You Need Grammer Checker Software, and This is Why!

By Johnny

Did you catch the mistake in the title? That was more than just me messing with you. Don’t get me wrong, that was fun, but it actually illustrates a real ongoing problem. With the world becoming more digital with each passing day - or so it seems - people are caring less about the way they express themselves.

The spoken and written word have always been a very dynamic sort of human invention, probably from the very beginning. Language is constantly evolving and heading in new directions, in an attempt to eloquently reflect the zeitgeist. I get all that, but there is also the more traditional side of language. And that is one side which I feel should be respected and followed more.

One of the best ways of making sure your text is on point, every time, is by using a writing enhancer, commonly known as grammar checking software. That title is somewhat misleading, because the really good grammar checkers do so much more than that, it is almost a crime to address them as mere checkers of spelling and grammar.

I am not here to tell you which grammar checker is better than the other. It all depends on your specific circumstances. One thing is clear: when you use programs like Grammarly, WhiteSmoke, or Ginger (for instance), you not only make your text error-free. You can make it much more readable and understandable, while developing your own writing skills in the process.

So, why do you need a grammar checker? A few reasons, I feel.

First, consider the following: English is an international language, and it is used in so many industries and fields, all over the world. That is no small thing. If you have strong English skills, and are able to express yourself properly, you will have a significant advantage over a major part of the world’s population. Talk about getting ahead.

Secondly, like I said - this is the digital age. Sometimes, a wrong button press or mouse click can cost you more than a few seconds. It can cost you a job, a passing grade, and sometimes even a friend. We all know how quickly things get out of hand in the digital world. If you are looking for a way to cover your ass and be sure that nothing is leaving your desk or mobile unchecked - you need this. And by the way, sending something out which is laden with errors and typos is not something which you want to make into a habit. It is one thing if you are texting your friend, and another if you are emailing a business associate, client, or employer.

Thirdly, if you are a writer, and are aspiring to become better, there are several things you need to do. You need to read a lot, write a lot, and seek out ways of attaining growth in your field. It is difficult for a writer to edit their own work. I know this from experience.

Having a writing enhancement software is like having a personal editor on call. Someone who will be able to see things with a different perspective, and provide insight into your slab of text based on the genre of your choosing. Creative writing, technical writing, and business writing are three completely different things, and a good piece of software will be able to lend itself to different scenarios and prospective audiences.

Furthermore, depending on the software you choose, you can work online, from any computer connected to the internet. You can start a text at home, continue it on the train or bus, and finish it off when you reach your office.

Some writing programs integrate themselves into Microsoft’s Word, providing you with a smoother writing experience without having to switch over to another platform.

So, why do you need a grammar checker? Because you are interested in presenting yourself in the best possible way to the world around you. Because you understand the importance and significance of the properly written word. And because you want to grow as a writer, be it for personal reasons, academic ones, or vocational ones. Or maybe you don’t need one, and feel no desire to expand your vocabluary and abilities. Could be.

Do your own research, and find a grammar checker which fits you and your specific needs. Many programs have a trial version or a ‘lite’ version to download and install. Some of them are meant more for those who are studying English as a second language, while others are geared more towards offices or educational establishments. 

A lot of people think that they don't need to have the worlds greatest grammar in order to be successful in life - as a writer or otherwise. However, the truth is that a lot of people who screen for jobs and or acceptances will utilize grammar checker software in order to screen candidates. This is something that people need to be aware of in and out of the job market. It's not just teachers who are cracking down on grammar anymore - it's everyone.

I'm not trying to scare you, but I'll wrap things up with a cautionary tale of sorts. Back in middle school, I received a good deal of help with my English homework from my mother - an English major in her own right. Anyways, as I got older, I began to overlook my in house human grammar checker - whether due to sheer arrogance or laziness, I'm not sure. Maybe both. Anyways, surprise surprise, my grades suffered! What's the moral of the story? Always be on top of your grammar game. When you're on top of your grammar game, you're on top of your life game and all of your wildest dreams can come true. Trust me - I've lived it.

The bottom line is, be smart. It doesn't take much by way of payment or trouble in order to utilize a grammar checker software to give your writing the boost that it might - or might not - needs. As the old adage goes, better safe than sorry.

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