and acquisitions (purchase and supply side engagements) and restructuring and reorganization. The majority of boutique investments banks are founded or led by former partners of large banks where they were eager to get more involved in the process, but felt constrained. Equally, boutique investments banks filled in the gaps left by most big banks which would not look at smaller deals unless there was some exceptional value attached to them.


B). Pros for engaging a boutique investment bank

            By pros here we mean the point for engaging a boutique investment bank. In other words, the advantage why you have to consider investing in boutique banks. Boutique investment banks specialize in a particular industry or a specific transaction or they may specialize in certain geographical areas and, thus, are properly known in their niche. Their payments are smaller than big bracket investment banks, but these smaller businesses can provide rigid attention to the clients resulting in long-term relationships as opposed to transaction-based boutiques. Moreover in the boutique enterprise, the deal organizer may be more directly involved in completing the transaction as opposed to larger investment banks where analysts and associates would do a bulk of the work in a deal. By this pros or point for, you can take advantage to direct investment in this optic as this does not only show you but help you how to operate boutique investment banks as well as to know best boutique investment banks coupled with the tips on identifying boutique investment banks. Additionally, through this you could think of the London boutique which is quite lucrative in spite of the hitches with Britain exiting from the European Union. Investment banks that ideal boutique finance are a considered prerequisite for increasing your wealth.

            Despite the above mentioned pros for you engaging a boutique investment bank, it is necessary to point out its cons which are in no way a roadblock for you not to engage in boutique investment banks. No matter how wonderful an investment medium may be, each and every one of them has its points against which are but vital to give you foresight as you embark on them for wealth generation. In it is this spirit that it is important to be pointed a point against boutique investment banks.


C).   Cons for engaging a boutique investment bank

            Boutique investment bank may not have the network of contacts that a larger firm will have to find out the best prospective purchasers. Online social connection and transaction sourcing platforms are reducing that gap. Smaller enterprise may lack the relevant resources of professionals to properly execute large and complete deals. Furthermore the other downside of the boutique investment bank is that there is limited scope on the suite of services to offer growing companies such as the ability to take it public. More often the services are limited to the expertise of the deal-makers within the firm. Taking a keen look at this con indicates it is not really a disadvantage but rather caution on how to better capitalize and operate boutique investment bank to your advantage avoiding any kind of mistake. An English proverb says, ‘to before warn is to before arm.’

            Therefore a blend of both the pros and cons of boutique investment banks guarantees your exploit in this sector as the most strategic medium to soar in wealth. Boutique investment banks have gained steam over mega multinational giant firm banks. By this it means that they are generally smaller over the big bulge banks and this is one among the simple tips of identifying boutique investment banks. It is often said that without savings we cannot talk of investing and this very true. Therefore in this light, it will be rational for you to understand boutique investment banks from the perspective of working with them to earn colossal salary and consequently re invest in them or elsewhere of investing in maximizing your wealth. Long gone are the days when a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctoral from an Ivy League school would guarantee a coveted investment bankingjob at a mega multinational firm. Since the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, even the most qualified candidates with A+ are finding it difficult to break into investment banking. However of recent, smaller investment banking boutiquefirms have been gaining market share over the big investment banks. This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of working at a boutique investment bank versus a large multinational bank for a befitting salary and consequent re investment for wealth creation. Through this you will seize opportunities in the area of working with boutique investment banks and not necessarily folding your arms waiting only for the bulge investment banks dominated by big, well-set up multinational firms, at times called bulge banks such as theGoldman Sachs Group Inc.

             In contrast, investment banking boutiques are small, independent businesses often owned and managed by one or a few individuals. Boutique businesses provide services on a smaller scale. For instance, they may concentrate on niche areas of investment banking like mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts or restructuring. Bulge investment banks on the contrary usually enter deals worth $500 million or more whereas boutiques occupy deals worth $50 million to $500 million. Based on data from Dialogic, the Financial Timesreports that the market share of boutiques has seen a significant increase from 8% in 2008 to 45% in 2016. This takes us to the advantages then to working with boutique investment banks.


D). Advantages of working with or owning boutique investment banks today

Employment or entrepreneurship, franchisee or own business are the evergreen dilemmas in the business world among the talented resource pool. Subscribing to an investment banking boutique offers some great advantages even though bulge banks offer a more classic career path. Overall, the choice among a boutique bank and a bulge bank must be decided by a candidate's temperament, aspirations and expectations.Unlike a decade ago when boutique investment banks were not strongly regarded, today they are growing and flourishing at an exponential rate. The boutique finance is grower higher and a typical case in point here is the London boutique.Apart from you being encouraged to work with boutique investment banks for, you can also directly invest in them or if possible own man if you got the wherewithal. This is simply because it one of those medium of investing that generates stupendous wealth.This takes us to the following advantages;

i).Better experience at boutiques

At boutique investment banks, there are tremendous opportunities to do the entire deal on your own. A boutique bank may expect and permit bankers to operate more independently by scouting for openings, dialoging with prospects, aligning the deal, and directing it to closure. By and large, if the boutique bank focuses in a small area, the banker may discover that he does not earn wide experience and expertise. On the contrary, at bulge investment banks, especially at the entry level, bankers may realize themselves relegated to a limited role and dependent on rules, processes, approvals and resources. For instance, instead of scouting for openings, the banker may acquire sales leads and pitches from a set up team, making the defined job comparatively straightforward. (See related ‘What is the Role of an Investment Bank’?)

ii). Independence for administration

At a bulge bank or large investment bank, investment bankers can ask a dedicated quant team to set up and test a quantitative model. There is a dedicated legal team to consult on judicial matters, technical writers for documentation and a presales team to prepare the suggestion. In a boutique, the banker is likely to everything including from simple tasks like drafting pitch books to complex ones like quantitative modeling and deal structuring. To some, a boutique bank may provide the experiences of independence, independence and creativity. Others may consider such experiences administrative and unrewarding. Nevertheless, the truth is that it is very rewarding in the long run. This is because it makes you even more dynamic such that if you are very smart and have foresight, after working for a couple of years, you could quit working and start up yours. This way you would have acquired the experiences and expertise needed to run such a network with quite a fantastic profit. Through this advantage, it becomes easier to diagnose the tips of identifying boutique investment banks to work or invest in.

iii). The clientele

Though boutique investment banking has been gaining market share, the market is heavily driven by big banks. Businesses tend to be confident in vast set up global enterprises more than the micro shops, even if the afterward charge lower payments. This culminates in big banks holding a broad pool of readily available clientele. Boutiques may have to in a rigorous searching for prospects, more often other small-scale businesses. Boutique has an advantage in that big banks don’t often intrude into their smaller-scale market. At the same interval, large ticket transactions are usually out of reach.This means that majority of the population made up of people with meager income will find it easier to treat with boutique banks than bulge banks and with this, it accelerates the rate at which these boutique banks make turnover. Therefore apart from you being encouraged to work with boutique investment banks as a way of increasing your income and consequent investing, you can directly invest in them or own one if you got the wherewithal. This is because working with or owning the best boutique bank guarantees you financial freedom as well as turning you into a multimillionaire.

iv). The dynamic environment

Boutique banks may shift their focus entirely, for instance by going from all leveraged buyouts to corporate rebuilding. Big investment banks have spread out streams of work, making it certain for their employees to work in their desired domains. (See Associated Top Tips to know For An Investment Banking Interview). The fact that boutique banks can dsiplace their focus completely and are not static is a vital advantage. With this advantage, you can easily spot out the best boutique investment banks to work or invest in.

v).  Job security

Few jobs are one hundred percent secure and even the best performers may have to face the axe during unfavorable times. Given their heterogeneous business divisions, large dimension and global presence, a big bank has higher flexibility to shift people around, that is from merger and acquisitions to the equity research analyst department, or better still from Asia to Europe as business needs rise and fall. Boutique does not have the same dimension of flexibility and openings, as a result of their smaller structure and specialization. This keeps on your job without fear when working with boutique banks as well as your aspiration for the future. Through this advantage, you can easily know how to operate boutique investment banks. Furthermore, thinking of an ideal investment boutique in this regards will be the London boutique.

vi). Risk level

A few individuals can make or break even a big, continental, multinational investment bank. One merger and acquisition transaction may go the contrary on a legal perspective, or a case of interest rate amass by one or two individual traders may borne fines in the millions. Bulge investment banks have the aptitude to absorb these losses. Boutique banks operates on personal relations and network links. In the absence of committed legal or audit departments, the risk is far greater in boutiques being one or two key individuals can break the whole business. As such, if you want to invest or work in boutique investment banks you must consider this risk carefully. Through this advantage, it becomes easier to diagnose the tips of identifying boutique investment banks to work or invest in.

vii).Size does matter (at times)

            Banking scandals happen. Even if an individual banker was not involved, his or her career could be terribly suffer derogatory in the future if associated with a boutique bank accused of unprofessionalism. There are cases of people being refused visas or facing increased scrutiny at a new employer because of past association with a disgraced boutique bank. Big banks are not immune to failures or irregularities but they have an advantage in an setting up brand value which can absorb a few such incidents. Through this advantage, you can easily diagnose how to operate boutique investment banks.

viii). Easy access to information

While it is easier to gain information about a big bank, the internals of boutiques appear covered. Once selected, bulge banks are often noted to provide a uniform salary to associates with similar skills and experience levels. Wages may vary greatly in boutiques based on personal preferences or very particular modalities. When changing jobs, especially to expand funds and private equity and  enterprises, candidates with experience and expertise with big banks are preferred due to their better corporate publicity. (For example see Financial Careers : InvestmentBanking Jobs.)Withthisadvantage, youcanquicklyaccess the best boutique investmentbanks to work and invest in.


E). Whyboutiquebanks are becoming popular avenues for wealthincrease ?

          The Merger and Acquisition (M&A) advisory is a bulge business, which has traditionally been driven by the global investment banks and large accountancy businesses. Recentlty, a new trend is establishing where small sized M&A advisory shops, commonly called M&A boutique investment banks which are increasingly capturing big ticket M&A advisory deals from bigger players. This section therefore focuses on the M&A boutique banks, whose evolving trends in this new stream of M&A company, potential long term opportunities and setbacks faced. (Related: Investopedia discussses M&A). Report further cites that “seven of the top 20 M&A fee earners are now autonomous advisers,” which projects an important shift in the way M&A advisory business has evolved in recent times and the tremendous potential of this new stream of business in coming times. Here also the boutique finance is much effective that goes a long way to enhance it popularity.

i).   All things being equal, people buy from friends. The nature of any boutique banking business in any sector depends on personal relations. Owners additionally have sentimental attachment to their eneterprises, and it is human nature to have confidence more and work with personally known people, compared to working with a large establishment in a large organization. Even though committed team of individuals is assigned for each deal, inter-connection at large organizations may also play spoilsport, compelling clients to transact with new people constantly, to their unsatisfaction. Boutiques, directly operates by owners, score well with direct committed engagement from an expert strategist.

ii).   Large banks are also frequently bound by political and regulatory compressing, which may enforce unneeded constraints on advisory businesses for conflicts of interest. Also, the boutique finance and M&A boutiques enjoy great flexibility in this optic. Being autonomous from political and regulatory compressings, M&A advisory boutiques offer a perfect fit for specialist advisory services dedicated to specific sectors.

iii).   Large investment banks may also have holdings in client companies, whereby regulations may compel them to cut off from being involved into any associated M&A transactions and advisory services. Autonomous boutiques being neutral play advisory firms don’t have such constraints.

iv).   The M&A advisory boutique banks gathered momentum in the backdrop of the financial conflict of 2008. Traditional M&A advisors, investment banks and accountancy enterprises, were said to be engaged in a conflict of interest and therefore based their decisions and counseling on financial statements of the partners. The boutiques base on this opening, as they claim to remain free from challenges of conflicting interests and are rich in human capital and dedicated services above the financial statements and numbers. The industry appeared to have responded well to these claims and justifications, leading increasing market share of M&A boutiques.

            These reasons advanced on the popularity of boutique investment banks coupled with its advantages and pros, placed boutique investment banks as a favorable sector to work for and most especially investing in for the maximization of your wealth. With all the explanation supported on how to approach boutique investment banks in this article as a medium to increase in wealth, if you diligently assimilate and carefully put them to work in an appropriate manner, you will marvel at it resultant outcome. It should be noted that, all the investment making principles you come across through reading or whichever means will best be made appraisal of or disclaim depending on whether you apply the principles. Therefore knowing a lot of things without knowing the working knowledge behind how it works leaves you revolve on a circle without a matching proof of what you know. In a nutshell, don’t ask any further but act on the knowledge developed in this article on how to increase wealth through understanding the best boutique investment banks.

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